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  1. Hi bsmither, I did test creating the order in another pc...and finally discovered why it is not creating the order. It actually has a workflow that needs to be followed so the created file can be saved. I was trying to squeeze my brain juice for all complicated and technical issues that I missed the most obvious one. Compared with the lower version that we are allowed to save information ie. address, billing once entered; this version does not. You have to actually fill up the inventory tab first add the product before you are allowed to save all other details. Thanks so much for all the help!
  2. Hi bsmither thank you so much for your reply. I tried creating an order on the demo version and it actually did not work as well. I will try and test it on another pc tomorrow and will give feedback as it's getting late here. Thanks again!
  3. Hi Robo, Have you ever tried to create Tax Rules under Settings/Tax there is a tab for Tax rules. I think it should help you with your predicament. Cynthia
  4. Hi, I tried looking into another lower version of Cubecart 6.010 using another website that I am managing and it has the same problem. I looked up and seen in GitHub URL https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/798 that a problem like this was reported as a bug under version 6.0.7 or 6.0.8 and it was fixed. Now 6.011 and 6.010 are higher versions so I would assumed that the fix would have already been applied to these releases or is it? Shall I submit this as a bug or do I need to download the fix that was in GitHub? Will it work with my version 6.011?
  5. Thank you for your reply bsmither! I did the changes on the admin side then view the browser while creating the order. I had attached a screenshot but honestly I'm not sure which one to look at as I do not seem to see any indication of crashes or problem unless I am looking at the wrong panel. Most panels does not really show anything except the Debugger and the Network Tab. I noted that the network pane is only showing Method of GET and I have not seen any indication of POST since I was trying to click SAVE but really it is not responding.
  6. Hi Dirty Butter, thank you for the reply! I am not really sure where I would find Debug? Can you let me know where I can find it? Also it does not look like it's the upgrade that has caused it because I made a clean installation in another location and the same thing happened. I am unable to create an order on the admin panel side so I'm not sure what's really causing it.
  7. Hi, I have just recently upgraded our store from ver 5.1.5 to version 6.0.11. The website itself is up and running and is doing fine even after migrating it to a new webhost. Now, we normally encode some orders withint the admin panel. But after the upgrade I am now unable to do so. I can no longer create additional orders or any information like billing Address, customer within the Order tab as the "Save" and the "Save and Reload" button seems to be non responsive. It is basically not saving anything on the Order tab of the admin panel. There is no error that pops out nor does it show any error in the error logs. It's just basically not saving. Hope someone can point me to the right direction here. The website in question is www.australiawidewreckers.com.au Thanks!
  8. Hi bsmither! Tried the codes that Markscarts did unfortunately it did not work for me I am getting an http Error 500 on my website every time the codes are inserted. I also looked into your suggestion and was glad that when I inserted the codes nothing dramatic happened on my website; however, on catalogue mode I still see the price $0.00 so it did not really change anything at all. At the moment the only solution I can think of is to just hide the price until login in the admin settings. I just change the x.xx into "----" and I found out that you can actually save an empty box for the languages which means the word Login to View Prices is totally gone. The is just a stop gap until a solution has been found because this will affect the customer having to lookup their order as this will show "---" until they're login.
  9. thank you so much bsmither! I had just done a code last night but I have no idea where in cubecart should I insert it. This is really great! I can't thank you enough.
  10. Hi bsmither thank you! I will try to test this on CC515 hopefully it should work. Will update the forum once I have done it. I have this logic in mind but I am not sure if it will work. It's really just the $0.00 that is the problem so...is it possible to just make a condition wherein if value of the product is $0.00 then the price is hidden else the price is still shown. That way we do not even really have to go into touching the $x.xx part of the cubecart plus orders that has actual price value will not be affected? I just could not formulate the language but I have a feeling it might actually work.
  11. Hi Everybody! Is there any way we can hide the $0.00 in catalog mode without affecting the customer order status lookup? I know we can do the hide prices fix wherein the prices becomes x.xx but doing this actually affects the part when the customer tries to lookup the status of their order as this also shows x.xx until the customer is registered and login. We do not really want this to happen as we do not really require customer to login because all or most of the ordering is done on the admin side. All we really wanted to do is to hide the $0.00 that is showing on each product that is being shown on our website. Is there anyone who can help me achieve this or at least put me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  12. Your are right Dirty Butter and thanks bsmither. I try to look into the source code of the email templates and for some reason the {foreach from item} {/foreach} was misplaced on the code. I move it to include the macros of the products and it shows up all orders made in the admin side. Thanks for the info guys!
  13. Hi bsmither! No, I tried to look into the email templates but I cannot find any information to add that would give me a solution. Yes, the email only has the last product. If by Order Overview screen, you mean the admin page where I can view all orders and its details then the answer is yes. I can see all the orders itemised correctly on that side. I have a feeling this is something that can be pulled out from somewhere. The information is there so I'm sure it can be shown on the email. I'm just not sure how to go about it.
  14. Got the logo of the invoice for the Order side of admin corrected from admin/skins/default/templates/orders.print.php Got the logo of the invoice/receipt for the customer side corrected from skinsSKIN_NAMEtemplatesprint.receipt.php Thanks for this post really helpful.
  15. Hi Dirty Butter! Thank you for your reply. The thing is I have not removed any macros that was already there in the email templates. Plus it is actually putting a product the only problem is only 1 product. The problem appears when I add more orders into the invoice and process it. The email then only shows the last product that I have encoded. All the macros pertaining to the product was in the email so I assumed it will pick up all the orders and show it on the email but it doesn't.
  16. Hi All! Been looking into how to resolve an issue with incomplete orders being emailed to customers. We place orders by invoicing the customer on the admin side. Once the processing is hit an email is sent to the customer with the itemised products including total and all. For some reason if the items ordered is more than 1 the "order confirmed email" only shows the last product that was ordered. No matter how long the lists of order is, only the last product is being emailed. Oddly, even if not all the products ordered are shown the total order remains correct. Can anybody help me. For some reason the products ordered are not being itemised in the email.
  17. Hi bsmither, thank you for the reply to this post as I was able to change the logo on my templates. I tried to change the logo for my invoice but I did not have much luck. I tried to change this area to: <div id="storeLabel"> <img src="http://www.australiawidewreckers.com.au/small_32907.jpg" alt="" /> </div> Now, I'm not sure if I change the right one. Please help. Thanks!
  18. Sorry but I just realised that there is another topic similar to this that has been opened and resolved. Got the solution from there.
  19. Hi to all! I was wondering if anyone can guide me on how I can change the logo that is appearing on the automatic email that is being sent to customers. My current logo goes across the whole header of the page and I don't really like that to appear on the emails. I tried to put the image on each of the email templates but I had no success. Even tried to put it on the main email template but the image did not appear. There is like a box shaped on top of the email which is I believe the same size as my logo but the image itself is not there. Need an expert advise. Thank you!
  20. I have actually done what markscarts' suggestion and the image did appear; however, it actually moves everything out of place including my actual logo. I used the code similar to one of the resolve solution in the forum about adding another picture on the header: <div style="float:right;position:relative;right:0;top:0;width:0px;margin-top:15px;"><img src="/skins/kurouto/images/blue/sign-logo.png"> the picture did come out but the logo and even the footer was just out of place after that. Can anyone advise me on what to adjust to find the right setting or proportion to get the second picture at the center? Thanks everybody so far for all your advise. I'm new here and I'm still trying to get my bearing.
  21. Thank you for your reply markscart and thank you too for the info Dirty Butter. I am running a 5.1.4 version, skin used is Kuruto Blue the website is http://www.australiawidewreckers.com.au . Now, while working on it yesterday, I tried to merge the picture together with the logo and made it part of the logo; it seems to work fine that way. The only problem is I am limited to the space I can occupy at the center of the header. I did try the <img> tag when I was trying to experiment yesterday; but the image did not appear BUT I do remember I did not have an alternative text. So I might try that one. Question: I would still like to put up the picture separately from the logo so I will do what you have suggested markscart; now, if I needed to adjust the spacing and area which my picture will occupy, how do I do that? I know it will have something to do with the style of the skin; but I'm not really sure where and how to go about the adjustments.
  22. Hi, I have little knowledge on cubecart and I really have no idea how to add an extra image on the header. I mean an ordinary image not made out of java script which was discussed in one of the forums. I will really appreciate any help. Thank you!
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