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  1. Now I have it. Starting with empty basket, I add several items to the cart and update basket. All looks good. then Delete an item and when updating the number of items is the same , not reduced. Hence if I had 6 items and deleted 3 items I would still 6 items in memory, according to debug. Later I used the empty basket and after adding one item the debug says I have 3 items. Mmmmm Then as per Brians request I enable Debugging by Entering the web address (www.whatismyip.com) in the adjacent field. Now it is OK.
  2. Retesting with debug and flat rate and $/item and the number of items is correct. !! I dont know whats going on. I will say that the pages do not refresh as well as I would expect.
  3. Yes, I think this is an issue with AIOS module. 1. I turned off AIOS and turned on Auspost shipping. I think the postage is for item# + 6 not sure, did not use debug. 2 Changed from Foundation to Kuroto, no change 3. Turned off "disable shipping groups", no change 4. Cleared cache on PC, no change 5. turned off Auspost shipping and back to AIOS, but changed back to flat rate + $/kg. This is OK and debugging shows correct number. 6, therefore AIOS has bug in flat rate + $/item.
  4. That may be an answer to the issue of 1,3,6,12..., however we need to sort the issue of the number of items being 6 more than the entered amount.
  5. Brian, I had everything working oK using the flat rate + a value per kilogramme. Then I changed all regions to price per item, see the screen (attached word doc) on AIOS version 1.0.5. Does not work properly for me. Seems as though the number of items is twice as many as there should be. Aust Post12.00 + 0.00 per item0 - 3Aust Post2.00 + 0.00 per item12 - 36Aust Post10.00 + 0.00 per item4 - 11 In the above case 5 items gives me $10 postage and 6 items gives $2 postage. So I turned on debugging in AIOS and voila, 7 bottle gives 13 items ie from debugging BASKET TOTALSBasket weight: 9.310Basket value: 626.50Basket item count: 13 when I entered 7 bottles, ie 6 more than required. And a few more tests gives 6 more items than entered. When we get this sorted, I will have a guess that leaving out a range of items in AIOS may sort the packaging issue. Brian, your thoughts please. AIOS-2015-1.06.docx
  6. I can do quantity based rates and disregard the weight based shipping I have. I have all the products at the same weight anyway, except for one which I have taken off the site. I did try a shipping by category based rate for the heavy product, but it did not work for me. AIOS always gave a cheaper price. Some thing to look at, at a later date. "One obstacle I see for a complete solution so far is to have the AIOS module create as few shippable objects as possible. For example, 17 bottles will create two shippable objects: a F-Case (full case of 12), and a H-Case (half case of 6) with the advisory about wanting to get to a full package." Well thought through Brian. And in that case, it might want to advise that the next full package is 18, ie after 12 bottles step up in 6s only. I dont want to say after 12 bottles step up in 12s, but it is an option. I dont mind either way as long as over 12 bottles the cases are full. As it is possible to buy a half case of wine A and a full case of Wine B. I did think of setting up the weight ranges so that the weight of the number of bottles, ie 4-5 and 7-11 were very high shipping costs, but not a good way to go. Lets have a go.
  7. Hi Brian, There are a few points to mention: The integrity of the package is reduced if the package is not full. I sell more wine if the package is full I dont have to ask the customer to increase or decrease their order. So 1,3,6,12, or multiples thereof is good. I had a look in AIOS index.inc.php line 51, some code using range_items may be useful? Line 51 $module->_settings['range_items'] = 0; Any further ideas?
  8. That would be very nice, however I don't know how to write this into code. I have placed wording on the front page and in the conditions, but that does not stop people ordering 4, 5,7 or 8,9,10, 11 bottles. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  9. Hi , yes I am using the All in One Shipping AIOS module. I was using Aust Post and By Price, but just AIOS from last week. I can give my customers a better price than AusPost. I did try to use shipping by category for one particular item, but the AIOS was not compatible. Do you have a suggestion regarding AIOS?
  10. Now we have version 6 is there any one who wants to make a plugin for this?
  11. Hi Developers, I send organic wine all over the world and across Australia by various freight companies. The standard packing sizes are 1,3,6,12,24,36 .... bottles. I would like to have some code to allow customers to be guided to fill their packaging to the correct number of bottles. At the moment I have to email customers asking them if they want a bottle or two more to fill the carton at no extra charge in postage. I look forward to hearing if this is possible. regards Duncan
  12. I upgraded from 5.2.5 to 6.04 last night and I have to say it was the easiest upgrade I have ever done. I was scared it would take me days. Only took 15 minutes, I could not believe it. I used the auto feature on the admin page. Congratulations to Alan and CC.
  13. Any volunteers? see for what I am after. see youtube for an example. Seems vaneef from cubecartdownloads.com does not exist anymore.
  14. Hi Cubecart Forum. I see some shopping carts where you can register your details by using the FB login button. I assume you can use these details to set this up. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/login-button?locale=en_GB A couple of questions Is this code available for cubecart skins? Is a plugin available? regards Duncan
  15. I ran the www.xml-sitemaps.com/ again and find that the offending word is not there. Must have been the software! ie <tr><td class="lpage"><a href="http://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/sale-items.html" title="Organic Wine and Spirit Sales - Swan Valley">Organic Wine and Spirit Sales - Swan Valley</a></td></tr> and the friendlier name is being used. Many thanks
  16. More on sitemaps. I generated a sitemap.html last week using www.xml-sitemaps.com/ and found the word " Uitverkoop" in the title. ie <tr><td class="lpage"><a href="http://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/index.php?_a=saleitems" title=" Uitverkoop - Organic Wine - Swan Valley">Uitverkoop - Organic Wine - Swan Valley</a></td></tr> I assume this is inserted by cubecart, not the sitemap generator. Can anyone shed some light on this? regards Duncan
  17. Brian, I think I have solved the issue. The issue was: there was initially no h1 tags for the products. Then I changed all the content skin files ie content.certificates.php (as well as all other content.* files - at least in the Kurouto skin) and have the <h2> tag changed to <h1>. However in the content.product.php file there was several h2 and h1 tags. Now I have changed the initial <h2>{$PRODUCT.name}</h2> from to <h1>{$PRODUCT.name}</h1> and all the other tags from h1 to h2. Now I am happy and the SEO should be too. No need to change css or the database tables. Duncan
  18. Ok, have found the files: /skins/NAME_OF_SKIN/styles/common.css /skins/NAME_OF_SKIN/styles/SUB_STYLE/layout.css and I can find h1 on line 180 of common.css #announcement > h1 { margin-bottom: 15px; } Do I change that to h2? regarding CubeCart Gift Certs SEO phrases? All entered in #8 and #10.
  19. Hi Brian, regarding #4. Seeing as though you have provided the code to provide meta data ... see '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Now, I have changed the skin file content.certificates.php (as well as all other content.* files - at least in the Kurouto skin) and have the <h2> tag changed to <h1>. Now to the next part: (and update the CSS for h2 to include h1). Where is the CSS file please? And the database table, CubeCart_coupons, can have columns added similar to the Inventory table for SEO phrases. Where is this and how to change please? best regards Duncan
  20. The latest suggestion I have is like piccolina's ie 1+ 2, but have a 100 equations in a database and then randomise the display. I would make the equations a little more complex. ie (2x6)+1...... Meanwhile I continue without our captcha code and doing OK.
  21. Regarding Registration, Could go under Customers or Customers/Customer List or under Settings. I prefer under Customers. Customers Customer List Orders Transaction Logs Newsletters Inventory Categories Products Reviews Product Options Coupons Manufacturers Import Catalogue Export Catalogue File Manager Documents Downloads Images Email Templates Contact Form Settings Administrators Store Settings Manage Hooks Gift Certificates All good so far.
  22. Great Brian, I am now waiting on the first part to go in 1. /admin/sources/settings.search.inc.php Duncan
  23. I would go for the new admin navigation item, for searches under the Settings list.
  24. Thanks Brian, yes I was replacing, but commenting out the old cose, that caught me out. I removed the comments and its working now. Regarding post #9, The tricky thing about Searches is that CubeCart has no admin panel that deals with aspects of the Search procedure. CubeCart uses two search patterns: a "relevance" mode (lousy results on an inventory of minimal uniqueness) and a "matching" mode. Regardless of what mode CubeCart eventually uses to get search results, the results are treated and displayed just like a category. So, using the same technique for Sale Items, we can use for Search results. Except for the admin problem. On what admin page would we put the form fields for the meta_data you want to use for searches? Its not a question I can answer- some one at cubecart who knows the architecture would be a good start, maybe Al!
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