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  1. Hey, Great thank you I was scratching my head a little with the last set of instructions but this is better. Referring back to the philosophical point. I look at it purely from a retailers point of view. Making all options required even if they are not means creating another button to be dealt with by the customer before completing the sale. However petty that may sound it does make a difference. Getting customers out and through the payment gateway as quickly as possible is a priority. Thanks again.
  2. Hi and thanks, I appreciate the clarity you bring to these bugs on the forum, glad you're here! I think in all instances if a product has options the customer should be made aware of them. So irrespective of the source, if a customer hits a buy button it most certainly should initiate a redirect to the appropriate VP page to display the associated options for that product. Absolutely essential in my opinion. I agree there is a philosophical point and I speak for myself here but I can live with the 'Buy' label only. I don't need the 'More' label - if there is more to see after the customer hits 'Buy' then fine the redirect is a pretty self explanatory action in that case. Picking up on your suggestion above. From my perspective what is needed here is for CC to display a notice that options do exist on redirect and not to display a big bad sign telling them they did something wrong by choosing to 'Buy' from the VC page. However if the customer ignores required options once on a VP page an error notification is appropriate. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks again.
  3. Hi thanks for your response, Following your reply I have done a little more investigation into this issue. The red-X is still indicated on the options group page. The last scenario you have outlined above is indeed correct, allow me to detail. The issue only appears to occur when the user selects 'add to cart' directly from the view category page. In other words when 'add to cart' is clicked from the category view page the product page is loaded with the error message. If the user clicks 'add to cart' directly from within the product page they are free to check out without an error message. Its worth mentioning that I have my settings defined to take the user directly to the shopping basket page on 'add to basket'. I hope this is helpful?
  4. Hi there, Thanks for the response. Yes this would be a good work around as you point out and one that I had considered initially, but I have this particular option spread over a couple of hundred product pages and I couldn't figure a way of adding an additional attribute to this product option globally. Which makes me think my only option is to go through hundreds of products and add the NO GIFT WRAP manually which naturally I was hoping to avoid if possible. Appreciate your thoughts.
  5. Hello, I have added a gift wrapping option to some products. I have achieved this by adding a product option which displays a drop down menu on the product page with the option of choosing gift wrapping for a small additional cost. It works fine. But... If the visitor does not select the gift wrapping option in the drop down menu CC displays a warning message i.e. ... please select the required option before adding to your basket! I would expect this for a 'Required' option but the trouble is that this particular option is 'not required' and the user should be able to ignore and check out without getting the warning message. It goes without saying that I have unchecked or disabled the required feature from within the 'option groups' tab in dashboard. Frustrating because customers cant figure out what the warning message is for and is leading to a loss of sales. I want to keep the option if possible. Any help appreciated many thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, I am preparing an inventory of sale items for the after Christmas/New Year sales. I would like to update prices by taking a fixed percentage off the existing price for each item under one category. In other words I want to put a whole category on sale at a fixed percentage. After a little head scratching I discovered the following feature in Dashboard > Products > Category Assignment > Update Product Prices - the options are to 'update product prices' by amount or percentage. The feature does not work and any changes I make are not reflected in the front or back end of my store. Can anyone offer any advice that relates to V5? I want to avoid manually going through my products individually to add a sale price. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for looking at this and thanks for the clarity. I will delete the error log.
  8. The message appeared via the system error tab in CC dashboard. I have no idea what was going on at the time the error was generated so I cant offer any more explanation than I have. I appreciate you looking at this.
  9. Hi there I was met with this monster error message this morning. Can anyone (Bsmither?) help figure out what is going wrong? File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [1091] "SELECT I.* FROM CubeCart_inventory AS I LEFT JOIN (SELECT product_id, MAX(price) as price, MAX(sale_price) as sale_price FROM CubeCart_pricing_group WHERE group_id = 0 GROUP BY product_id) as G ON G.product_id = I.product_id WHERE I.product_id IN (SELECT product_id FROM `CubeCart_category_index` as CI INNER JOIN CubeCart_category as C where CI.cat_id = C.cat_id AND C.hide = 0) AND I.status = 1 AND (I.name RLIKE '[[:<:]]e**[[:>:]]' OR I.description RLIKE '[[:<:]]e**[[:>:]]' OR I.product_code RLIKE '[[:<:]]e**[[:>:]]') LIMIT 20 OFFSET 0 " - Got error 'repetition-operator operand invalid' from regexp Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi again, Further to my previous post I have run a test using the demo provided at cubecart.com and am getting the same results as I describe above. I am now a little concerned that this may be a wider problem? bsmither as a seasoned cubecart contributer can you advise how to bring this to the attention of the cubecart staff? I'm not familiar with the process. I think perhaps this needs looking at in further detail to eliminate any - what appears to be errors with the captcha function? Thank you.
  11. Thanks all, I will open a new thread. I wonder before I do this can someone try to replicate this problem so that im sure that its not a global issue? much appreciated.
  12. Hi, Thanks again for your thoughts and comments, I have now replaced the definitions.xml with a fresh copy from the original Cubecart files and replaced the %s wrote to %s: --------------- %s --------------- This email is sent phrase to %s <%s> wrote to %s: --------------- %s --------------- This email is sent This didnt work so I then changed the <%s> to (%s) as suggested and I now have %s (%s) wrote to %s: --------------- %s --------------- This email is sent which works and my emails are fine. This last successful phrase now features in my database table and in the phrase editor. All appears to be well. However I now have a problem with captcha. When loading the contact form in the first instance I see captcha as expected. But once the email has been sent captcha dissapears from my site entirley including on the shopping basket page. Captcha only reloads again after deleting cookies from my browser. It appears I have solved one issue only to raise another. A little worrying as my site is now vunerable with captcha not functioning correctly. Can you offer any more advice? Thought about this a little more and wonder if the Captcha security system is smart enough to recognise that a user has allready passed the test once and doesnt require the same user to enter the test twice? In which case this explains why I am no longer presented with the captcha test a second time while using the same session cookie having allready completed the test on a different page? Does that make sense to anyone?
  13. Thanks for your perseverance, Would changing the language file overwrite the modifications I made to phrases via admin? I have changed quite alot of the wording and wonder if there were a way to avoid re-writing? I note when I go into the 'Contact-Phrases used on the contact us page' adjacent to 'email_content' I have the following: %s wrote to %s: --------------- %s --------------- This email is sent from the stores master email address but it is possible to reply directly to the sender using the reply button on your email software. This appears to be exactly what is needed? I guess i am trying to avoid spending hours going through and re-writing the language phrases if I can possibly avoid it? Many thanks
  14. Hi, Thanks again for the response. I made the change and run a test here are the results. This is the email i get before changing the statement: joe blogs wrote to [email protected]: --------------- --------------- This email is sent from the stores master email address but it is possible to reply directly to the sender using the reply button on your email software. This is the email i get after changing the statement: joe blogsTestName wrote to [email protected]: --------------- Dept --------------- This email is sent from the stores master email address but it is possible to reply directly to the sender using the reply button on your email software. I note that capatcha is now not working. Not sure that either of these make much sense to me. Thanks.
  15. Hi, Thanks for the response. In answer to your questions: The language is English UK The code appears to be ok in cubecart.class.php here is the snippet which I have taken from line 1210 through 1227: // Load content, assign variables $mailer->IsHTML(false); $mailer->AddAddress($email, $department); if (isset($_POST['contact']['cc'])) { $mailer->AddAddress($_POST['contact']['email'], strip_tags($_POST['contact']['name'])); } $mailer->AddReplyTo($_POST['contact']['email'], strip_tags($_POST['contact']['name'])); $mailer->Subject = strip_tags($_POST['contact']['subject']); $mailer->Body = sprintf($GLOBALS['language']->contact['email_content'],$_POST['contact']['name'],$_POST['contact']['email'],$department,strip_tags($_POST['contact']['enquiry'])); // Send if ($mailer->Send()) { $GLOBALS['gui']->setNotify($GLOBALS['language']->documents['notify_document_contact']); httpredir('index.php'); } else { $GLOBALS['gui']->setError($GLOBALS['language']->documents['error_document_contact']); } } } I see the 'wrote to' and the 'This email is sent...' static phrases. I have looked at the content.contact.php skin file which incidently I have never opened before all of the element name s appear correctly. I havent used any special characters as part of my test email which I guess rules out the code stripping tags. Can you offer any more advice? Many thanks.
  16. Hi, My stores contact page which uses the default contact form from cubecart is not working. I recieve emails ok but the content of the email recieved is stripped out completley and replaced with --------- ---------- I see the subject of the email and the senders email address but none of the senders content. I have replicated the problem by sending an email to myself and the issue persists. Other emails i.e. order confirmation emails sent from the store are fine. Can anyone help with this? Many thanks in advance.
  17. Viola, Hi again. I have found your tips and modifications helpful throughout the forum. Thank you for your contribution. I wanted to pick this thread up again in the hope that you would consider picking up the 'customers who bought this also bought' modification mentioned here and perhaps creating a related products Mod? I actually think a related products Mod should really part of the core functionality of Cubecart so if any Cubecart staff are reading this please consider giving us this functionality. The functionality appears to exist widley elsewhere and rightly so. Such a shame that customers are clicking on any given product and are not offered an alternative or related option, its just plain bad for business that this is not available natively! I searched the 3rd party forum and there appears to be a mod available but the reviews are so bad I have decided to pass. Back to you Voila! Can you figure somthing out for the benefit of the Cubecart community? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, I have some pretty straighforward 10% off coupons set up on my site. I have assigned some products to my coupons. I have tested to make sure that they cant be used on any product other than those I have assigned them to, and it all works great. However I notice that when a customer claims a coupon for an assigned product during checkout all their other 'non assigned' products which are present in the same basket also have the percentage discount applied to them. I dont want this to happen. Surely assigning a coupon to a specific product means that the coupon should only be valid on the specific product it has been assigned to and not to all the other items that it shares the basket with!? Am I missing somthing here? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello and thanks for the responses, I appear to have an issue with redirecting as suggested in this thread which is the cause of my empty basket scenarios. Having looked into this further I now notice that all of the links in my categories menu redirect to mystore.com when in fact my shop is a .co.uk additionally I note that all other links from within the site i.e. all links that are not part of the main categories menu correctly point to mystore.co.uk. Essentially this means that anyone who enters the site and uses the main menu is directed to mystore.com rendering the basket functionality usless as and cant make a purchase. This is a problem to say the least. Any help greatly appreciated a response today would be great if possible. I should mention that I have a parked domain for the store which is .com but this has been redirected to my .co.uk URL from cpanel. Im completley lost at this stage! Thanks in advance.
  20. Viola, Thanks for your response. Correct I do have SSL implemented on my checkout pages. I think making all pages SSL would probably resolve issues, but I read somewhere that having all pages secure can be very server intensive and can lead to a reduction in the response and loading time of the site. This may not be the case? Anyhow in my specific case it doesn't appear to be related to SSL non SSL as 90% of my trials are successful. I have noticed that if I log into the site from a page stored in my browsers history for instance there is confusion between previous and current sessions. Could this in your opinion be related to persistent and non persistent cookies? I know little about them and I am trying to piece together information from various sources/articles. Does Cubecart remember a users session after the browser is shut I wonder? It appears to remember that I have nothing in my cart from a previous session and doesn't let the current session override the previous 'empty cart session'. True I can wipe the cookies and start afresh but most customers don't have a clue what a cookie is let alone remove them. I realise this has all been said before. I guess this is something we all have to live with!?
  21. Viola, Thank you. Iv'e implemented this and it's a welcome edition. I wonder is there a way to pull items from the same category as the main viewed product in order to make the additional products displayed more relevant? I know there are 3rd party mods for this but it would be great if you could suggest a solution using your current plugin? Thanks again!
  22. Hello again, I am reviving this post as I am still plagued by this frustrating empty basket bug. I am loosing sales because of this bug and just cant figure out why its occurring. The only way to recover normal functionality to the shopping basket once I hit the dreaded empty basket wall is to completely empty all the cache options from within both the CC admin panel and my web browser. I have to repeat the process a couple of times before basket functionality is restored. Does anybody have a solution to this? Thank you in advance.
  23. Hello, I am running version 5.1.1. And I am currently working on my overall search engine discoverability. I note from looking at my robots.txt analysis in google webmaster tools that I have some crawl errors and I don't get it. I am using the robots.txt file that cubecart generates automatically as I assumed that this was the most appropriate configuration for the site? Analysis results: Line 1: Sitemap: sitemap.xml.gz Invalid sitemap URL detected; syntax not understood Line 2: Sitemap: sitemap.xml Invalid sitemap URL detected; syntax not understood Line 4: Disallow: cache/ No user-agent specified Line 5: Disallow: images/ No user-agent specified The disallow cache makes sense as pages change frequently. But I am wondering what the reasoning is behind the blocking of images? Also I cant figure out why the sitemap syntax is not understood. The path to the file is good as I can access the sitemap via my browser? Can anyone throw some light on this? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi, I am interested in adding some rich snippet formatting to my existing product reviews in Cubecart so that google will display my review stars in their search results pages which in turn will theoretically improve my click through rate. Does anyone know if there are any plans to integrate rich snippets with cubecart product reviews in future upgrades? Additionally is there anyone on the forum that can give some direction and practical instruction on how to achieve this with version 5.1.1? I understand how the rich snippets markup looks and works in principal but im not sure where the review data actually lives in cubecart? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi thanks for your response. When I switch to a stock skin the problem is still present so I know its not a skin issue. You mention clearing the cache I think I recall doing so but I will again to be sure. I am a little unsure which of the cache options should be cleared. There are currently 4 options Cache, SQL Cache, Language Cache, Image Cache should I clear them all for good measure? Thanks again.
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