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  1. I understand you fully, but there is nothing I can say for you to do other than to wait until the servers are fixed. The last time this happened (last week) it cost me around £200 in lost revenue for that 1 day. Cubecart had little to say other than an apology when I challenged them for a reason for this no reply. ALL THIS ASIDE: Cubecart is by far the best shopping cart software out there.. I've had many in the past but CC rules.. iron out a few bugs and you are away... iron out this issue and its 100%
  2. mm, personally I do not agree with this one little bit, I understand why BUT not when you purchase a full licence! If I purchase a full licence my website IMO should not have to answer to anyone. If I purchase a new car from Skoda, I do not have to answer to them when it comes to a service! If your stuck in LITE mode then all you have to do is re-enter your full licence code, BUT if you haven't got that to hand and you need to login for this your in trouble, you will just have to wait until the servers are fixed cubecart side. I have not checked the small print and the ins and out of it but I don't agree that this should happen.
  3. mm, agreed but still its telling me my licence does not exist! so I will give it a few hours..
  4. Once I got the chance to get into my CC it was in "lite" mode, we have been running for over a year now so we have hundreds of customer and hundreds orders so I cant do anything today.. Any ideas as to when this may be resolved and do Cubecart Support even know about this???
  5. Have there been any issues that have caused the CC servers to have a licence key problem??? I have gone to log in this morning and I'm greeted with a message saying our licence needs updating???, now I'm totally fubared as I'm in Cube Cart Lite mode!! I've then proceeded to the CC support website and that also seems to be having a problem, I cant even get to the login page??? Has anyone else had this issue or is this an isolated case?
  6. yes Im very interested to know how this works, I was told by a CC member/admin that they were working on a more comprehensive UPDATE tool (we very much need this asap) but alas the update did not bring this this time.. maybe next..
  7. I've updated my Signature for you. I use WSFTP-LE I have done so for many years, the DIR-INFO feature makes things ow so easy for me. I used FTP to upload over 5700+ images (in 1 upload session) for our product lines, most images are web optimized some high rez. once I uploaded the images, I updated them in file manager (update list).. CC support has helped out on this one by increasing the memory limit and file size limit, all seems well now. BUT as advised I do need to re-organise images into Sub Folders (around 500 images per folder) as I did in the 1st place but then changed my mind.. Joe.
  8. Hi Guys/Brian, I also have this issue now for some reason, I have not restored anything at all and I have not upgraded in any way. File manager does not show the list of images and files. I have checked my Database Table and some images have NULL and some do not? I have over 5k images to deal with. 1st - do all the images in MyPHPAdmin have to have NULL in that column for them to show up in the File manager? 2nd - Is there any easy way to change over 5000 images in MyPHPAdmin IE to set that column Its an on going task to keep this CC5 up and running as it should be!
  9. I've been told to send in a support ticket so Im now paying CC to make CC work! seems little backward to me but hey!
  10. Yes I have submitted a ticket on the Bug system and no joy.
  11. This is a continuing issue for me, and reading around the web people are experiencing similar issues! and some seem to have given up and moved on. No matter what way I try I cannot get the green tick to stay put on any given pdf file in download option for any product! This is after all the updates and bug fixing. I can after many more hours use the custom file path as suggested on that window to input the path/url and get a result. However. Our product line extends more or less every day and as such we are very much into import/export catalogue for the many changes that we need on a regular basis. Guess what, as soon as you make any CSV change via this method it knocks all/ALL file paths out to all manuals and bang to many hours of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Headache. Deflated. Can someone from cubecart please address this for me and help out?
  12. Does anyone know anything about this issue?
  13. Has this BUG been fixed?? I seem to be getting a little further but! Products - Digital Options | Green Tick still does not work. The only way is to use a full URL in the "Custom File Path" IS THIS OK TO DO? The link provided in the Email Confirmation does not work correctly Can someone tell me where the downloable files should live?? IE my PDF files, I feel that this is important? I use the "files" folder, what permissions should the files be and the folders? When I use the "Custom File Path" and the customer signs in then go's to digital downloads, how can I set the link so that it is active for more than a few hours! also when clicked it pulls the PDF up into the same window! is it possible for the pdf to be downloaded in file format? so that the customer stays on that page?. Very unsure if this download system is working correctly.. please help if possible.
  14. Hi Guys, I need some suggestions as to a simple way of applying some pdf files to certain products. I have many pdf format manuals and exploded views for our customers to download as and when they need, I need to associate these files with certain products so that they can be downloaded, is there an easy way to do this? It would be nice to have something similar to the Manufacturers link per product so that I can have a pdf download file attached to that link?? Any ideas would be great..
  15. I also have the same issue, I am running the latest CC5.
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