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  1. Fixed that but I still get a blank page when I try to access the products page in admin.
  2. Thank you for your solution but that didn't work unfortunately. When I change the code and upload the file the site goes blank.
  3. Sorry, but it didn't work anyway. When I add a new product you still have to choose tax class. But it's that important, if it's now possible to achive it. We just have to remember to change that when we add a product
  4. Don't seem to work sorry. When I enter that it says that 0 rows was affected.
  5. Thank you! That worked like a charm. Is it also possible to change the default tax type to always be 1?
  6. Is it possible to change tax class for all products at once? Right now I have about 300 products in my store and it will take a lot of time to change them all individually. Also, is it possible to change default tax class when adding new products?
  7. Thank you for the information. I will try that. Otherwise I just continue changing the urls manually.
  8. I use Swedish as language and when I use the letters Ã¥ (å), ä (ä) and ö (ö) in the product and category names they get replaced with a hyphen (-) in the URLs. I want them to be replaced with the letters "a" and "o" instead. How do I fix this? I use latest version of CubeCart.
  9. I removed it completely since I will not have it in the shop anymore.
  10. A customer ordered three products costing $5+10+5. Total: $20. I then removed one of the ordered products from the shop, since it's now out of stock. When doing that the total cost for the three products went down to $15. The cost for the product I removed was no longer counted, but still in the order summary. Of course I still want the cost to be as it was before I removed the product from the shop. Anyone who know why this happen and how to fix it? Latest CubeCart version is being used.
  11. I need to export about 20 orders from a v3 site to a v5 site. How can I do that? I have tried to export cc_CubeCart_order_sum from phpmyadmin and rename it everywhere to cc_CubeCart_order_summary and import it to the new site, but that don't work. If it's possible to do this either in the store admin or in phpmyadmin it would be great.
  12. I had to reverse the upgrade back to v3.0 since one.com don't have zend or ioncube installed on their servers. We are currently moving the site away from one.com to another host.
  13. I upgraded a store from version 3.0 to 5.2.1 and everything went well during the upgrade. But when it was done and I deleted the setup folder from the ftp both index.php and admin went blank. Don't know what the problem is. My site: http://goo.gl/IitiL The server have php version 5.3.
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