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  1. Hi All, I have a client that has just received a email message stating that the order that has been just created can be managed by following the link e.g. https://ftp.champcoclothing/admin.php?.............. unfortunately when the user follows this link system fails stating the connection isn't private and attackers might be able to steal information. This client has been using cubecart for many years and has no problems previously and has always managed his orders using the link provided. The link that is normally provided is https://www.champcoclothing.com.au/admin.php?............... I have checked with his hosting provider and they have said the reason for the failure is because his site doesn't have an SSL certificate the protects https://ftp type sites which is all fair and correct however my question is what causes an order to create a management link with https://ftp...... when always in the past it has been https://www.champcoclothing.com.au/admin.php?............ Has anybody had a similar problem, any help would be appreciated Best Regards, Peterp
  2. Hi Brian, Over the weekend I have been investigating this issue and finally have found the solution. What I had to do is in the content.homepage.php program was to insert the check for the extra home page and then in the main.php program check for the original home page and that works. In the admin documents tab you still have the original home 'Welcome to....' page but there is an alternate home page created via a snippet that you sent me earlier which is checked in the content.homepage.php program. Thanks very much for your help with this issue always appreciated Best Regards, Peterp
  3. Hi Brian, I have done these changes to my localhost test system and it is closer than what it was so thanks for that, however where the individual images are hard coded I would like to have the images that have been setup in the document tab in admin. I guess what I'm saying is to remove the lines <li style="float: left; list-style: outside none none; position: relative; width: 1100px;" aria-hidden="true"> <centre><img alt="" src="{$STORE_URL}/images/new images/skechers-men.png" style="width: 1100px; height: 377px;"></li> <li style="float: left; list-style: outside none none; position: relative; width: 1100px;" aria-hidden="true"> <center><img alt="" src="{$STORE_URL}/images/source/puma_footwear_-Urban.jpg" style="width: 1100px; height: 377px;"></center> </li> <li style="float: left; list-style: outside none none; position: relative; width: 1100px;" aria-hidden="true"> <center><img alt="" src="{$STORE_URL}/images/new images/Sitemaster-Stone-slide-show.png" style="width: 1100px; height: 377px;"></center> </li> etc. down to line 65 and replace it with the lines from the "welcome home" document tab in admin. I have a snippet has been setup to allow for multiple home documents as suggested by you on the 19th June. which seems to work however the home page document appears after it but with the images are displayed one after each other and do not slider either. These are the images I wish to display at the top. I have attached a text document of my current main.php which is not the live main.php as the client is still using the live one. The current main.php is on a localhost but it is a copy of the live system except for the changes I have done. Hope this helps Thanks for your help very much appreciated Best Regards Peterp workgearselect current html.txt
  4. That's great Brian thanks again for your invaluable help. I had thought of starting from a clean Mican skin if that would be easier. The client also needs to be able to see and modify not only the home page bx-slider but also an extra home page. this extra homepage I think can be done via a snippet and I think I've done this before so I will look for it Thanks again brian Best Regards, Peterp
  5. Hi Brian, The splash screen is not used and could be completely eliminated and the reason the hard coding was done was the client didn't originally want anything to change they have now changed their minds and want to be able to add and delete images in the top part of the screen,hence my reason to revert back to the bxslider. Basically the code that is controlling to top part of the page is to go and be replaced by other scrolling images that the client will determine, they are completely unable to use any programming language. Point taken about using underscores and will use this in the future. Do you want me to attach the plain text file of the program main.php Thanks for the help Best regards, Peterp
  6. Hi brian, I have applied this changes as is suggested in the conversation however there is no change. I did notice that if I run the same documents as in the mican skin but use the foundation skin I get the same result. I did find that the program jquery.bxslider.js did not exist in the foundation skin however the jquery.bxslider.min..js so I used this one which may not be right. After all of the changes have been completed the slider does not slide but does show the last image that is defined in the document content it also advances the dots by 1 beneath the image the direction buttons do not work either. I have attached a listing of the main.php program. The client is using version 6.1.15 and doesn't want to upgrade at this point in time. Hope you can help me please. Best regards, Peterp workgearselect std.docx
  7. Hi All, I have a problem that seems simple enough but unfortunately I cannot figure it out. What is happening is I have setup a set of images that should slide across the screen in the home page document however what happens is that they get all stacked on top of each other so that you only see the last image. I originally copied bxslider from foundation to my skin (Mican) so I think it's all there I have checked various solutions but I must be missing something. I hope somebody can help even if there is a better way of doing might help Best Regards, Peterp
  8. Hi Brian, Thanks for your help all is good there was an error from my end never was a good typist Best Regards, Peterp
  9. Hi Brian, Sorry about the delay in answering I have been caught up in other projects, anyway I have turn on the debug option and rerun the admin but I still get the error message. Please see below the debug display the version is set to 1 SESSION: '__client' => 'ip_address' => 'useragent' => Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64; rv:89.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/89.0 'session_start' => 1625636262 'session_last' => 1625636263 'currency' => AUD 'admin_id' => 1 '__system' => 'token' => 3d8f2c233cc955a4aab673e2f0fd1c94 '__admin_data' => 'admin_id' => 1 'customer_id' => 0 'status' => 1 'name' => Website Owner 'username' => peterp 'new_password' => 1 'email' => [email protected] 'verify' => 'logins' => 155 'super_user' => 1 'notes' => 'failLevel' => 0 'blockTime' => 0 'lastTime' => 1625636262 'browser' => Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64; rv:89.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/89.0 'ip_address' => 'language' => en-US 'dashboard_notes' => 'order_notify' => 1 'tour_shown' => 1 '__admin' => 'user_language' => en-US 'version-check' => 1 Any ideas how to stop this error message appearing on the first display of the admin dashboard. After the first display the error message doesn't appear again, its just on the very fist display of the dashboard. Hope you can help Best Regards, Peterp
  10. Hi Brian, I have done this change but unfortunately the error still appears when the admin dashboard is first displayed, if the user goes to another selection (e.g. products) and then comes back to the dashboard then it doesn't display the version number error again. How do I stop it from appearing in the for instance. Best Regards, Peterp
  11. hi Brian, I think I have fixed it. I uninstalled xampp and then reinstalled it and then did all of the mods again and it seems to have worked. Thanks again for all of your help I appreciate it immensely. Best Regards, Peterp
  12. Hi Brian, Thankyou for helping me with this issue. I'm currently using xampp (as localhost) so I'm not really sure how to configure a web server to write error log sorry for my lack of knowledge. If you can instruct me as to what I have to do I'm sure I can make it happen Best Regards, Peterp
  13. Hi Brian, No error log has been created. I have checked the version of PHP is 7.3 Where now Best Regards, Peterp
  14. Hi Brian, I have tried this code and on one of the locally hosted version of the cubecart when I try to save the snippet all I get is a blank screen and it doesn't go back to the admin screen. I decided to try it on another machine which is using the same cubecart version and it all worked perfectly. what could be the cause of the blank screen happening when i try to save the snippet. Hope you can Help, Peterp
  15. Hi All, One of my clients is running version 6.0.6 and is quite happy and does not want to upgrade at all, however he is getting the warning message in his admin which states "Warning: Your store is not up-to-date v6.4.3 is available but you are running 6.0.6 update now" . How do I suppress this message, he is currently undergoing a software audit and intends to update in the near future but for now wants this message to be removed. Thanks for any help Best regards, Peterp
  16. Hi All, I have created a new document in admin>file manager>documents and what I want to do is have this new document appear in the home page which I realize I can do by checking the home page radio button but unfortunately this then removes the original home page document. Is there a way that I can have 2 home page documents. I have moved the original home page to display above the logo on the Mican template but obviously when I check the home page radio button in the documents of the new document that I have created this then appears above the logo. So would it possible to have the original homepage document to appear above the logo and then the new document that we have created appear in the original position on the home page at the same time Hope somebody can help. Best Regards, Peterp
  17. Hi Brian, Thanks for the suggestion but what I need is that the user will only enter the image from the image/file/manager and this then will be the images that are displayed via the bxslider. I thought I had he slider working but I don't it does not reference the images that were assigned to the top of the page slider that is because the images have been hard coded into the program by myself. The user is not capable of being able to enter any path names and is not a programmer. So what he wants is the ability to enter just the name of the image and then the slider will be able to show the images as he entered. The website I talking about is https:/www.workgearselect.com.au. I thought we could use the editor to add the images to the file that holds them for the 'Welcome To' selection in the documents selection and as the 'Welcome To' will not be used for a welcome we could use this to hold the required images and display them at the top of the page. The system would have to attach the path to the images the user has selected from the Image File Manager. I hope you can help, Best Regards, Peterp
  18. Hi Brian, I think I would like to wait for your specific instructions as I'm not confident about how to achieve this. The fancy bit would be a great addition. Thanks for the help Best Regards, Peterp
  19. Hi Brian, The adding of a promo banner section sounds like what I'm looking for. As long as the user can easily change the images and the images would appear where they are currently displaying with my hard coded solution. What changes will I need to do so as to achieve this promo banner You help is very much appreciated Best Regards, Peterp
  20. Hi Brian, What I have managed to do is have ads and supplier logos slide across the top of the homepage above where the logo and currency and language boxes are, and you are right I have hard coded the images in, however what my client wants is for them to have the ability to change them through the admin>documents selection using the welcome document. Unfortunately they have no idea how to code and will not even try. So is there a way that I can get the welcome document to display the images that they enter in the documents selection. They have also added another document which is called specials and this is used to display specials that are special and not just a on sale item and also could be messages such as free delivery of these items etc and as you cannot have this document turned on as well as the welcome document it presents a problem. The web page is www.workgearselect.com.au this will show what I mean. The sliding pictures are not controlled by the admin>document select it is purely hard coded. Hope this helps if not I can send you the admin url which is a live site. Best Regards, peterp
  21. Hi All, I have a customer who is using a Mican skin which has been modified so as to have advertising ad sliding across the top of the logo and currency, language boxes, which has had the advertising pictures hard coded which is what they wanted originally,however now they want to be able to change the pictures that are scrolling. If I could replace the hard coded images selection with the ones that are used in the welcome document this I think would solve the issue and they would be able to maintain the images themselves.They already use the documents selection for special deals they are offering which is different to the on sale column. I hope somebody can help Best Regards, Peterp
  22. Hi Brian, Thankyou so very much for you explanation of how this all works, I have made the changes that you have suggested and that certainly allows me to customize much easier. Once again your help is vry much appreciated Best Regards, Peterp
  23. Hi All, I have downloaded this skin and what I'm trying to do is change the color scheme but I'm having trouble in understanding what CSS file is being used when. Could somebody please explain the processes that this skin goes through to create a css file in the cache directory, that's how I'm understanding it Best Regards, Peterp
  24. Hi Brian, Well after an extreme amount of blood sweat and tears the solution to this problem was that there seemed to be an inconsistency between the language selected and the language of the templates that had been defined. Apparently the reason PayPal was failing was because it was waiting for the other email templates to be completed which was not going to happen as they had not been defined. I must admit that I'm not really sure how this caused all of my issues, however when I changed the main language on the store setup to be the same as the templates that had been setup it all worked as expected. This solved the problem. Thanks for your help with this issue
  25. Hi All, I have been just reading about the trials and tribulations of IPN PayPal and getting responses back and changing orders from pending to processing. I'm having all of these issues, PayPal doesn't seem to give a response of 200 and CC does change the status from pending to processing, I have made the changes to code in the PayPal gateway.class so that the 'amp' is removed however I haven't turned off csrf where/how do I do this, this may solve my problem (hopefully). I'm currently using version 6.2 of cubecart. Hope somebody can help me or point me in the right direction Best Regards, Peterp
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