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  1. I use Paypal exclusively and I had to go back and physically alter the product and shipping prices to eliminate the old ones with decimals in the Product and Shipping Methods, and then it was seamless non-decimal numbers all the way through checkout and payment processing. The final sale price reads "$36" on the Paypal invoice receipt in my order email account now. That's exactly what I was after. Thank you. Best, Mike RSP
  2. Thanks, I know I just suck when the conversation turns to rewriting codes and what not. It's not a major ordeal, I have had nothing but smooth running for nearly a year now and upgrade immediately and never had a glitch yet, knock on wood... So thanks for your help. It's always appreciated. For the Newsletter options, I'd love it if was as simple a function to set like X or √ symbols with a lot of the other settings in the back end. I need that sort of simplicity honestly. Best, Mike RSP
  3. Hahaha, just inflection and rhetoric, sorry. Yes, it worked as I wanted it to. Switching to "0" on the decimal points in the Currencies section created a site wide removal of the decimal as I was seeking for both the product prices and the shipping in the cart. Thanks! Best, Mike RSP
  4. Hmm, it's doing what I want as far as display on the storefront. I'm after a cleaner graphics. I wouldn't of thought to look there, this gets me what I'm after for the most part. Thank as always. Best, Mike RSP
  5. Hi, Not sure where to ask this question... Is there a way to eliminate the decimal cents on the prices for the products and shipping? For example it current reads "$29.95" and I want it to read "$30" with shipping looking the same, no decimals. $5 instead of $4.95. I tried, but it keeps adding .00 after. Thanks! Mike RSP ps - just updated to v5.2.8
  6. I'm desiring this very same element or setup. As the company grows, I'm finding too many customers aren't doing this either at registration and hurts the out flow of info I want to send on a regular basis. I wish I didn't have to do all the code changes myself though, it's not my area of expertise. Best, Mike RSP
  7. Thank you as always...OK, I found the file in my backup folder. To be certain before I do this, here is what the file text looks like. Do I copy it all over, or just the last few lines there that end in #EOQ? I only see the one last line there that ends in #EOQ, should there be more? Does it matter I am now using 5.2.1 (because there is one labeled 5.2.1.sql as well)? Link-iMac-2:~ Link$ /Users/Link/Desktop/files_5-1/setup/db/upgrade/5.2.0.sql ; exit; /Users/Link/Desktop/files_5-1/setup/db/upgrade/5.2.0.sql: line 1: CubeCart_option_assign: command not found /Users/Link/Desktop/files_5-1/setup/db/upgrade/5.2.0.sql: line 1: option_use_stock: command not found /Users/Link/Desktop/files_5-1/setup/db/upgrade/5.2.0.sql: line 1: option_stock: command not found /Users/Link/Desktop/files_5-1/setup/db/upgrade/5.2.0.sql: line 1: ALTER: command not found /Users/Link/Desktop/files_5-1/setup/db/upgrade/5.2.0.sql: line 3: syntax error near unexpected token `(' /Users/Link/Desktop/files_5-1/setup/db/upgrade/5.2.0.sql: line 3: `ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_option_assign` ADD `matrix_include` TINYINT( 1 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1'; #EOQ'
  8. Hi guys, I was still in version 5.1.5, and I was receiving the following message in red at the top of the dashboard page when I logged in: WARNING: Please delete the setup folder from your store directory, your store may be at risk until you do. I've now updated to v5.2.1, I did a Force Upgrade again to be sure, and it has cleared the above error message off the dashboard. And my site and shopping appear to be working fine from what I can tell, I ran some simple ordering tests... but I'm also getting this constant error message in the System Error Log tab (a lot of them, like 5 a minute when I am logged in): File: [hookloader.class.php] Line: [418] "SELECT * FROM `cc_CubeCart_code_snippet` ;" - Table 'rinaldis_cube601.cc_CubeCart_code_snippet' doesn't exist And this error message to in the same tab section (not as many times, but at every log in this one is there too): File: [dashboard.index.inc.php] Line: [246] "SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS I.name ,I.stock_level AS I_stock_level, I.stock_warning AS I_stock_warning, I.product_id, M.stock_level AS M_stock_level, M.use_stock as M_use_stock, M.cached_name FROM `cc_CubeCart_inventory` AS `I` LEFT JOIN `cc_CubeCart_option_matrix` AS `M` on `I`.`product_id` = `M`.`product_id` WHERE use_stock_level = 1 AND ((M.use_stock = 1 AND M.status = 1 AND M.stock_level <= 10) OR ((I.stock_warning > 0 AND I.stock_level <= I.stock_warning) OR (I.stock_warning <= 0 AND I.stock_level <= 10))) ORDER BY I.stock_level ASC LIMIT 25 OFFSET 0;" - Table 'rinaldis_cube601.cc_CubeCart_option_matrix' doesn't exist Not sure what it means or what I need to do? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  9. I would think by default the ISO Codes not listed are basically the disallowed zones? Or am I completely misinterpreting those tab functions? If I don't put the ISO country code in, the customer can't order it anyway for that delivery address... maybe I'm overthinking it all. Lol! I'm going live with By Weight today, so I'll see how it turns out. Best, Mike
  10. OK, after giving this some dedicated time on station, in the "By Weight" module page, at the top where it says General, Allowed Zones, Disabled Zones... I emptied all the countries from the Allowed and Disabled Zones, so both were completely empty. I pulled up an ISO code chart online and started adding them into my Zone 3 ISO line. It worked... yeah! I have US as Zone 1, Canada and Mexico as Zone 2, and Zone 3 as "International" with the remaining two-letter ISO codes listed, separated by commas, with no spaces in between. My weight:price ratios all come up properly in the shopping cart, and I was able to proof this by leaving USPS switched on too, and the cart options showed both By Weight and USPS rates listed. I would delete a country to reverse check myself, and the By Weight option would disappear from the shopping cart, I'd go back and add that ISO back in Zone 3 and it worked again. I also had England listed as UK and its ISO code is GB, so that was my error. My desired shipping structure was a fixed rate, with a set product weight of 1.5lbs: Hope this helps to solve the By Weight tricks...the confusion stems from the Allowed Zones tab, it should be eliminated, I would never think not to fill it up. It makes no sense honestly, given there is basically no manual or instructions to fall back upon to figure this out. I appreciate having the forum, but its tough when being the webmaster is not first or primary skill set. Best, Mike
  11. Yah, I'll do that and delete all of them. It's not working as is with the countries loaded in Allowed Zones, so clearing it out might help regardless. I did try deleting the ones I wanted and it made no difference, but maybe deleting them all will work. We are functional under USPS rates right now, I tweaked the product weight in the cart to get us close enough, so I have time to sort this out. Worst case, if we can't fix it, I'll open a support ticket. If 5.2.1 is bug free, I'll do an update too. Thanks for the help! Mike
  12. Should I delete all the countries in the Allowed Zones tab and see how it goes? I only ask because it is a pain in the rear to reload them if it doesn't... Thanks, Mike
  13. I also just tried it with US in Zone 1only, and...to basically get at least a two zone system working - Zones 2, 3, & 4 countries are left blank, with only the price/weight ratios in for Zone 2. (Zones 3 & 4 are all empty). Still nothing... can't get it to read any other country besides US, CA and MX. So I started to add the ISO codes into Zones 3 and 4 just to see if I can get anything to come up for in the shopping cart as "by weight"... nothing. Same damn error message box appears above the cart no matter what I seem to do. I have all my countries loaded in the Allowed Zones, so it makes no sense why US, CA and MX work and the rest don't... So I switched back on the USPS module for the meantime to keep taking orders for now. But I will say the price changes has slowed incoming overseas orders by around 75-90% in the last week. This is devastating us at 60% overseas shipments from our direct sales. I reset the product weight to 1lb (down from 1.5lb) with USPS turned on (zero packaging and handling costs). We will take a hit on International, and it's close to what we were going to offer as a fixed rate. It comes up as $17USD for Japan, Spain, UK, etc. and we were going to make it $18. The true price is $21 give or take, plus we eat all fees from our fulfillment contract right now. Onward and upward... shipping sucks. There I said it, we all know it. No other way to say it, kinda bummed all around to be perfectly honest. Best, Mike
  14. Thanks and I did get it to work with US orders. My book weight is 1.5 exactly, so I used that and took it out until we trip the Flat Rate packaging costs, and then I simply repeat it. Here is it for those that want to do the same. We are lucky 10 books fits perfectly into the Medium Flat Rate box for $12. Media Mail - 1.50:5.00,3:7.50,4.50:12.00,6:12.00,7.5:12.00,9:12:00,10.5:12.00,12:12.00,13.5:12.00,15:12.00 Priority Mail - 1.50:7.50,3:12.00,4.50:12.00,6:12.00,7.5:12.00,9:12:00,10.5:12.00,12:12.00,13.5:12.00,15:12.00 However, I cannot get it to work for any other country besides US, CA, and MX, (CA,MX is listed in zone 2). I leave Zone 3 blank and I get the dreaded message "that there is no shipping method available..." for all other countries. I have three test addresses around the world and all three come up the same. I started to plug in other customer addresses, and nothing, same error. I'm stumped yet again on this software. Why it is so complicated.... ugh. I even tried to add other ISO codes into the Zone 2 to see if it would at least read it. I tried to UK,JP,ES and nothing. Yet US,CA,MX works???? I remember trying to get the "by weight" function to work when I first installed CubeCart and had the same trouble, and still can't solve. Any other ideas on how it reads the ISO codes? Here is how I have it now: Zone 1 is US (and works perfectly as a I want it to) Zone 2 is CA,MX (Canada and Mexico). I have the rates listed similar to US, but a little higher. (it works perfectly too) And as advised, I have no ISO codes listed in Zone 3, just the weight/price line, which should cover the rest of the countries not already listed in 1 & 2. (and no countries besides those mention are working) Does it have to with the Allowed Zones tab at the top? (I have my all of my countries in there.) There is nothing currently in Disallowed Zones. US, CA and MX are listed in Allowed and they work, but so is UK, JP and ES etc., and none work... It's admittedly starting to a bit frustrating, but I do really appreciate your immense help all over the boards. I switched back on USPS for now... Best, Mike
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