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  1. Hi - yes, it was for my own benefit so I can make more stock of the most popular products over a defined time period.. That said the Popular Products on the home page is nice to have too! It isn't working as expected. If I set to start of this year it shows no popular products. If I set it to start of 2020 it only shows 2 popular products. They are not best sellers by a long way. I have to set a date of June 1 2019 for 10 popular products to show. The number of products declines the later I set the date. I have changed the popular products to show setting to 0 to disable it for now.
  2. Thanks again. I've made the changes. Where should I see the date filter? I'm not seeing in Statistics/Best Selling Products
  3. Thankyou. Sorry for delay getting back to this. Just found time to make the edits. Just did a dummy order & the drop down box for customer to select their state was in long format & came through onto the order summary in same format.
  4. It certainly would! I'd generally be looking at looking at last 6 or 12 months but happy to define that in days. Cheers!
  5. This features shows best selling products since store creation. That's 11 years for me & inventory has grown in recent years. Most of my product is produced by myself. To plan production & stocking better would it be possible to add date filters to this section so Best Selling Product between user defined dates can be used? Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm a UK based shop but a good proportion of my orders are from USA. I drag & drop the address details into the Royal Mail Click & Drop online portal to process my postage. The Cubecart address format has the US customers declare their state in long-hand version rather than the shortened ISO format eg South Dakota instead of SD. I have to manually amend these on the Royal Mail portal & occasionally have to double check against a list for some states ISO code that I use infrequently. Is there a way the ISO code for US States could be used on Cubecart instead of long-hand version?
  7. No banners. I took a look at phpmyadmin & can see my mistake. I corrected to "cc_CubeCart_shipping_zones", reloaded the edited files & it works. No banners though. Thanks for your perseverance with me! One thing I can't quite get my head around. I have a 'No Shipping' zone with countries I won't ship to. I guess that should be ticked?
  8. I thought so. Ientered the following into the query box ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_shipping_zones` ADD COLUMN `enabled` TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 1 AFTER `sort_order`; It's borderline beyond me but I looked closer at the instructions & the info above the query box which stated the prefic was cc_ & changed it to ALTER TABLE `cc_shipping_zones` ADD COLUMN `enabled` TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 1 AFTER `sort_order`; I reinstated the edited files but got the same result. EDIT: I have 5 shipping zones altogether - 3 of them overseas.
  9. Many thanks for this. I'm pretty sure I have followed the instructions correctly. I got a check box for each shipping zone All unchecked. I go to check the zones I want to ship to but the check doesn't stick. The only one that will stick is Rest of the World. I have reinstated the original files for now.
  10. Hi - with the cyber 'incident' affecting Royal Mail international shipping I'd like to switch off all international shipping temporarily. I can't see an option to do this without deleting zones or rates. I'd just like to suspend them & reinstate once the Royal Mail issue is resolved. Is there a simple way to do this that I'm missing please?
  11. Many thanks once again! That works a treat.
  12. Got it set up at last - I hope! Easier than I was expecting. Thanks! I've sent a test message via the Contact Us page - came through from the gmail account. I also did a test purchase. Myself & the purchaser received notifications from the gmail address. What should I have as the SMTP host? I haven't changed that & it works so I guess the old setting is ok? I still have smtp authentication set to 'No'. Previously & now with the gmail address it fails on test if I set it to 'Yes'. Is that ok?
  13. Unfortunately I was too busy & then on vacation but on my do list for this week. I will post back with an update. Thanks
  14. Thanks! I will give that a go this coming week. In the failed test dialogue there was mention of a required app password.
  15. Hi - my store domain email is being blocked by hotmail, outlock, msn & a few others so want to set up my backup gmail account as the default for the store. I already access gmail via my Thunderbird email client on PC so I know my hosting allows it but not having any success setting it up in cubecart following various posts on here (up to the Iow level I'm comfortable with) Happy to pay someone to set it up. TIA
  16. Thanks. The image came from the Braintree extension download page. I'm going to set up a test site & do some comparisons using those panels & see if I can spot anything.
  17. Paypal Pro & Express is working well enough for me but I see Braintree is recommended for countries that can us it. Is there any documentation to setting this up on Cubecart? I've a clean install of CC & the Braintree module was a snap to install with the token & I've filled in the form & been approved but I can't see how to get it working. My users see this: Instead of this: I don't know how the initial Braintree checkout screen should look like when viewing the cart but with Paypal pro they get this I b
  18. Excuse the noob question - where would I find that? A manual check of file count & date checks out
  19. Ok - that brought in the Cache button but it doesn't turn orange like it should after changes. Order status not colour coded. but mailing list & documents changes are present work continues
  20. Ok - to clarify as I don't want to go through same pain with this site. Copy the files from the admin directory in the install files over the files in current admin directory? Rename the new admin php file to the same as current admin_****.php file? Thanks
  21. Happens last few upgrades so thought it was normal. I'm sure there is a message along the lines it's for 'security'. Never caused problems in past but I guess noticeable this time due to the changes in the ACP. What's causing the installer to do that?
  22. Anyway to fix this without doing a clean install please? Has happened on 2 sites. I thought I'd fixed one as I ended up with all the new acp features but then got locked out on login by CSRF warning. Eventually did a clean install to fix. Email also broken as per screenshot. Thanks
  23. I've resolved the bulk of the issues by doing a clean install in a sub-folder using the same database & then replacing the broken install with it & updating the paths. A few issues remain but I'll start new posts for those
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