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  1. Not a problem now I'm home & using a 22" screen & a scroll mouse! I started the store setup on my small netbook.
  2. I tried that as I saw the other references with the $ symbol in the same line. When I add the $ the message about gift voucher values, valid period & home currency completely disappears. Take the $ out again & the message comes back.
  3. Fantastic. That's much appreciated. I've done the edits as above & it's showing the minimum monetary value rather than expiry in months as below.
  4. I've just set up gift certificates on my shop & done a test purchase. I have them set to be valid for 18 months but would like the purchaser & recipient to be aware. Can anyone please tell me how to add this info to the product info & recipients email as the certificate expiry date doesn't currently show.
  5. Fixed. Many thanks for the info & pointing me to the bug site.
  6. My store is currently closed for development & instead of showing the message I've set it's showing: v+�)^~��}���(��"jǫ��^�֥� �z{^��-�W��{l�7��R��ފ�.������׫u�ޖ�fz{��-�W��{l�7��O��z�֠j)좉���b��۲ I've made no changes & it worked ok to start with. Any ideas please?
  7. Thanks - that's just what I wanted.
  8. Thanks - the documentation I can find seems a little vague. Can the coupons give a percentage discount or just a set-price reduction? I'm happy enough to post it in a private forum & change the code from time to time. Groups would be useful for trade sales.
  9. I have a forum where I offer my products for sale in the classifieds sections at a discount to members. I want to replace my listings with a discount code so the forum members can use the code on my cubecart store & get their discount there. Is this possible with Cubecart v5 as standard or via mod? Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm currently running the free version of V5 while I set up my store. In the admin panel I have a box that flys out from the rhs when moused over for customer/order/product searches. It getting in the way of me populating my store & I can't find any way to switch it off. Is this just a feature of the free version I'll loose when I upgrade or is there a way I can get rid of it? Many thanks
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