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  1. I recently upgraded from version 4 to 6 (very latest version). Using the stock template and everything went well with the upgrade. However when you create an account, it doesnt say anything about confirming.It just redirects to the registration page. What is going on? Click register Fill in info No confirmation email (The details are correct for sending mail from the server) Check the admin, yes the details are registered ( Try to login as the customer, nothing happens Any ideas?
  2. I've ran an update to the latest version of CC and we have over 4000 products. However all of the products are hidden. I noticed when I edited the product on the site, the category wasn't selected (it was totally blank with no categories selected) but it was selected on the database (cat_id = 12). I selected the correct product, click save. Its now live and NOT hidden. I checked the database to see the differences and as you can see the only difference changed is the description (adding whitespace) Is there another table on the database that its updating? all the fields are correct for the category. Heres another part of my digging. I've noticed on the first 2 products where I manually add the product, it shows under the name where the others are blank. Look at the database, its cat_id is 12 (which is Kings 18/0) Heres a look at the database Note: Tried repairing the db too on both phpmyadmin and the site admin.