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  1. Many thanks. It seems to have settled down for customers now - just one 'pending' order since I posted last & that could be unrelated. I have upgraded to latest version of plugin & it's behaving normally for me now.
  2. Just an update - my service did a test purchase by card & paypal without issue but I still get the same issue when testing myself.
  3. The server my shop resides on had an outage on Sunday that was quickly resolved. However since then Paypal functionality has been impacted. If a user selects the Paypal Checkout from the initial checkout screen below all is well & they can check out. If they click the Secure Checkout button they go to the following screen & the problem is encountered: If they chose the Paypal Checkout button from this page a pop up launches & closes in less than a second. I think it maybe the Paypal login window but it closes too fast to be 100% sure. If they select the Pay by Card option is they get the following error - undefined & Please wait.....: Does anyone one know what maybe causing this so I can give a little more info when reporting this to my service? Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm just a small UK seller well below the threshold to have to register for VAT. EU sales are also well below £8818 per annum. If I understand it right it's not economical or practical for me to register for this scheme for cubecart sales to the EU & therefore my EU customers would be liable for VAT & admin charges on items I send them.
  5. Thanks bsmither. Prices show in following tables: _inventory _options_assign _order_inventory _order_summary _pricing_group _transactions How would I be able to tell the currency bit was corrupt?
  6. Strange one - all the prices for my items in the shop have reset to zero & the same on all orders on the admin side - for items & shipping. The dashboard graph still shows the monthly totals on mouseover & the statistics yearly/monthly/weekly/daily figures are still there as are the figures in the Sales reports. Prices still show in Product Inventory in the ACP I'm pretty sure it happened as I closed my store. I have to close for 2 weeks. I printed off the last order & immediately set the store to closed. The prices on that last order have printed but now show as zero with all other orders. Although shipping has zero' out the prices are still in the all in one shipping add-on. Reopening the store, clearing cache, logging out/in have not helped. Is there a way to retrieve the prices please? I'm going to be laid up post surgery shortly & hadn't planned on spending the time trying to figure out & reentering all the pricing again! I've database backups but I'm not well versed on the subject. Thanks.
  7. I've googled these & non the wiser! I've had a few issues with my site filling up the error log. Now those issues are fixed a remaining issue with Security Warning: Illegal array key stands out more. I believe these refer to parasite sites that got into my folders when I was hacked around 4 years ago. How do I fix these please? Example below. Thanks
  8. I will pass that on. Hopefully the database will report as much smaller tomorrow once cpanel refreshes the info. I've had help from various folk on here over the years & a lot from yourself. It's much appreciated. Thankyou.
  9. Many thanks. Errors seems to be limited to these on a loop now:
  10. No that folder doesn't exist. The wording of that array key is nothing to do with my site. Looks like it's kitchen related & if my memory is right it was a kitchen website that got hosted in a sub-folder. That was years back so maybe a legacy error that's been looping in the log since then. Over 800K entries here cc_CubeCart_cookie_consent table Yes - legacy error from hack 4 years ago.
  11. I'm also concerned I may have been hacked although these may be a legacy issues from when the store was hacked a few years ago & a fake unrelated store placed in a subfolder. I may be misremembering that though!
  12. I was in the right database but didn't spot it was over 5 pages in the phpmyadmin nav-tree! Never seen that drop-down before. The db has grown from c500mb to 1.5gb due to the upgrade (which I had to do in version steps). The db now has three sets of duplicate tables prefixed cc_, cc_cc_ & cc_cc_cc_. 1.2gb of that is in the cc_CubeCart_cookie_consent table - seems strange to have gotten so big so quick. I notice in the database part of the ACP there is a note under the table: I found the hooks from the error log in the 'cc_CubeCart_hooks & have now deleted them. I double checked - no reference to those hooks in cc_cc or cc_cc_cc_ versions of that table. I'm still getting errors relating to those hooks (as well as others). Am I ok to delete the cc_cc_ & cc_cc_cc_ prefixed tables?
  13. done - apologies, it was auto hiding in my view.
  14. I'm looking at the hooks table. The store is in its own cpanel account & there is only one CC database & a empty test database. The name of the db matched the one named in global.inc.php. However I think you may be right. Looking at the filemanager table there are less images listed than expected. Same for inventory, coupons tables plus document content is old versions. History only lists versions 5.0.8 to 5.1.1. Looks to be from 2012!! So where is the current db hiding?? I'll message the support team.
  15. No it's 'cc_' I changed it to 'cc_cc_cc_' & it goofed up the page - duplicate header image & categories not found. Put back to 'cc_' for now.
  16. There's only one cc database. Cache is cleared - if you mean the yellow 'clear cache' tab at top of ACP. Error log is filling up with errors on a loop it seems.
  17. Thanks! I think I'm looking in the right place - nothing there (I don't remember removing by filemanger or ftp). Just BTREE (Braintree?)
  18. During recent upgrade I was surprised to see the error log was 1.5gb! I may have had the extensions installed for test in the distant past but they are not there now. How do I stop these? Thanks
  19. Sorry. You sound put out. I was thanking you (& noodleman) for the solution.
  20. Nowt wrong with server speed. We're also running 2 big image intensive xenforo forums without issue. But CTRL + F5 has fixed it! Many thanks!
  21. Hi all, I just upgraded to 6.4.2 from 6.2.5 & am now missing the ability to edit documents in the ACP as per screenshot. Some background to the upgrade. Upgrading directly to 6.4.2 times out despite my server admin having timeout set to 5 mins. I had to upgrade in stages. Not sure if that has any bearing on what has happened. Thanks
  22. Thanks. The image came from the Braintree extension download page. I'm going to set up a test site & do some comparisons using those panels & see if I can spot anything.
  23. Paypal Pro & Express is working well enough for me but I see Braintree is recommended for countries that can us it. Is there any documentation to setting this up on Cubecart? I've a clean install of CC & the Braintree module was a snap to install with the token & I've filled in the form & been approved but I can't see how to get it working. My users see this: Instead of this: I don't know how the initial Braintree checkout screen should look like when viewing the cart but with Paypal pro they get this I b
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