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  1. Brian, that's perfect. Thanks so much. That issue has bugged me for ages. Now I can get away from foundation blue.
  2. Thanks Brian, to clarify I have added a picture of the said button. The Add to Basket button on the LHS has been clicked and the RHS has not. Yes, the mouse is not hovering on the LHS blue button. As I mentioned I would like to change the color of the blue button.
  3. Hi Brian, further to the above I am wanting to change the colour of the button once it has been clicked. It goes dark blue (foundation) ie Add to Basket button this code in default css is: .button.small.postfix:hover{background: #4c9160} is the hover colour In firebug it comes up as button.button.small.postfix. but I can not find any code to change the color. Any suggestions please. regards Duncan
  4. I am afraid to tell you that it may be weeks before google re-caches/fetches all your pages. You may have to be patient.
  5. Thanks Brian. I did not realise it was the legend.
  6. Hi Cubecart forum, I have found in: Products/images there is an Exclude Image tick button. However I am unable to click on it or even untick the included Image box. Does anyone else have this issue? I also found that if I uploaded an image with the same name I get both listed in the file manager. Your comments and observations please.
  7. DB good luck with the new PC, always lots to set up. It seems to me that if you enter the GA code in the admin section of CC you do not need to change the code. I had some editing in content.receipt.php but removed it. GA talks about counting when an order is finalised. Once I entered /shop/index.php?_a=complete in google analytics everything fell into place.
  8. Thanks DB, if you dont use these edits is there a better and easier way?
  9. Thanks DB, my GA expert person wants me to have the GA code on a thank you page and as discussed above could be on orders.print.php and orders.index.inc.php. Would it be possible to send me modified orders.print.php and orders.index.inc.php in an email please?
  10. I found this entry that may help. See the products by Noodleman.
  11. OK, here it is. Log into you paypal account and "proceed to account overview" click TOOLS. Then choose business setup. In Set up my payment solution at the top of the page. Select View all products and then choose Paypal for Digital Goods.
  12. Navigation code: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/vertical-navigation-box. There are lots of different things you can do with plugins, check them out. re gallery images: that would be standard html code, you will have so find someone to help you. try this <a href="/"><img src="../img/logo.png" style="width: xx%" alt="image description "></a>
  13. Hi Kristin, welcome to the CC forum. I had a look at your site. Could you tell us a little more about it, ie what version of Cubecart are you running.? I notice at the bottom of your site it has a mobile tag which looks as though you are running a kuroto mobile skin. This looks to me as though your site is not responsive and an upgrade to version 6 with foundation skin would solve your questions. Let us know more info so we may be able to assist.
  14. This may be the answer: Digital Goods To accept payments for Digital Goods transactions, you must have Digital Goods enabled on your account. If you do not have Digital Goods enabled, you will receive a 10004 error (Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. You are not signed up to accept payment for digitally delivered goods.). This particular 10004 error occurs only when the account submitting a Digital Goods API call does not have the services enabled on it properly. To resolve this problem, enable Digital Goods on your account using the following steps: Click here to go to PayPal's Digital Goods website. Click Digital Goods – Express Checkout Getting Started. Create a PayPal account or log in to the existing account that you want to enable Digital Goods. You will be taken to your Business Setup page, where PayPal Digital Goods Express Checkout should now be listed as your payment solution Will let you know what happens. I could not set up the above, and later found : https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/express-checkout/digital-goods/IntroducingExpressCheckoutDG/ Will call paypal tomorrow re this.
  15. Hello, I have just turned on Paypal express today and have the same issue. Mememel, did you find an answer to this issue?? Bsmither : There are no errors in the CubeCart's admin, Error Log, System Error log tab. I looked PHP's error_log and found, [07-May-2016 15:24:58 Australia/Perth] PHP Warning: unlink(/home1/maketext/public_html/harrisorganicwine/shop/includes/extra/PayPal_acceptance.js) [&lt;a href='http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.unlink.php'&gt;function.unlink.php&lt;/a&gt;]: No such file or directory in /home1/maketext/public_html/harrisorganicwine/shop/modules/plugins/PayPal_Pro/admin/index.inc.php on line 56
  16. I did a little more research with fresh eyes. This is what I found: The tax rules above are missing the "Tax Details", see new rules below. Now I get the tax added to the total as per our Anonymous27 user, where as we require the 10% being part of the total. ie 1/11th of the total.
  17. I have searched for some of the code used in version 4, but unable to find it in version 6.0.11
  18. Checked Add/Edit Product, Pricing tab, and Tax is Included . result below: and the order inventory shows no tax.: Would be good to have the GST displayed in the inventory and the receipt. Since version 3 or 4, the files mentioned above are included somewhere else. There is no cart.inc.php in the includes folder. Here is the order receipt
  19. That seems like the correct area of code to change. I will ask DB or Bsmither to comment please.
  20. Unlike other countries Australians have been duped into not adding tax to the price but including tax in the price. First of all set up your cart as per the image and enable. The only way I can see around this is to reduce all your prices to the tax free price and let the 10% be added or ask if there is some code you can add to present the 10% GST as an additional line on your receipts.
  21. Hi Al, Is there some information about this adwords and remarketing plugin? What does it do, what pages are tracked etc. How to fill out the configuration settings?
  22. I have no idea, hoping some one else would shed light on this. ANYTHING that makes customer registration easier MUST be good.
  23. result File: [maintenance.sql.inc.php] Line: [23] "ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_filemanager` CHANGE `filepath` `filepath` VARCHAR(255) default NULL; UPDATE `CubeCart_filemanager` SET `filepath` = NULL WHERE `filepath` = ''; " - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'UPDATE `CubeCart_filemanager` SET `filepath` = NULL WHERE `filepath` = ''' at line 1
  24. Thanks, I am unsure if this is the code to enter. ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_filemanager` CHANGE `filepath` `filepath` VARCHAR(255) default NULL; UPDATE `CubeCart_filemanager` SET `filepath` = NULL WHERE `filepath` = '';
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