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  1. thanks Margaret, It looks like they are not in the correct place <img src="http://priorypolishes.co.uk/shop/front/images/cache/tourmalines.270.jpg" alt="Metal Colouring (Tourmaline)" id="preview" style=""> this is showing the picture ok, would upgrading to the latest version correct everything?
  2. The default skin seems to be stable now but the www.priorypolishes.co.uk does not show product pictures, yet the www.priorypolishes.co.uk/shop/front/ does, any ideas how to rectify please?
  3. I have had a look, I don't run my own server and allI can see in reference is Working directory /home/prioryp/public_html in the program paths At least the shop is operable now, I will just have to tinker with the skins folders until I can get the default to stay on Kurouto, I will at some point have to upgrade again I have a ton of work to do today so I thank you again. Regards, Paul
  4. I suspect you are correct, my shop/ front/includes folder contains all the same files as we have mentioned earlier( global.inc.php etc.) and the skins folder with all the original skins. How can I determine where my domain points to?
  5. Hi again I did have the visitor option disabled, I hav enabled it and it is working, so is the default change in admin, but not for long it just keeps reverting, I have cleared the shop cache and cookies etc.on my pc I have removed the skin folder in the public html folder (moved it) and I am pretty sure it is accessing the skins folder in the shop front. Is there any way to clear the default anywhere because it is remembering it from somewhere? Thanks again for your patience and help. The Admin folder in the public html folder contains a "skins" folder with a file called "default" in it, can this have anything to do with the problem?
  6. I just added kurouto using the auto method using the token etc., it worked perfectly then changed back to foundation...very frustrating
  7. you are correct, those files are in the public folder, I don't understand why the public skins folder only had one skin "foundation" will it work if I drag the other skin folder from the shop to the public folder? Then there is the question of trying the upgrade again :-)
  8. It has the public html folder, that is the one I extract to for upgrading It seems to just be the skins folders, should I have one in the public folder and one in the shop front folder? which one is accessed when I change it in admin? Incidentally the skins folder I unzipped only has foundation in it and the shop front folder has them all in it I put the other one in the public skin folder to see if it would work but to no avail.
  9. Hi I found a version of the file and it is now working in a fashion, I lost all the skins except foundation so I uploaded my skin (kurouto) and changed the default, but it keeps reverting to foundation! My home url www.priorypolishes.co.uk is still not working in chrome (I get my host logon page) but seems to work in IE If I could trouble you to take a look and advise if I should now try the upgrade again? Chrome now ok, cleared cookies etc. and now loads, just the skin problem and possible upgrade...
  10. I used the backup page, to be honest my original bacup on the 30th will not work so I used one from yesterday The shop is functioning but the url is not
  11. Thanks, global.inc.php is empty Where do I locate mycc6113 installation files?
  12. Ok I have tried again to manually instal v6.1.14 and it is just wanting to perform a clean install not an upgrade see below. English (UK) 20% Complete Install CubeCart 6.1.14 Choose this option if you wish to perform a fresh installation of CubeCart. WARNING: By proceeding with this option any existing store data may be overwritten! eCommerce by CubeCart I really could do with pointing in the right direction guys, please. I have deleted the setup folder because joe public could access the fresh install page !
  13. if I go to my shop url www.priorypolishes.co.uk It is now attempting to install a complete new version of 6.1.14 I have deleted the setup folder for safety and now get a 404 error The shop admin seems ok but obviously something is wrong, can I go back to an earlier version and set it right from there? I have reverted back to 6.1.13 ok but the url is still not going where it should.
  14. Hi I am having problems again with upgrading 6.1.13 to 6.1.14 I have extracted and copied the files over as usual using my cpanel they are there but nothing is happening. My shop still shows the old version, when I click ugrade it just refreshes and no difference. I am doing something wrong but what?
  15. No problem, ( I hope ) just an observation really. I will just do it manually Thanks for your answers.
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