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  1. Thanks Brian, I have looked at the filemanager.class.php file and the filemanager database with phpMyAdmin without anything "jumping out of the screen at me". How does one update the filemanager table?
  2. DB, would having this type of login fix this issue for us? The data is already in Paypal and I am sure the email address and other data is correct. Some people use Facebook to login with also. Is that a possibility Al.?
  3. In my system error log I have this error and many others relating to a filepath cannot be Null for digital downloads File: [filemanager.class.php] Line: [893] "INSERT INTO `CubeCart_filemanager` (`type`,`filepath`,`filename`,`filesize`,`mimetype`,`md5hash`) VALUES ('1',NULL,'vineyard-walk-may.pdf','330865','application/pdf','46a132b04a123725f712eba39bdd8fe3');" - Column 'filepath' cannot be null The symptom is such that the customers digital download gives a 404 error https://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/sun-morn-walk.html Any clues?
  4. I found on the CC extension plugin page a tag for a buyer to login. It looks like this. Is there a plugin to use this on our CC sites instead of customers filling in all their data?
  5. Today I found a CC plugin called "Google Adwords tracking". Can anyone shed some light on what this does compared with the above? The only info provided is: This is the Google Adwords tracking plugin for CubeCart v5 and v6. It can be used for campaign tracking and remarketing. It is not for publishing adverts.
  6. Hi Brian and DB, It is over a year since this code was developed. Will this be applicable to CC6 and foundation skin?
  7. Al will pick it up here, now that I have mentioned it? I had the same issue last week.
  8. True, nothing to do with my installation. submitting to this forum is the issue. Even though the query is received I get the above message.
  9. Hi Ian, when I submit the above message and any CC technical issue recently I get this showing on the screen.
  10. I keep getting this error when making submissions.
  11. Hi, I would like to have only one image per product, where as I have two images now. See attached. Is there an admin option to change this? If not I assume some code will need changing in content.product.php. What changes would be required?
  12. I am using 6.0.11 Foundation skin and find that the Latest Products - Text Justification is set to LH where as I want centred. I looked up the content.homepage.php and found at line 28 a </div> which when moved to line 30 fixes this issue. line 28 <!--</div> --> <h3><a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name|truncate:38:"&hellip;"}</a></h3> </div> <!-- moved div from line 28 --> Does any one else want to see this as a standard issue? And if you want test justified on any page, edit the product description in source code with : <p class="text-justify"> instead of <p>
  13. re-applying the files request.class.php and maintenance.index.inc.php and upgrading went smoothly.
  14. Hi Brian, now that 6.0.11 is out I have no notice of an upgrade the above screen shots and request log are the same as last time. I thought all the changes we di would have this issue licked! Any thoughts? https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/983 has this been fixed. Duncan
  15. Hi Chris, Why dont you add a shipping zone called "Western Isles" with a price that is most favourable to your business. You are correct there is no "we do not ship zone" . I have found that a postcode that I did not enter, by default, goes to the highest price shipping. In my case it is $310. This may be an option for further upgrades, just like in other shipping options. Duncan
  16. Lots of things to learn, but here is a good place to do that. Back ground colour/s and changing the foundation classic blue would be a good start by having a default cubecart.default.css file in skins/ foundation/css All the best
  17. Hi Brian, now that 6.0.10 is out I still have no notice of an upgrade the above screen shots and request log are the same. I will PM you.
  18. I am still seeing this regularly. Any one else?
  19. Please see attached shipping.class.php fyi This file has a lot of lines with nothing written. shipping.class.php
  20. Thanks Brian. Could you check the line number please. shipping.class.php, line 258: if ($this->_weight < $r['min_weight'] && $r['min_weight'] > 0) {I have changed the similar code at line 515. First impressions seems to working OK.
  21. Hi Brian, Since the start of this thread the A_I_O_S module has been updated to 1.0.7 from 1.05. When I updated the A_I_O_S module the renamed module does not update automatically. What to do?
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