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  1. I tested the Option Matrix but it doesn't seem to be able to cross one size with one color, you can eventually put the stock level and some ean or other codes but not say that this color in not available for that specific size, is either available or not for all sizes. Hope they find a way to fix it because is quite an important tool Thanks, ciao Nicola
  2. Good afternoon everyone, I have a fishing tackle shop and many of the items I sell come in two or three different sizes (ej: lures) and maybe five or six colors. Now, I might have the color XYX available for the 11cm size but not for the 15cm size lure, how can I let the costumer know that that option is not available? Is there any way to fix this on the options window in the product page? Thanks in advance for your kind feedback Regards Nicola :-)
  3. Hi there, what is the GD Library and can it be implemented to my cubecart shop? Thanks, ciao Nicola
  4. Just got this new toy installed in the store, it basically took less than 5 minutes to do it thanks to the support team at Havenswift-Hosting. I wish that 10% of the services I get from other companies would be as fast, responsive and helpful as the one Ian and his team provide :-) Thanks a lot, ciao Nicola
  5. Hi Ian, I wish I knew, I click the button and it says "It was impossible to download the latest version. Please try manual upgrade. Does this helps? Thanks, ciao Nicola :-)
  6. Hi Bsmither, is there any news regarding resetting the counter on products sales and best costumers? Thanks, ciao Nicola :-)
  7. Hi, once again for me is impossible to upgrade from the control panel, is there any "Upgrade for dummies" sort of help guideline? Do I need to highlight the fact that I'm a complete dork when it comes to these kind of things (and others for that matter ... :-) ) Thanks in advance ciao Nicola
  8. OK, I was doing something quite wrong, like putting the wrong url. With http works fine now, is there any way to do something similar with the categories so I can have it in the left column? thanks a lot for your help, ciao Nicola
  9. DB it doesn't work, I opened a document and put the blog url but it opens an error page. The url of the error page is www.caranx.net/store/www.caranx.net. I'm surely doing somehting wrong. Ciao Nicola
  10. Hi DB thanks for the reply. I activated the Blog in the SEO but there's no link showing up in the store page. I then created a category and put the Blog link there but is a tad hidden and there's a bit too much of clicking for my taste, what I was looking for was a direct link to the blog that could show somewhere on the page. Any chance to do that? Regards, ciao Nicola
  11. Good afternoon, I tried to sear in the forum but couldn't find anything, hope this is a new request. At the moment I have my main page www.caranx.net opening on my blog and the store is at www.caranx.net/store. For SEO porpouses and to drive the traffic in a better way I'd like the page to open with the store and have the blog linked to the page in a visible way, I mean not hidden somewhere. I was looking inside the panel but I don't sem to be able to find a way to do so, can anybody help? Thanks in advance, regads Nicola
  12. Thanks again, I will give it a try and come back to you ciao Nicola :-)
  13. Bsmither, you scare me a bit, what does it means "I haven't tried this yet" ? :-) I found the text and I'm probably able to edit it but what is it for? thanks, ciao Nicola
  14. Thanks BSmither, when you have a second please let me know what I'm supposed to do with the cache, cancel them all? ciao Nicola
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