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  1. Hello, 

    the other day I reported issues with the shopping cart loading and refreshing.

    A friend tested my shopping cart and reported the following on www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop :

    "Actually there is a basket bug. "
    Moving between pages using the back button and the basket is not consistent. This can be fixed with asynchronous updates like 'ajax'. It's what I've used here (quepasa) to get the price update as the client types.

    Also not top of page time displayed from clients computer not from server. These are done without refreshes or reloads. Does the documentation or forums talk about level of Ajax utility on the cart?

    Any thoughts, fix or comments please?



  2. Hi Brian, further along this path I have not been able to change the footer text and link color from the default blue. 

    I thought the footer may have been a panel , ie;

    .panel a { color: black; }
    .panel a:hover { color: darkgrey; }

    but the answer was:

    #box-documents a { color: black }
    #box-documents a:hover { color: orange }  works OK, however the icons in the RH column for twitter and FB not changed

    Inspector shows

    <a href="https://twitter.com/HarrisOrganic" title="Twitter"><i class="fa fa-twitter-square"></i></a>

    <i class="fa fa-twitter-square"></i>

    I dont know what to do to change the icons.

    Also noticed on 10 March your post that you used the word gray, instead of grey. Is this acceptable?

    regards Duncan

  3. <div class="small-7 medium-8 large-9 columns nav-boxes">

        <div class="row"></div>
        <div class="row show-for-medium-up">
            <div class="small-12 columns">
                <div id="box-search">
                    <form id="search_form" method="get" action="http://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/search.html" novalidate="novalidate">

                <div class="row collapse">
                    <div class="small-10 large-11 columns">
                        <input type="text" required="" placeholder="Search our store" name="search[keywords]" aria-required="true"></input>
                    <div class="small-2 large-1 columns">
                        <button class="button postfix" value="Search" type="submit"></button>
                <input type="hidden" value="category" name="_a"></input>
            <div id="validate_search" class="hide"></div>



    Hi, I found the above using firefox toggle tools regarding the search box.

    Is there a way of altering the search box column length  with an insert of code in cubecart.default.css?


  4. Hi, Having an issue with the back ground in foundation


    .top-bar-section .dropdown label {
     color: #ffffff 
    body { background-image: url(../images/source/bud_logo.jpg); }


    I inserted body { background.... into cubecart.default.css with nothing appearing on the home page. Is body .... order specific?



  5. I was logged in as admin and a customer. However I started again by refreshing the cache on Chrome and started again Then I did the same with Firefox.

    This is what happened.

    Google Chrome

    Clear cache

    Open shop - not logged in

    click specials

    Add 6 items to basket

    View Basket

    Basket is Empty

    Click Home - nil in basket

    Refresh - nil in basket

    Click specials

    Add 2 to basket

    Basket now shows 8 bottles

    Click on basket - Nil shown

    Log in 

    Nil in basket

    A 1 to basket

    Popup shows 9 items in basket

    Click view basket

    "Your basket is empty"   :(


    With Chrome still open I opened Firefox. It showed some old data.

    Cleared cache


    Add 12 items to basket

    click secure checkout, shows 12 items OK

    Reduce number from 12 to 6, click update

    No change, still at 12 items

    Change again to 6 press enter

    No Change, still at 12

    Click update basket, no change

    Click empty Basket, basket empty

    Click home

    Add 6 different items

    Basket shows 6 original items

    Click update , no change

    Click refresh

    Basket now shows correct 6 items

    Logout of store while in firefox

    Clear cache

    Start at store home page using firefox  https://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/index.php?

    Add 5 items

    View basket

    Basket is correct, ie 5 items

    Add 1 more item, ie change number of items from 5 to 6

    Update Basket, no change

    Empty basket, no change.

    change from 5 to 6

    press enter

    click update

    shows 5 bottles

    change from 5 to 6 press enter

    Updates from 5 to 6.

    Sort of works but is not a pleasant CUSTOMER experience. I hope my customers are expieriencing this, however I have had a number of customers report they have issues, may be they are the same as these described above.

    Any suggestions to test would be most appreciated.

  6. <a href="#" data-dropdown="session" class="button white small">{$CUSTOMER.first_name} {$CUSTOMER.last_name} <i class="icon-chevron-down"></i></a><br>

    So does that means that the correct way is 

    <a href="#" data-dropdown="session" class="button white small">{$CUSTOMER.first_name} {$CUSTOMER.last_name} <i class="fa-chevron-down"></i></a><br>
  7. Hi,

    Frustration .... I also have issues with the cart /basket emptying, even after clearing cache with debug on the cart will not reset to zero.

    Testing of current set up is not working.

    1. Click empty basket, screen refreshes to say basket empty.

    2. Click home, basket shows it has contents.

    3. Using Chrome or Firefox, clear cache, 

    4. Basket shows zero.

    5. Login after clearing cache, basket has items.

    repeat 1... basket still not clear.


    Enable Debugging             DisabledEnabled            
    Restrict debug to IP Address (Comma Separated)
    Enable Caching

    Any suggestions?


    Further to this I found refreshing the page clears the basket.

  8. The following errors were detected:


    • Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries.

    Now if I can change this message to; some thing like :

    • Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total number of items in your order does not fit our packaging or we cannot ship to your country. Please check the number of items such that there is 1,3,6,12,18,24...

    I will see if I can find the text in foundation skin

    • Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries.
  9. Now I have it. Starting with empty basket, I add several items to the cart and update basket. All looks good.


    Delete an item and when updating the number of items is the same , not reduced. Hence if I had 6 items and deleted 3 items I would still 6 items in memory, according to debug.


    Later I used the empty basket and after adding one item the debug says I have 3 items.  Mmmmm

    Then as per Brians request I  enable Debugging by Entering the web address (www.whatismyip.com) in the adjacent field. Now it is OK. 

  10. Yes, I think this is an issue with AIOS module.

    1. I turned off AIOS and turned on Auspost shipping. I think the postage is for item# + 6 not sure, did not use debug.

    2 Changed from Foundation to Kuroto, no change

    3. Turned off "disable shipping groups", no change

    4. Cleared cache on PC, no change

    5. turned off Auspost shipping and back to AIOS, but changed back to flat rate + $/kg. This is OK and debugging shows correct number.

    6, therefore AIOS has bug in flat rate + $/item.

  11. Errr.... Maybe not. I'm seeing a "Flat Rate" that applied to ranges of item count. Got to test this.


    I had everything working oK using the flat rate + a value per kilogramme. Then I  changed all regions to price per item, see the screen (attached word doc) on AIOS version 1.0.5. Does not work properly for me.

    Seems as though the number of items is twice as many as there should be.


    Aust Post12.00 + 0.00 per item0 - 3Edit RowDelete Row
    Aust Post2.00 + 0.00 per item12 - 36Edit RowDelete Row
    Aust Post10.00 + 0.00 per item

    4 - 11   

    In the above case 5 items gives me $10 postage

    and 6 items gives $2 postage.  So I turned on debugging in AIOS and voila, 7 bottle gives 13 items

    ie from debugging


    Basket weight: 9.310
    Basket value: 626.50
    Basket item count: 13             when I entered 7 bottles, ie 6 more than required. And a few more tests gives 6 more items than entered.


    When we get this sorted, I will have a guess that leaving out a range of items in AIOS may sort the packaging issue.

    Brian, your thoughts please.


  12. I can do quantity based rates and disregard the weight based shipping I have. I have all the products at the same weight anyway, except for one which I have taken off the site. I did try a shipping by category based rate for the heavy product, but it did not work for me. AIOS always gave a cheaper price. Some thing to look at, at a later date.

    "One obstacle I see for a complete solution so far is to have the AIOS module create as few shippable objects as possible. For example, 17 bottles will create two shippable objects: a F-Case (full case of 12), and a H-Case (half case of 6) with the advisory about wanting to get to a full package."

    Well thought through Brian.

    And in that case, it might want to advise that the next full package is 18, ie after 12 bottles step up in 6s only. I dont want to say after 12 bottles step up in 12s, but it is an option. I dont mind either way as long as over 12 bottles the cases are full. As it is possible to buy a half case of wine A and a full case of Wine B.

    I did think of setting up the weight ranges so that the weight of the number of bottles, ie 4-5 and 7-11 were very high shipping costs, but not  a good way to go.

    Lets have a go.

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