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  1. Ok, I appreciate that so much. You have my e-mail address. Thank you very much Brian!
  2. Ok, I got the button large (already had one created, LOL!, but now it's clear to the left, the empty cart button is above the update cart & checkout buttons. The alignment is all messed up :-( It would also be nice to get the other three buttons to match the font of the continue shopping button. Do you know how to do that?
  3. Yeah, I new shopping was there, I just knew the button wasn't wide enough to show it. I can edit the button image to make it wider, but then what class would I call for it? I know that probably sounds like a really stupid question, but I really am a CSS dummy, sorry. LOL!
  4. Ok, I got the continue shopping into a button that matches, but because the text is so long, it just says continue & leaves out shopping. I'm not quite sure how to make that button show the full text. See the attached screenshot.
  5. You rock! That works perfect, but how do I make it match the existing buttons & be to the right of the other buttons, right next to them in the bunch (so before the empty cart button)? I got the continue shopping in with the rest of the buttons by taking out the left in the class (actually after the empty cart button, which is fine), but how do I get it to be a matching button like the rest instead of just text?
  6. Hey Brian! I don't know how I didn't get around to this. Probably because I've had sooo much to do on this site, I guess I just didn't get the new language done so it never gets overwritten. Anyways, I just tried to create the new language. Instead of naming the file walston_en-US.xml, I named it arns_en-US.xml (more appropriate for this site) & accordingly the name/code to Walston/walston_en-US. However I get an error: The following errors were detected: Failed to import language. Now if I try to import the new language with the new xml file, I get the same error. Any ideas on how I can get this to work? I'm confused as to why it won't let me create it, or import it. :-( Monica
  7. It does, but I don't think people realize that. If people don't realize that & they go to the cart then it's kind of confusing, at least I think so. Ideally I think the continue shopping button would take them back to the homepage yes, I was thinking the product page that they just came from, but then I thought why would they want to go to that page. So ideally, the home page. I know they can click the logo, but most customers aren't going to know that I don't think. Is that something that can be easily done?
  8. Brian, I see that tthe1t didn't answer this post, and it looks pretty old, but now I am in need of adding a continue shopping button to the cart page (& maybe the confirm page too?) Could you help me out with this? After everything I've been through with this site, I can't believe I didn't realize there wasn't one until my client just asked me about adding one. If you could help me out, I would be most appreciative as always.
  9. OMG Brian, as usual, you save the day! Thank you so much man!
  10. Does anyone happen to know when you're going through the payment process (PayPal Standard using CC) & you get to the PayPal page where you can either login to your PapPal account, select you don't have one & pay with a credit card, or click the link under those that says, "Cancel and return to vendor [Arns Wood Shop]", if you select that option what it does is takes you back to the same page that redirects you to PayPal & it just becomes a never ending loop. It use to be that in PayPal you could specify a thank you & cancel page to redirect customers to, but I just got off the phone with PayPal & they said that you can only do that if you're using PayPal buttons, not the gateway, unless the cart has an option for that (which I can't find, there is nothing in the gateway settings for that). What I want it to do is of they click that cancel link, for it to redirect to http://www.arnswoodshop.com/index.php?_a=document&doc_id=24. Does anyone have any idea how to do that? PayPal said it would have to be done at the server, but I have no idea how to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Oops, I lied. I have 2 more issues, that & the post I posted about the CC option that is added to the payment options, but you have already commented on that stating you couldn't get there because of the continue button being missing, LOL! So those are my last two major issues. If you had any insight on either, I would be extremely grateful, as usual. :-)
  12. Thank you Bsmither! It's so funny, I did the direct link before & even cleared the cache & everything but it didn't work. I had even cleared Safari's cache on my iPhone & it didn't help. This time I uploaded the image (& renamed it) to the regular images directory instead of buried in the skins image directory & linked it directly & it worked perfectly. Thanks for the help & encouragement. That's one more thing to cross off my list, which makes me a VERY happy girl. I wonder, I am having an issue with a continue button being missing from checkout. My programmer says it's a skin problem, but I haven't made any skin changes except for to the mobile one for the logo is all. Would you be willing to try to help me figure that issue out, you seem to know so much about CC. It's the last major thing I need to fix, & I'm not sure if my programmer is going to be able to fix it or not. Would you be willing to listen to the issue & see if you can help? I REALLY appreciate the help thus far. It seems like you're the only one that answers my posts on here. I see you do with a lot of others too, so you must be extremely busy (or extremely bored I guess too huh? LOL!) Thanks again!
  13. Why can't I just do a regular link to the image in main.php??? Oh, & if I upload that, is it going to do anything to my logo on the non-mobile site? They are two different logo images.
  14. Oh, & I have cleared the image cache & everything in the browser, & admin.
  15. Yes, the config does have the following: <style images="true" default="true"> <!-- images: TRUE tells the template system that this style has its own image folder. FALSE would use the contents in the root of the images folder --> <directory>arns</directory> <name><![CDATA[Arns]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Arns style]]></description> <default /> </style> The skin setting is set to mobile/arns (the entire skin is working great on my phone, the darn logo just won't show up) And main.php still has "{$STORE_LOGO}". I did try to change that once to the actual URL, but it didn't work, so I changed it back. I'm at such a loss.
  16. My programmer is also looking into this & he is saying that when he checks it out, it does it for him only if he's logged in, just the opposite of me. Weird!!!!!
  17. OMG, OMG, OMG I finally figured out where to go to get rid of both the pesky "my logo" image as well as the added default signature! In the admin, it's in under: File Manager/E-mail Templates/Email Template Tab/ Then click the "Default E-mails" text which is linked, then the HTML Content tab & it's right in there. Both the "My Logo" image as well as the signature to go on all e-mails. This way you can customize the signature if you need to be each individual template. So if anyone else has that issue, that's how you do it. Now I just need to figure out the mobile skin logo problem. (& another checkout problem, but there's a separate ticket open for that)
  18. bsmither, could you look at the second portion (well, the first one as well, if you could) that I just posted. I have listed specific information about the mobile skin issue. I have fixed everything BUT the logo on the mobile skin, then am having some template "your logo" & signature image problems.It seems I'm so close, yet so far away. If I could get this site done & debugged by Monday it would be sooooo great! Any help would be appreciated, you have been so great in helping me so far. It seems no one else ever replies to my posts for some reason. The new post is at: http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/47454-cannot-get-rid-of-pesky-my-logo-image-in-e-mail-templates-plz-help/ Thank you!
  19. I have seen multiple posts about using your own logo for e-mail templates, but none of them address my specific problem, so I had to post a new topic. I have edited ALL of the templates for the site to include the sites logo at the top, changed any wording I thought might need it, then added a signature to the bottom of the template. When I am editing the template, the blue "your logo" image IS NOT shown in the editor at all. But when the e-mails get sent, it displays above the site logo I have placed in the template. I can't find this "your logo" image anywhere to get rid of it, nor can I find how to remove it from even displaying in the templates period. In addition, for some reason it is adding an additional signature to the bottom of the page, & I don't know how to get rid of what seems to be the default one is seems to add in addition to the signature I added in the editor for each template. I've attached an example. Additionally (& this doesn't apply to the templates & I think I MIGHT have even opened a separate post for this, but I can't remember, BUT...) in the mobile skin I am using (copied the red mobile theme & renamed it), I have completely edited it to the way I'd like it, but for some reason, the logo at the top refuses to display. It just shows a little box (like a broken image). I have replaced the default logo with the logo I want to display (skins/mobile/images/arns/logo/default.png), I renamed my logo default.png, but it just refuses to display. Does anyone have ANY idea what I am doing wrong? I just don't get it. I am sooo close to completing this site, I have had sooo many problems customizing CC to my clients needs & I am just so frustrated, so any help on these two topics would be GREATLY, GREATLY, GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much, Monica
  20. Yes, for some reason, it is missing if you're unregistered. I have someone looking into that issue, but this is something I've been trying to fix previously, but it's at the end of a short list now (I hope). If you register (I can delete the registration after if you'd like) then you can get to the page I am talking about. Thanks so much! You always seem to help me :-)
  21. So I just have PayPal standard enabled in CC, but when going through checkout, it gives three options: PayPal Account PayPal Credit Card (just an image of all the cards, but this does not go through PayPal) Does anyone know how I can get rid of the cc option since it does not go through PayPal. I don't know why it's in there, only PayPal is enabled in the gateway settings. I am so frustrated with CC, I just don't know if I'll ever use it again. It's so frustrating, all these little problems. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. If anyone knows of a way to somehow get it out in the content.gateway.php file maybe that would work, IDK? Thank you.
  22. Are you serious? OMG! My clients site IS live & if they don't get this fixed soon I don't know what I am going to do. The whole site is designed around CubeCart's template system etc. I have hired a programmer & spend quite a bit of money on developing custom mods for my clients needs. If for any reason I had to start all over again with a new cart system, I would be totally SCREWED! There's no way (I know for a fact) my client can afford to move to a new cart & start over again. OMG if they don't get this fixed, I don't know what to do! omg! omg! omg!
  23. I recently switched servers to a better one (just upgraded & migrated is all), everything went smoothly, I have logged into the admin since then, MANY TIMES without issue. Now it is saying it is not licensed. So I go to put in the licanse again and it says it's not valid!!!!! I need this fixed ASAP! My client is FREAKING OUT, & obviously for good reason as it is limiting her items, I REALLY HOPE it hasn't deleted the rest that aren't allowed with the lite version. I need help right away. If I click on The link for e-mail on the support page, the knowledge base, or try to submit a ticket from the contact page, I get an error saying: Secure Connection Failed I need to get this resolved QUICKLY, & if it's caused by something being down on your server, there HAS TO BE some sort of backup in place or something because this can't happen again, it just can't. Please, please, please help me resolve this ASAP. Thank you.
  24. I know this isn't the same topic as what I opened the ticket for, but I am having a shipping nightmare that I think you'll be able to help me out with tremendously & it won't let me open a new ticket for anything but sales. I have not been able to get the shipping figured out since I started this whole thing, & I have been in contact with UPS, & all kids of people, UPS says it's not a problem on their end I have been in contact with a guy named Steve Mahan for weeks & in turn he has been discussing my problem with their programmers & they keep saying that it's not an issue on their end, so I am starting to believe that it is just something I am not doing correctly. So here's what is happening, my customer sells things that will be in her own boxes that she purchased for shipping, so the boxes are all different shapes & sizes etc. I have UPS set up on her account to ship Ground, 3 day & 2 day. I have it setup to ship by weight & location, I have the origin zip code set correctly etc. The problem is that if you add an item to the cart on her site, lets say item A costs $33.95, and because of the weight etc, the shipping is $11.48. Now if they want more than one of the same item, then it is going to cost her that amount to ship EACH item, however if you add a second item in the shopping cart, it only adds cents to the shipping, for example if you change the qty to 2, it changes the shipping to $13.18. Now if she takes two boxes with the same items in them to UPS, she is going to get charged $11.48 to ship each box, but the customer only paid $13.18, so she's losing money. We have been STRUGGLING with this FOR WEEKS, & I my customer is literally close to going out of business if sales don't pick up SOON, & then I've list a client & money myself, & I've put A LOT of hours into this site. I close Cube Cart because I heard it was easy to setup & manage. So far I have had a few issues but so far just the shipping & custom contact form have been major issues. So I decided to take a look over EVERYTHING again to see if there's something I am missing. & I think I might be, or I may be doing something wrong. If I go into Modules>Shipping Methods>By Weight (now I have UPS selected as well along with Store Collection for locals who order online & want to pick it up at the store). So I guess my first question is, if I have UPS enabled & am shipping by weight & location, should I also have By Weight selected as well? And if the answer is yes, then I am confused as to what to enter into the "1st Option Name", "2nd Option Name", what to select for "Tax Type" (because we are using standard tax, which I have all set up in the tax section for our state), if I should enable or disable "Tax Included" & I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what to put in the "Packaging Weight" field because everything she sells will be a different weight. All of the weights are setup in each of the products details. Then there's zones 1-4 & I don't know if I am supposed to do anything with those or not. I have set United States as an allowed zone, and no others because she is shipping to the US only. So as you can see I have a little dilemma going on here. I feel like a complete idiot that I cannot fix this, & haven't been able to for weeks. It makes me feel like either I'm doing something wrong, or CubeCart may not be the right solution for this particular client. I could REALLY, REALLY, DESPERATELY use some help figuring out how to get it so that UPS charges the correct shipping & that is charges per item. I know there is a per item option under shipping but it wants you to enter the shipping per item, but each item (there will be hundreds) are all in different sized boxes, with different weights, so that is impossible to do. I could really use some help, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE. Thank you.
  25. Does anyone know if this is possible with the mobile skin? I know you can select a color, but can a specific color be used so as to match the regular site? It's very strange to have a site with specific colors then only have a few colors to choose from for the skin, none of which match the actual site, you know. Anyone know if this is possible? Then, is it possible to replace the CC logo with another logo (also to match the regular website)? Those are the only two things I want to do with the mobile skin, but I have no idea how to do so, the mobile skin files aren't just available in directories like the regular skins are. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thank you!
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