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  1. Hi Brian,

                 Some more interesting information, I decided that I would try another computer which is running windows 7 and you guessed it the chart appeared, so I then tried an apple ipad and the chart appeared, I then tried on the computer that was not displaying the chart using IE browser I used Mozilla and the chart appeared this computer was also running windows XP service pack 3. So I then tried another site on the XP computer using IE and the chart didn't display. So are you confused now, I am.

    So it seems that the chart is not displaying on computers that are running windows XP using IE but will display the chart when mozilla is used as the browser.

    So are there some settings in IE and/or XP that have to be set so as to get the chart to display?????


    Thankyou for your patience and best regards,


  2. Hi Brian,

                All the calls that you detailed are being made except for the last one that is not be called is this and issue.

    Also this particular site is new and there is no sales as yet, however nothing is displaying not even a red or blue line or any axises.

    Thanks for yopur help and best regards


  3. hi Brian,

                With reference to your question in reply 2 the client has gone from ver 5.2.2 to ver 5.2.4 and now they don't even see a blank graph they see nothing. The upgrade went well and there was no errors so have I forgotten something or should I have to setup something up to get the google graph apps to work


  4. Hi cicki,

    I'm in Australia and we use MebourneIt for hosting multiple clients and have been able to install cubecart from ver 5.2 through to ver 5.2.4 without any problems. As far as support is concerned I have found that you need to get onto australian support if you can as it seems that all the other support centres don't know much technically.

    hope tis helps


  5. Hi all,

            I have just started trying to install cubecart for a client and when I try to run setup I'm presented with this error message :

    Warning: require_once(/home/wwwpremi/public_html/shop/ini.inc.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/wwwpremi/public_html/shop/setup/index.php on line 2

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/wwwpremi/public_html/shop/ini.inc.php' (include_path='.:/opt/php53/lib/php') in /home/wwwpremi/public_html/shop/setup/index.php on line 2

    I have looked on the internet for a solution and one solution was that the wrong ver of php was in use i have checked the ver of the php we are using and have found it is ver 5.3 so not sure where to go next. 


    This has stopped the installation in its tracks and as you can image the client is anxious about their install

    Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  6. for those interested,

                                  The answer to my issue was that I had go through the postcodes and make sure each range or individual code was on a separate line. I know the documentation says that you can have them separated by commas but in my case this seemed to cause my issue. It could be that the postcodes were copy and pasted from an excel spreadsheet. It seems to be working as expected now.

  7. Hi all,

            This is what I'm trying to do using all in one shipping. My client has a courier which has a matrix of different charges for different weights for different postcode ranges.

    I have setup in the All In One Shipping Module a zone name and then country and then setup various ranges of postcode and then within this zone the shipping rates are setup for the various weights (see Below)


    Zone Name/Description                 Countries                       States/provinces                Shipping Rates

                                                                                                  Postal codes

    Vic Melbourne Overnight                Australia                        3000-3048

                                                                                                 3050-3058                           Shipping Rates




    NSW Sydney Overnight                Australia                         2000-2048

                                                                                                 2052-3058                           Shipping Rates



    The shipping Rates for the above matrix looks like below


    Method name/description        Shipping Price                   Order Weight Limits          Actions


    Melbourne Overnight                   20.00                                0,000 -  20.000

    Melbourne Overnight                   25.00                               20.1    -  30,000


    Melbourne Overnight                   30.00                               30.1    -  50.000

    Melbourne Overnight                   35.00                               50.1    -   100.00




    Sydney Overnight                   20.00                                0,000 -  20.000

    Sydney Overnight                   24.00                                20.1    - 30.000
    Sydney Overnight                   35.00                               30.1    -  50.000

    Sydney Over Night                  40.00                               50.1    -  100.00


    What then happens is that when I create a customers order whose postcode is 3195 the select shipping part of the checkout list all zones irrespective of the postcode but it does seem to select the correct range for each zone. the postcode 3195 should only fit into one zone and the weight which was 4 kg should have been $20.00.


    The expect result was Melbourne Overnight $20.00 because the post code fell between 3090-3207 of the zone name "Vic Melbourne overnight"


    My question is have I setup this All In One Shipping incorrectly or have I completely missed the point as to the functionality of this module.


    Any help with this will be appreciated as the client wants to go live within the next couple of days and this is now critical.









  8. Hi all,

            I have changed the permissions to 775 of the folder called files on my remote server and ever since I have been unable to get anything from Cubecart in either the admin page or the shopfront, they just show a blank screen no logon at all. I even changed the folders permissions back to 755 but that didn't help. This is very urgent as the client is expecting to see a demo soon so please can somebody help me. Does this mean a complete reinstall of cubecart

  9. Hi Bsmithers

    Sorry it has taken a long time to respond but I decided revisit your suggestion and when I entered the suggested code correctly it seemed to solve to issue I also believe that the coupon should not skip to a new page is there any way we can prevent this happenning.

    Your suggestions will be appreciated and thanks for the continued help.

  10. Hi Bsmither,

    I made the changes you have suggested but unfortunately this caused a completely no display at all. Was I supposed to remove the '{if !empty($order.notes)} or was I just to add the new line. The other thing I tried after resetting the coding to the original was to enter multiple product lines and a discount coupon to see what the result was. The result was that there was a legitamate 2 pages, but there was also a extra page break and that I think was caused by the discount coupon as that was on the 3rd page. Maybe we should be looking at the discount coupon is the one causing the problem. Otherwise is there a way of increasing the page size in length.

    This is causing some grief as you can imagine, thanks for the help happy to experiment some more

  11. Hi Bsmithers,

    I checked the print preview as you suggested and yes it shows 2 pages and it only prints the order receipt number on page 2. Therefore I tried another order to print and this time it the order had a coupon on it and this caused the order invoice number to be printed at the top of page 2 then the company logo and the return address and then the discount code that was used. I have checked the shrink to fit and still have the same problem. It just thinks the page is shorter than it really is so if we can lengthen the page this should solve the problem and only print the 2nd pages when it absolutely needs to, that is lots of items on the order/invoice.

    Hope you can help me.

  12. Hi Bsmither,

    Thanks for your reply and I think this right when you say it is based on the UK A4. How do I change it though, I have traced through orders.print.php and print.css but unfortunately I am unable to see where the form length is defined. What I need is to be able to have an Australian A4 form which is 210mm x 297mm. I understand that if there are multiple items that will require 2 pages then it will create 2 pages thats OK but when there is only enough items for 1 page then my client wants see only 1 page. I hope you can point me in the right direction and again thanks for your help.

  13. I have created an order and in the order I entered delivery message I then checked the order as instructed firstly the original delivery message was not displayed, I then entered another message that I wanted to be appended to the missing original message. Have I missed a setup step that will dispaly messages and/or allow for delivery messages to be added. Hope somebody can shred some light on this problem thankyou in advance

  14. Hi bsmither,

                     Sorry about the vagueness but I was struggling to try and figure it out.

    I'm using a copy of the Vanilla skin and I'm in this url http://tulanescloset.com.au/shop/index.php?_a=product&product_id=2

    When I turn on the switch for compatability in the windows internet explorer it is the same url http://tulanescloset.com.au/shop/index.php?_a=product&product_id=2

    The difference between the 2 is that in the first instance the selected item is right down the bottom of the page and in the second instance the product selected is right below the header on the page which is the correct place. Also in the second instance the navigation is just below the product selected and not at the bottom of the page and the navigation items do not have the '|' symbol between them.

  15. Hi All,

           I have a strange situation happening which I think is caused by browser incompatability. When I use windows IE 8 without the compatabilty switch turned on the pages are not displaying entirely correct expecially the summary of the purchase, if I turn on the compatability display the pages display correctly except for the dividers between the navigation selections at the bottom of the page and also the navigation doesn't seem to float to the bottom of the page. I tried Apples safari browser and I'm having a similar problem and there is no compatability switch, I have also used firefox and have the same problem.

    Does anyone have any clues as to what I have done to cause this problem.

  16. hi bsmither,

    actually according to my client the only possible change will be the colour, whether the colour will cause a price differation its not clear at this stage but will be possible will I need to do all the previous changes as well as the html changes and where will I do the html changes.

  17. Hi bsmither,

                     Unfortunately the prices that are being used in the options tab for each product has only 1 price depending on its capablities, that is to say that the product can only be yellow in colour if its size is small, extra small, extra extra small and therefore the price is the same for all these sizes, so the price is not a differational type. its the final price. Therefore the price of the product in the product screen will always be 0.00 and it is only when the product is selected that it will have a price in the cart. What we need to happen is that the prices are not displayed until all of the selections have been made, the option size is the controlling factor. I hope this explains it better, is there any way that I can just stop it displaying the price in the previous screens before the selections are made irrespective of whether there is a price in the pricing tab for the product and just make the size option the controlling pricing factor. 

  18. Hi all,

            I have products in the inventory that will have different prices based on the customers selection for example colour, size etc, so I do not have a starting price for the products, so what I would like to do is surpress the display of zero price on the item on all screens as this looks like the product is free. Hope somebody can point me in the right direction to be able to make this change. I think it will be just a case of remarking the line that prints the price.

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