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  1. I can see that in 'Dashboard » Settings » Languages » English (UK) » Order state' you can edit order status names, but is it possible to add additional order status options, such as 'Backorder' and 'Uncleared'? Many thanks, Russell
  2. Read and implemented. Exactly what I was after. Again - you've been a great help - many thanks! Russell
  3. Hi, We want to add a product image thumbnail to our printed invoices, as this will make picking orders quicker and more reliable. I know I need to add an <img> reference to line 41 of admin/skins/default/templates/orders.print.php, with the relevant SMARTY variable, but can't figure out what the variable name should be. I've found thumbnail URLs referenced with '$product.thumbnail' in other templates, but don't know how to tie the '$item' and '.thumbnail' bits together to make this work in order.print.php. Many thanks, Russell
  4. Hi bsmither - I know you must spend a lot of your time helping folks on the CC forums, so I don't want to hassle you, but any idea if this issue could ever be resolved?
  5. **Issue resolved** It was much more straight forward than I thought, and nothing to do with SQLite encoding, ini.php files, etc. Going into: Admin > Dashboard > Settings > Currencies, the 'Symbol Left' for GBP had somehow become corrupted in the move and was displaying as a '?' in a black diamond. Replacing this with the correct '£' GBP symbol has instantly solved the issue. Russell
  6. I've successfully moved our test v5 store from a managed web hosting server to an unmanaged VPS, in an effort to get v5 running quicker (so for so good on this score). My current issue is character encoding, which manifests in GBP symbols and other special characters displaying incorrectly. Checking phpinfo() for the managed host (which works correctly) and the VPS, the line I suspect is relevant is: - Managed host - SQLite > SQLite Encoding > UTF-8 - VPS - SQLite > SQLite Encoding > iso8859 I'm guessing I need to change the encoding on the VPS, but can't seem to find any way to do it. Can it be done with the php ini file? Russell
  7. Think I've found the issue. Checking phpinfo() for the old and new sites, the new VPS site did not have Ioncube and Zend Optimizer installed. I'm a complete novice re setting up a VPS, and didn't know I needed to do this myself, but it's done now, and all looking good. Any further issues, and I'll create the ini-custom.inc.php file. As always - greatly appreciate the help. Russell
  8. OK - so global.inc.php appears to be set up correctly, but site is still blank (index and admin). Any suggestions of what to check next?
  9. I've moved a test instillation of CC v5.2 (working ok) to a new server, to try and establish if it was the old server which was causing CC to run very slowly. I have copied all the files from the root directory and DB onto the new server, and updated the includes/global.inc.php file with the new DB access info. However, there appears to be a second global.inc.php file in the includes folder called global.inc.php-xxx.php (where xxx is an 11-digit number). This had similar info to the global.inc.php file but a couple of different $glob lines. I'm just wanting to find out which globals.inc.php I need to update, and why there is the second one with the number in the file name. Have I missed any steps in the moving process? Many thanks, Russell
  10. Hi bsmither - thanks for the response. I copied our v3 store to a temporary test server, updated the copied global.inc.php file to the settings for the new server and database, then upgraded the store to v5.2 using the installer. So, I assume that all the v3 tables are there, but I guess that some more have been added and some have been upgraded. I also have a copy of the original v3 mysql data if needed. My plan was to use this test instillation to iron out any problems before upgrading our live site for real (i.e. we have scope for a bit of experimentation if needed!). Russ
  11. We have a v3 store with around 2500 products, most of which have colours/sizes. We have some mods from Estelle to handle quantities, etc. We have successfully upgraded a copy of this store to v5. All the colours/size options are there, but we have discovered that in order to activate the v5 option matrix for each product, we will have to manually go through every product and tick the 'options matrix' check boxes, then click 'save' to generate the option matrix. Stock levels from v3 have obviously not been carried over. We might be able to live without the stock levels, but does anyone know if there is a shortcut, script, mysql hack, etc, we might be able to use the automate the options matrix generation bit? Many thanks, Russell
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