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  1. Hi Brian, I have made these changes and I had to also do the same for order received template and it seems to now be working and zeroises the basket. I will be doing further testing but I think everything fine. Once again thankyou for your assistance with this issue. Best Regards, Peterp
  2. HI Brian, I have checked the order confirmation as the best I can see is that the source code for the html is as you have indicated I have also checked the email template for order received and that has an error as well probably the same one. The code below is some of the Order confirmation email template html source. the highlighted code is what I think you meant. <p>Thank You {$DATA.first_name|capitalize}!</p> <p>Tax Invoice number {$DATA.cart_order_id} has been received which was placed on {$DATA.order_date}. Please keep this email for your records. It
  3. Hi Brian, I wasn't using anything like PayPal I was using the direct debit (Bank Transfer) gateway for payment. The processes seem to go through without any hiccups even to the point where the order receipt is displayed when you print or close the receipt and cubecart goes back to the home page the basket still has the amount of the order displayed. Needless to say their are no email sent by the system so I went looking at the email log thinking that this maybe causing some issues. I looked at the email templates and found that the email confirm template seems to have a syntax error in th
  4. Hi All, I'm using the skin etrend and are using ver 6.2.5 of cubecart and I have just noticed that when an order has been completed and the user goes back to the home page then the basket is not emptied it seems to retain the value of the last order entered. I have tried this on different skins including the foundation skin and I get the same result, must be doing something wrong where should I look for the clearing of the basket process. If you click on the basket you can see the order just entered and if you haven't noticed that it wasn't zerosing then the new products
  5. Hi Brian, This issue has been completed thankyou very much for your suggestions and help it is very much appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp
  6. Hi Brian, I have reviewed the suggested website and yes this extension addresses the following: Buy product 1 and get product 2 for free or at a discount rate. Buy product 1 and get a free promotional product (as long as the promotional product is in the inventory) However if you wish to have buy product 1 and get product 1 either discounted or for free then the only way I can see this would be possible would be to have product 1 cloned in the inventory as the add-ons plugin does not allow for a product the be added to itself. I agree the limit to 1 must be
  7. Hi Brian, Thanks for the feed back however the promotion is not qty based and it will have to be able to automatically add the reward product to the order whether it is a buy1 get 2 promotion or buy a product get a promotional gift. I believe that qty pricing relies on the customer selecting the qty that provides the discount whereas what my client requires is that the promotion is applied irrespective whether they pick 1 or 10 of the promoted product they will only get 1 promotional gift or product automatically added to the order for free. I hope this explains what my client wants
  8. Hi Al, This is not a qty pricing the client wants to use this as a promotion and does apply to qty ordered. It simply is a promotion such as 'new arrival prom otion buy 1 and get a different product or even the same product for free, so I don't see this as qty pricing, if I'm wrong please explain how I would achieve this Regards, Peterp
  9. Hi All, I have a client that wishes to be able to reward customers or make an offer to them that is that they buy a nominated product/products and they get a similar product for free, they also want the ability to say that if the customer buys a particular product then a nominated gift is added to the order free of charge. They are also requesting that if they buy a nominated product/products then they get the same product for a nominated discount. I have looked through the extensions and I don't seem to be able to find a plugin that will do this, can anybody suggest to me w
  10. Hi Brian, Thanks for the feed back however the site that I'm dealing with is on ver 6.1.15 using ver 7.3 of php therefore the programs specified in github don't aggree with the ones of the client that I'm dealing with. If I just put in the changes for the specified programs work even if the specified code is not there (just a wild guess) best regards, Peterp
  11. Hi All, I'm using the Mican skin and I want to use a promotional code, I have created the code and assigned it to a single product however when I select that product in the order I get the message 'sorry that code doesn't exist' Have I forgotten to set something up oe is there a trick to get this feature to work I hope somebody can point me in the right direction Best Regards Peterp
  12. Hi Brian, I agree with you as I am not the original developer of this site I will pass it by the customer a see what they think. They are basing there view on what we have done in the past see below I think your solution is the best way to go thank you so much once again. Best Regards, Peterp
  13. HI Brian, I thought I had answered this topic so if you get 2 copies please accept my apologies. I have continued to tested this with this website and all see to be good, however I have another website which is already live, but the owner of this website has decided that he likes the number spinner we have used to be incorporated into his working website which is (https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au). Unfortunately the programs are not the standard cubecart type programs, it seems that they are loosely based on the foundation template and programs content.category.p
  14. Hi All, Further investigation has been done on this issue and it seems that the user has closed the tabs on their browser possibly multiple times before going back to finish the order and this seems to have resulted in a double payment occurring. I don't think there is anyway of stopping the user from closing tabs before the order processing has been completed, if there is there could somebody please advise me. Thankyou Best Regards, Peterp
  15. Hi All, I have a situation happening which is a little confusing firstly we are using a bank transfer API that has been supplied by the NAB bank in Australia and has been working fine, however recently we have had some double up payments being made not immediately but sometimes hours later after the first the second payment is made. The order is in a pending mode after the first payment but the transaction has been applied to the bank and then the second payment is made for the same amount some minutes to hours later and then the order goes to processing. My question I guess, is
  16. Hi Brian, This has been a saga to say the least anyway it is now all working fine so far, there were multiple issues that were all to do with what PHP 7.2 had set or not set. The hosting company at one stage decided that I didn't need public_html anymore so they erased it, you can image how I felt about that. I reloaded the site once they recreated the public_html directory and then they had to upgrade the PHP and also install the ioncube loader, once we got that done we then had to have some libraries enabled such as GD library, PHP Curl function had to be enabled and the php dis
  17. Hi Brian, I started looking last night for any other posts that had a similar problem to me, I found one that said to rename any plugins and see whether that fixed the problem. I have 1 plugin which I renamed to product-addospjp and then tried to load the site again, well surprise surprise it loaded with the admin logon and I was able to login and get the admin page but when I tried to select an item from the left hand menu it reverted to the blank screen. I have attached the error log that is on the server which I have noticed it is looking for product-addonspjp/hooks/controller. The pr
  18. Hi Brian, Is there anything else we can do to possibly resolve this issue or should I be thinking about completely scrapping what we have done and start from the beginning again. If I do start with a fresh install of cubecart onto the server that this we solve our issue. Can you please advise as to what he best strategy to take. Thankyou for your help with this issue and also your patience. Best Regards, Peterp
  19. hi Brian, I didn't have line 11 so I found a error log code that you wrote aug 6 in 2016 and I copied and paste the code so this should be right now. Best Regards, Peterp
  20. Hi Brian, I have attached a screen shot of the logs in file manager on the hosting site which of the error that I think have occurred today. I have used the file manager's editor to edit and save the files you mentioned however still no luck still get a blank screen. If the file manager editor is not the right editor then could you please tell me where I can find the right one, I might have to talk to the hosting company if this is not the right editor as I cannot see any other editors in the cpanel. Best Regards, Peterp
  21. Hi Brian, The error-logpjp only has the errors that were occurring on the 3rd of aug and no recent ones. I have changed the inc.custom.php and removed the space and then did another test on the site with unfortunately the same result (blank screen) and no error-log created. I have attached the server error log. I noticed in the PHP info screen under mysqli there is a directive that says if mysql is not there then is there a problem with this path directive = mysqli.default_socket loca
  22. Hi Brian, I have just been rereading the emails from the hosting company and spotted that they said the php 7.2 does not have the MySQL. Is this of any required we need php ver 7.2 or higher for some of the plugins we are using from noodleman. Best Regards, Peterp
  23. Hi Brian, I have created the script to create the error_log and I have rerun the admin. The login screen displayed and allowed me to login but it then went to blank screen if I run the actual website all I get is a blank screen. There is no error_log file created. The dbprefix is set to have no prefix as this was just a shot in the dark as to being a possible requirement, there is no need for us to have a prefix if it is not required. I have attached a directory listing of he public_html to show that the program was created but no error-log was ceated and also the p
  24. Hi Brian, Yes I changed all the tables firstly to have the prefix and then to have no prefix the result was the same. Currently the cubecart files are all named CubeCart_xxxxxx and I still get a blank screen I have deleted the word documents as you suggested. I have checked with the hosting company and they assure me all the database server is configured to allow the user/pass specified in that file has permission to access the named database. Best Regards, Peterp
  25. Hi Brian, Thankyou so much for responding to my issue so quickly. I have checked and rechecked the /includes/global.inc.php, I have also checked that the table CubeCart_config is there and has table named name. I changed the cubecart to CubeCart_ and now what I get is a blank screen for both the admin and the actual site. I have attached a screen shot of the config table and also what the local global.inc and remote global.inc hope this helps. Appreciate your help Best Regards, Peterp global.inc.php local.docx global.inc.php remote.docx
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