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  1. Yes that can be done, however I am using shipping by weight on AIOS.

    Initially I was only shipping wine bottles, but now I have some small light weight high priced bottles and heavy low priced bottles. So, shipping by weight was more accurate to reflect the real cost of shipping.

  2. Yes, the shipping price is zero.

    No, there is no "Shipping Cost" it is blank, which equals zero.

    Yes there are other shipping costs available as per the ("admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc section, "Default Shipping Selection") for 'Cheapest, Cheapest but not free, or Most Expensive rate found.

    It is set as cheapest but not free. If the customer scrolls through the shipping cost options, they will see the normal shipping cost and find a zero cost.

    Seems that the Price Module is very simple.

    So to get around the issue of zero shipping cost being available all the time, I set the shipping cost to $1000 which is more that any other shipping price. When the price limit is triggered the shipping cost of zero then appears. Issue solved.


  3. OK, understood that each module is separate.

    I found the "Disable Shipping Groups" checked. Thats OK. 

    How to assess why shipping is zero while turning on the "By Price" module (with price less than the defined amount) with no Promotional Code used ?

  4. Yes, any subtotal amount over the break-over point should be 'free' or equal to the handling cost. However I have orders less than the subtotal break point offering "free" shipping. 

    Could the AIOS or the "Free shipping" modules interfere with the calculation in the "By Price" module? or vice versa.

  5. I am using AIOS and 'free shipping" plugins. The free shipping I offer on two products by using a very small weight assigned to them. Less than the weight assigned to all other products.

    However, when I applied the plugin "By Price" to offer free shipping on large $ orders, expecting it to over ride the AIOS option or offer a Free shipping option, all orders under the price limit were given a free shipping option.

    Has any one seen this occur?

  6. Hi,  I have tried to generate a token, but all I get is a grey screen and no token.

    I downloaded the files and got it going that way.

    For the tracking ID do you enter the g-tag number for the new Analytics?  ie G-0K5RYTYZ11 or this app for the old UA number ie, UA-26600668-1


  7. Hi Brian,

    I made the changes to the javascript file and reverted the changes to /classes/cubecart.class.php. The email test from the contact page did not go through as you suspected.

    re:  that compares the Validator rule for the phone being required, but the core code in cubecart.class does not.  I assume the phone number is required for the order side of CC.


  8. This is from the system error


                    Today, 08:48       [<strong>Notice</strong>] /var/www/vhosts/harrisorganicwine.com.au/httpdocs/shop/cache/skin/9eca190828e3efc84c0add0bc635532128059db2_0.file.box.language.php.php:24 - Trying to get property 'value' of non-object

    Other lines of error are attached.

    I also note that there are a lot of system errors with urls of php.php

    Cubecart.class.php.Date Message.docx


    1 hour ago, bsmither said:

    Just to be clear:

    Allow me to assert that your installation to need this parameter matches also an edit made to the Mailer class for a custom requirement.

    The stock code beginning with CC644 (earliest I looked) does not have this parameter.

    I assume you are refering to classes/mailer.class.php. I can not find any difference between CC647 and CC645 code in classes/mailer.class.php.

    Could there be some other change to require $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']?

  10. I bet when you upgraded CC to the latest version, the upgrade over wrote some of your Admin files. I use "beyond compare" to see which files have changed.

    Once found I can upload the old version of the file to get the email to work.

    /classes/cubecart.class.php version CC645 has at about line 1551 

     $mailer->Body  = sprintf($GLOBALS['language']->contact['email_content'], $_POST['contact']['name'], $_POST['contact']['email'], $department, $enquiry, $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);

    CC647 does not have $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] 

    I found that without $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] my contact page stiopped working.

  11. From BSMITHERS October 2021.

    "At the check out the packaging shipping weight is not shown in the total weight."

    I can concur.

    On 10/14/2021 at 3:58 AM, bsmither said:

    "At the check out the packaging shipping weight is not shown in the total weight."

    I can concur.

    In the AIOS shipping class file, the basket details are copied into the class's parameters so that the class can incorporate the total product weight, basket sub-total, and count the number of products (optionally not count digital items).

    What will need to happen is for the shipping module to change the basket details adding a calculated - likely a fixed - shipping carton weight to the basket's (total) 'weight'.

    What needs to be verified is, how reliable will be this new weight value. If the basket 'weight' is calculated for every page load, then the reliability should be high. But if ever the shipping class is called to recalculate shipping costs where the basket 'weight' already includes a previous shipping weight addition, then there is now two additions.

    Or, the shipping class can add a separate shipping weight detail to the basket. That would require a small edit to the checkout template, admin order summary page, and the database. Not needed anywhere else because the customer never sees how the shipping charges are calculated.

    And then there needs to be consideration given to how to deal with the possibility that there may be more than one shipping module enabled, each advising the basket of their respective shipping carton weights.

    I can raise a GitHub request for this issue.

  12. The first product is digital and the second product is non digital. The digital product shows an infinite amount on the summary page. However the product page does show the number of items and does show an out of stock indication when there are none available.


    I need to be more explicit and ask how to change the infinite sign on the product inventory page to a number.

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