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  1. Upgrade link 6.1.10 to 6.1.11

    No problem, ( I hope ) just an observation really. I will just do it manually Thanks for your answers.
  2. Hi Is the upgrade link never going to work again? once again I clicked on it and nothing, just a screen refresh and the link disappears. I shall do it manually but why give a link that doesn't seem to work any more, or at least the last few upgrades haven't. Or is it just mine?
  3. Upgrade to 6.1.10 problems

    You are correct, it is there lower down, I never saw it, I assumed that they were in date order, latest at the top. Looks like I am up to date... until the next time :-( Thanks again, Paul
  4. Upgrade to 6.1.10 problems

    Still only showing 6.1.9, Fridays date, which means yesterdays attempts may not have worked. I may consider rolling back to 6.1.7 and starting again but everything seems to be working now.
  5. Upgrade to 6.1.10 problems

    Thanks ayz1 I can now access both my admin and my store, still showing ver. 6.1.9 though. can't seem to get it to upgrade to 6.1.10
  6. Upgrade to 6.1.10 problems

    Thanks bsmither I don't know what I have done, my site is no longer accessable, 404 error My host ( hostgator) is saying something about the SSL but he could not help me. "If you have a site with some eCommerce functionality, you would need an SSL attached to the domain. It looks like you do not have one, are you aware of this" It is something I have done but I don't know what, can I revert back again to a recent backup version and try again, I cannot get the setup to run when I use the 6.1.10 zip files Should mention, I still have full access to the admin Can u please try to access my shop, I think it has come back to life Thanks Paul
  7. Upgrade to 6.1.10 problems

    Thanks Al but why is that and how do I correct it, my host was ok before the upgrade.
  8. Upgrade to 6.1.10 problems

    Tried again but no change, didn't get the upgrade option.Restored to 6.1.8 and now I can't access the shop, see screenshot, but I can still access the admin. Ignore access to the shop, I cleared my chrome cache and can now access the shop I am now back to 6.1.8 but still getting the "not secure" in the address bar?
  9. Hi Just manually upgraded from 6.1.8 to 6.1.10 seemed successful, can access admin via my desktop and notebook but the site is showing "not secure" and no padlock in the address bar but I cannot access my admin page using my Ipad (404 error) don't know that it makes any difference but the version is also still showing 6.1.9 The site is functioning ok but something is not right. Paul
  10. Many many thanks, all done, upgraded and running fine now. Regards, Paul
  11. Done the backup ready for install but what does this mean? "Files backup complete" then "/admin_XXXX/sources/maintenance/ - not found."
  12. I have full access to my files if that is what you mean, I followed the instructions for the manual upgrade from 6.1.1 to 6.1.7 and it seemed to work with a minor hiccup in between the versions, don't know what it was but it is running ok thankyou for your help so far, if you could explain the manual install I would be grateful. Paul
  13. Tried the restore button, looked like it was doing something then got "This page isn’t working" HTTP ERROR 500
  14. Afraid it is still the same, click the upgrade and it just disappears, copy paste the upgrade link and it takes me to my upgrade page where it says Your store is currently using the latest version and no updates are available .the only option then is to "restore current version"
  15. /************* CUBECART SPECIFIC SETTINGS *************/ define('CC_VERSION', '6.1.7'); // Version Number define('CC_INI_SET', true); // Stop includes and the like from being executed on their own define('CC_DS', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR); // Depreciated but kept for backward compatibility define('CC_PS', PATH_SEPARATOR); sorry but I don't know where or how to access the database.