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  1. Brian, This has got me "stumped" . A few questions. Has any one else got this far and found the same? What to do next? Does the trail need tracing out or are we to leave this for another day?
  2. Hi Brian , the data base has the required status in cubecart modules. ie Carrier must have a status of "1" and a module of type "shipping". read Carrier= Postage Edit Copy Delete 2628 shipping Postage 1 0 NULL
  3. OK, now I remember seeing this before. The current situation. If I turn on debugging in the original AIOS I get the red writing. If I turn on debugging in the NEW AIOS I DO not get the red writing. Thats why I could not see the debug working. Any further thoughts Brian?
  4. Hi Brian, I turned on debugging in the shipping module and have had a look around for where to see the results of debugging, and found "debugging" in store settings too but no BIG flashing sign saying errors HERE. Where do I see the results of the debugging please?
  5. Sorry, line 155 not 55. ie <div id="All_In_One_Shipping " class="tab_content">
  6. In the newly named copy of the AIOS module, /skin/admin/index.tpl template, you may need to also edit the first <div id="???" class="tab_content"> to hold the corresponding name of this module's folder. Yes, found that and changed ALL_IN_ONE to newly named copy and now the general tab is doing what it should. I changed line 8 and line 55. However testing the shopping cart provides the same result, ie and error, the same as before.
  7. Hi,I have followed this thread and got as far as #6 But the settings will not carry over to the new module. Here's what you can do if you have direct access to the database: 1. Enable the new module. It may be called Shipping (or whatever). Do not worry about making any settings. Click Save. This is in CC6 in "manage plugins." 2. Access your database and find the CubeCart_config table. I found this in phpMyadmin 3. Find the specific row that has in the 'name' column, "All_In_One_Shipping". Done 4. Copy the contents in the 'array' column. Done 5. Find the specific row that has in the 'name' column, "Shipping". Done 6. Paste what was just copied above, replacing the current contents in the 'array' column. Done Then back to admin and check the pricing is showing in the new Shipping module, yes the pricing is there, however when I open it I get the information of the general tab, thats nornal, BUT, if I click on the general tab the page goes blank , ie the tabs stay but the general info page is not there. Next, go to shopping cart, add an item and check out. Woops, no shipping pricing is presented. The error reads," The following errors were detected: and the rest of the message is generated by me (not sure how, too long ago). In conclusion, the instructions from Brian are OK, but there seems to be something missing to finalize this. Any suggestions? regards Duncan. Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total number of items in your order does not fit our packaging or we cannot ship to your country. Please check the number of items such that there is 1,3,6,12,18,24... In CubeCart, bring the Shipping module up for editing. Verify that the zones and conditions appear correct.
  8. This is the thread I need. I will add comments on that thread. Thanks DB and BS.
  9. Hi Guys, Am I missing something? I have read this whole thread and can not find the answer to changing the All_in_one_shipping name to whatever_I_want. I thought it may have been in a language file but no. Could not find it in config.xml either. Can I have some directions please?
  10. Hi Nial, Google may index all sorts of data from your sites pages. In this case the bottom screen myfancydress.ie is your home page ie index.php and the other page in your shop (bottom screen) may be another page. If you press F12 on chrome, you will see all the meta description has been added together by google. <meta name="description" content="My Fancy Dress is one of Ireland's largest online Fancy Dress Costume Shop. Our collection of fancy dress costumes are ideal for Fancy Dress Parties &amp; Event for all ages. My Fancy Dress has the largest selection of themed fancy dress outfits in Ireland. Browse online &amp; take advantage of very fast nation-wide delivery. - My Fancy Dress is Ireland's largest online Fancy Dress Costume Shop. Our collection of fancy dress costumes are ideal for Fancy Dress Parties &amp; Event for all ages. My Fancy Dress has the largest selection of themed costumes in Ireland. Browse online &amp; take advantage of very fast nation-wide delivery."> I would not worry about it. Try https://www.lipperhey.com for SEO PS you have not replaced the flavicon
  11. Hi Cyberart, thanks for your question. It took me some years to find the answer, and it was simple in the end. I used ALL in ONE shipping plugin. AIOS is a bit daunting to start with, but once you have the hang of it it is easy. Typically one would group bands of items together for a given price, ie 1-3 bottles $15 and 4-6 bottles= $20 postage. with AIOS you can just do this: 1 bottle $15, 3 bottles $20 6 bottles $20, and if a customer adds only 5 there is an error. then just change the language file to give the message you want.(see above) If you need help PM me.
  12. Hi Dodgebill, I like the theme you have chosen for your shop with the sliding header. Have a look at my home page. Mine is made in foundation 5. I am not a programmer, but I see that the code you are using is not foundation based, but you have grafted the cubecart foundation code into your html . Would it be better to start afresh with a foundation orbit slider code, ala : http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/v/4.3.2/components/orbit.html? regards Duncan
  13. Getting your pictures to be responsive will be one of your next tasks. Try this link. I hope it is useful. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2013/07/choosing-a-responsive-image-solution/
  14. Yes, in admin, I found the same. Only one image ticked, the one I wanted, and the other two images were from my other products.
  15. Hi DB, on my system the 3 pictures are all different on the one product. I dont have a github account.
  16. You can learn something everyday if you look! Hi Al, is there a note on CubeCart News & Announcements about this new plugin?
  17. Thanks Kealan, All I did was delete the item and start again to fix the issue. When it occurs again, some one else may find an answer.
  18. Hi Brian, "CubeCart checks the cache"; Rings Alarm bells. Al at Cubecart changed the cache times last month when I had an issue with the shopping cart contents. Even though I cleared the cache today and restarted my PC the drop down menu only appears now on a few products, so I cut and pasted the correct category into the text boxes. I then did an export of the catalogue via google base and found the text and the drop down catalogue was the same. All good. Many thanks Brian. I wonder if any one else sees this issue.? May be Dean at SynapseGraphics.
  19. Hi Brian, thanks for answering promptly. The earlier versions of cubecart were CC5.1 and 5.2, I haven't seen this in CC6 until now. Possibly because I have turned on google base as a plugin. In my CC6.0.6 at the bottom of the General tab, Miscellaneous section, all the older products, which have all the same category, as they are all wine, have a text box only. This new "wine" entry I mentioned above has the drop down menu. "If CubeCart cannot get a response from Google for the "taxonomy" list, CubeCart shows a regular text entry field." Can you tell me how this occurs, ie is google using a particular "code" or the "product name" to assess this? regards Duncan
  20. Hello Cubecarters, This is an old thread but relevant. I added a new product and found that there is a drop down menu for "google category" on the bottom of the new products page, however all other products, made in earlier versions do not have a drop down menu. Can this be rectified/changed. I am using CC6.0.6.
  21. Hi Fabrice, Please tell us what skin you are using. Is it foundation? regards
  22. Checking over some product pages this evening to find that a particular page (only one) has three photos, where as there is only one ticked on the products image page. I have gone to file manager and "updated file list" with no change. I also cleared image cache. Any suggestions?
  23. Hi Brian, I meant logo, instead of icon. As you can see below, the alt tag is duplicated on one particular page: <a href="https://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop" class="main-logo"><img src="/shop/images/logos/logo-trans-60.png" alt="Organic Brandy 750mL - Harris Organic Distillers"></a> <a href="#" class="open-clearing" data-thumb-index="0"><img src="https://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/images/cache/Wine/brandy-750-1024.500.jpg" alt="Organic Brandy - 750mL - Harris Organic" id="img-preview"></a> I have found some pages have duplicate alt tags as above and others are OK. Dont know why. I thought the answer could be in content.product.php but I can not find the logo mentioned on that page.
  24. attaboy_jhb thats a good question. I would like to see some alt tab definitions on the admin side too. Meanwhile I like Brian's idea of using the meta keyword area as mine are all blank. Traffic Travis keeps telling me I have duplicate alt tags on some pages. The last one I looked at had the same alt tag for the page icon and the image. Al, is this something that can be listed on Github?
  25. Hi Brian et al, Now that we have moved on to 6.0.6 it seems the mods we made to content.product.php have been made in Foundation. I have made a change this evening to content.category.php, changing h2 to h1. and note there is no TITLE in content.certificate.php or the GC page. Are there any other suggestions regarding h1 tags and SEO? How do you insert a title into the GC page. ie <title>{$META_TITLE}</title>
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