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  1. Hi Cubecart Forum. I see some shopping carts where you can register your details by using the FB login button. I assume you can use these details to set this up. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/login-button?locale=en_GB A couple of questions Is this code available for cubecart skins? Is a plugin available? regards Duncan
  2. I ran the www.xml-sitemaps.com/ again and find that the offending word is not there. Must have been the software! ie <tr><td class="lpage"><a href="http://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/sale-items.html" title="Organic Wine and Spirit Sales - Swan Valley">Organic Wine and Spirit Sales - Swan Valley</a></td></tr> and the friendlier name is being used. Many thanks
  3. More on sitemaps. I generated a sitemap.html last week using www.xml-sitemaps.com/ and found the word " Uitverkoop" in the title. ie <tr><td class="lpage"><a href="http://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/index.php?_a=saleitems" title=" Uitverkoop - Organic Wine - Swan Valley">Uitverkoop - Organic Wine - Swan Valley</a></td></tr> I assume this is inserted by cubecart, not the sitemap generator. Can anyone shed some light on this? regards Duncan
  4. Brian, I think I have solved the issue. The issue was: there was initially no h1 tags for the products. Then I changed all the content skin files ie content.certificates.php (as well as all other content.* files - at least in the Kurouto skin) and have the <h2> tag changed to <h1>. However in the content.product.php file there was several h2 and h1 tags. Now I have changed the initial <h2>{$PRODUCT.name}</h2> from to <h1>{$PRODUCT.name}</h1> and all the other tags from h1 to h2. Now I am happy and the SEO should be too. No need to change css or the database tables. Duncan
  5. Ok, have found the files: /skins/NAME_OF_SKIN/styles/common.css /skins/NAME_OF_SKIN/styles/SUB_STYLE/layout.css and I can find h1 on line 180 of common.css #announcement > h1 { margin-bottom: 15px; } Do I change that to h2? regarding CubeCart Gift Certs SEO phrases? All entered in #8 and #10.
  6. Hi Brian, regarding #4. Seeing as though you have provided the code to provide meta data ... see '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Now, I have changed the skin file content.certificates.php (as well as all other content.* files - at least in the Kurouto skin) and have the <h2> tag changed to <h1>. Now to the next part: (and update the CSS for h2 to include h1). Where is the CSS file please? And the database table, CubeCart_coupons, can have columns added similar to the Inventory table for SEO phrases. Where is this and how to change please? best regards Duncan
  7. The latest suggestion I have is like piccolina's ie 1+ 2, but have a 100 equations in a database and then randomise the display. I would make the equations a little more complex. ie (2x6)+1...... Meanwhile I continue without our captcha code and doing OK.
  8. Regarding Registration, Could go under Customers or Customers/Customer List or under Settings. I prefer under Customers. Customers Customer List Orders Transaction Logs Newsletters Inventory Categories Products Reviews Product Options Coupons Manufacturers Import Catalogue Export Catalogue File Manager Documents Downloads Images Email Templates Contact Form Settings Administrators Store Settings Manage Hooks Gift Certificates All good so far.
  9. Great Brian, I am now waiting on the first part to go in 1. /admin/sources/settings.search.inc.php Duncan
  10. I would go for the new admin navigation item, for searches under the Settings list.
  11. Thanks Brian, yes I was replacing, but commenting out the old cose, that caught me out. I removed the comments and its working now. Regarding post #9, The tricky thing about Searches is that CubeCart has no admin panel that deals with aspects of the Search procedure. CubeCart uses two search patterns: a "relevance" mode (lousy results on an inventory of minimal uniqueness) and a "matching" mode. Regardless of what mode CubeCart eventually uses to get search results, the results are treated and displayed just like a category. So, using the same technique for Sale Items, we can use for Search results. Except for the admin problem. On what admin page would we put the form fields for the meta_data you want to use for searches? Its not a question I can answer- some one at cubecart who knows the architecture would be a good start, maybe Al!
  12. Hi Brian, I have been following along and have now got the sales area to work, however the gift certificate is blank while I am in admin and I cant use the shopping cart, all blank . (http://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/) Possibility is due to #8. "In the file /admin/sources/settings.giftcertificates.inc.php, edit near line 43:" I have commented out the line 15 and line 16; (see below) and added your lines. There is no code like this on line 43. <!--$GLOBALS['main']->addTabControl($lang['catalogue']['gift_certificates'], 'Certificates');--> <!--$GLOBALS['gui']->addBreadcrumb($lang['catalogue']['gift_certificates'], $_GET);--> Any suggestions? regards Duncan
  13. Hi Lyn, I am no expert on cubecart, but it seems to me these pages were added when SEO was not a priority. Having said that I hope that in future versions these attributes are available. There is a proprietary product available, however I do not know if this has a fix for these pages. I hope others who have more in depth knowledge provide you with some clarity on this. regards Duncan
  14. Brian, yes that is exactly what the customer requires. In this case they thought the gift certificate was going to be sent to them in the UK, not Australia. the GC's recipient's name and the purchaser's personal message and the receipients email address would confirm this..
  15. Hello, I received the first Gift Certificate order from a UK customer on my graded 5.2.5. The customer is confused as the receipt they obtain has their postal address as the BILLING and SHIPPING address. There is no mention of the GC addressee's email, their name or message as entered on the front page of the gift certificate. Is there some code I can enter to give a confirmation receipt to the customer to avoid this confusion? or has this been fixed in the latest version 5.2.10? regards Duncan
  16. Thanks Brain, yes I think I can do that, however it does not answer what can be done with no discrete title and no discrete meta description. Are these additional pieces of code that can be added?
  17. Good evening Brian et al, On the subject of Gift Certificates and SEO. Traffic Travis shows there are issues with the gift cert. seo (and many other urls) ie there is no H1 tag, no discrete title and no discrete meta description. The description seems to be generic. What solutions are there? If the only solution is a proprietary SEO package, are there any recommendation to a brand/name? regards Duncan
  18. I had a customer call me today to say she was human and the recaptcha was not working. How many sales have I lost before some one took the effort to call me? I had a go myself and it took 4 tries before I was successful. Is there an instructions we can give customers to help them? Is a space required between the two sets of numbers? etc. Meanwhile I have turned captcha off and await a load of spam and some customers.
  19. Tried it in 515 and it did not work. Tried it in 525 and the customer can print a receipt but not pay for it. Will have to upgrade to 528 and check it out. Admin-created, Customer-completed orders is getting worked on. - EXCELLENT.
  20. In admin, Store Settings, Features tab, 'Order status for admin email notifications', what is this set to? If it is Processing, then I believe an email should have been sent when the order was moved to Processing. Answer It is set to processing and the client has confirmed they received an email. And yes "Print an Invoice" works from the view order menu. Many thanks. Next I would love to see the admin able to make a manual order and then the customer able to log in, confirm order and make payment.
  21. Hi Cubecart, I received an email from a client today saying that they could not access my 5.2.5 shopping cart. We will leave that issue for the moment as I believe it is working. I created an order for the client through the admin panel. Dashboard orders, create etc. Insert the customers address etc and then saved it. Then changed the order status from pending to processing. I did not receive an email confirming the order. Does that also mean the client did not get an email? How can you find out? Is it normal with a manual create? I wanted to print out the order from the admin panel, using control p gives me 4 pages, is there a better method? Is there a previous answer to this? regards Duncan
  22. Thanks everyone for your help. A very good mate has fixed the database categories section. bsmithers, thanks, I now understand regarding parents.... Shopping Cart is working again.
  23. Ok, it has taken me a while how to give you screenshots. I tried to cut and paste, with no luck. http://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/images/screenshot1.pdf Please try the above pdf.
  24. More, the ystem error log shows System Error Log [Clear error logs] Date Message Today, 22:01 File: [hookloader.class.php] Line: [418] "SELECT * FROM `CubeCart_code_snippet` ;" - Table 'maketext_ledaswan_ccrt1.CubeCart_code_snippet' doesn't exist Today, 22:01 File: [hookloader.class.php] Line: [418] "SELECT * FROM `CubeCart_code_snippet` ;" - Table 'maketext_ledaswan_ccrt1.CubeCart_code_snippet' doesn't exist Today, 22:00 File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [485] "SELECT * FROM `CubeCart_option_matrix` ;" - Table 'maketext_ledaswan_ccrt1.CubeCart_option_matrix' doesn't exist Today, 22:00 File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [485] "SELECT * FROM `CubeCart_option_matrix` ;" - Table 'maketext_ledaswan_ccrt1.CubeCart_option_matrix' doesn't exist Today, 22:00 File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [289] "SELECT MAX(stock_level) AS max_stock, MIN(stock_level) AS min_stock FROM `CubeCart_option_matrix` LIMIT 1;" - Table 'maketext_ledaswan_ccrt1.CubeCart_option_matrix' doesn't exist Does this give any clues? regards Duncan
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