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  1. Sorry wrong explain my problem.
    The logo load perfectly, there is no recourse missing. I want to do is avoid making Kurouto Skin redirect the file: kurouto-blue.php

    <?php header('Location: my-logo.jpg', false, 307); ?>


  2. if the redirect does not include .html working properly

    Redirect 301 /old-category /new-category.html 

    the problem is when the page to redirect takes .html

    Redirect 301 /old-category.html /new-category.html 

    The latter returns to the main page


    Honestly this problem is causing me many problems SEO level and loss of positioning this category

    Why is this happening?

  3. Error editing category in seo url

    If I change the url of the name of a category and depues I want to return to the original name of this category appears to me this:

    Original URL category [ok]

    Modified URL category [ok]

    Back to the original category [error]

    I have to do to get back to the original category?

    The problem is similar in CC5 and cc6

  4. Hello everyone,

    To complete the configuration coinbase, would need the following urls control Cubecart 5:

    url callback: htpp://example.com/callback

    url correct order: htpp://example.com/success

    url canceled order: htpp://example.com/cancel

    url information: htpp://example.com/info (used as a link to share after a completed order)



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