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  1. I have tried to upgrade using the upgrade option in the admin page and all I get is a message that the upgrade has failed I should attempt a manual upgrade. I'm worried about doing this without knowing whether all my changes are going to be preserved. Why is the automatic upgrade not working anyway

  2. Hi Bsmithers

                      To try and run it all on another computer will take some time to setup as we are running the process of evaluation on a localhost and not a remote server, therefore to accomplish this will require a complete resetup on a localhost that is running windows 7. What we may have to do is talk to our client and explain that they may find inconsitencies if they are using internet explorer 8 hopefully this will not be a problem. If I decide to go down the remote server path will I have to do the setup process again from scratch or is there a way of taking what I have on the localhost and transfere it all to the remote server.

    Also Thanks for the help again

  3. Hi bsimithers,

                       Yes I did add the </span> tags to the file you indicated. Does this mean that cubecart only works successfully when using firefox and that internet explorer will result in inconsistent results. If this is so then I cannot suggest to my clients that they can only use firefox whenever they are using cubecart applications the majority of my clients would be using internet explorer. Were would you suggest I go now

  4. hi bsmithers,

                      It looks like firefox treats this problem in the correct way as I can see and create addresses and the crosses and ticks work when enabled or disabled, I have been using internet explorer ver 8 and this seems to be struggling, internet explorer seems to have 2 crosses in the addresses screen however if you select add new address a new screen is displayed and on this screen there is a billing address with the word default beside it. In firefox the address book doesn't have the crosses at the bottom of the screen and when you select add new address you get the same screen as in internet explorer however now you have billing address with a cross and below this you have a heading default which also has a cross. It seems to me that the firefox is the correct way as you would check billing and default to have this billing address as the default

    The new address function seems to be working correctly in firfox and incorrectly in internet explorer. I have tried to look at the source to find any colour references but unfortunately have had no luck. Help

  5. Hi bsmithers,

    When I view the customer record in the admin page the correct customer details are entered in the right places, however what I have noticed is that there are two red crosses at the bottom of the page under the save button that do not have any description as to what they are for or do, if you click on them they do change to a green tick however don't know what they are for.

    What I did do is tried the suggestion from the previous link you provided and found this to be useful in the future but In the file /admin/skins/default/templates/orders.print.php where the details are being printed there is no break(<br />) between company name and customer name when I put one in I at least get the company name and customer name on separate lines.

    Let me know whether this is OK to do

  6. Hi Bsmither,

                     Thanks for the help, I have taken a look at details in the attached address and this looks like what I'm trying to achieve, however when my packing list/shipping manifest is printed it seems to have printed the Delivery address incorrectly. What seems to be happening is that company name of the delivery address is printed then followed by the persons name, the nextline is the company name of the delivery address is printed again and then it seems to be printing the rest of the address correctly. also whereas I was get the company logo printed it seems to have stopped for some reason both at the payment screen and the customers invoice screen and printout.

    In the mean time I will try your earlier suggestion and let you know, thanks again

  7. Hi bsmither,

                     Yes that is exactly what I trying to achieve, also below is the the web address That is being used to print the order



    Hope this helpful and thankyou again

    Hi Bsmither

    localhost/tulanesclosetxara/shop/files/print.01dfef9999dded6a9747a8ff94d91881.php this is the address that the system is using to print the order

  8. Hi Bsmither,

                     Unfortunately I cannot give you a web address at the moment we are running on a localhost type server as we are in evaluation mode which I might add is looking pretty good. How can I attach a pdf document that will show you what I'm talking about

  9. Hi Bsmither,

                      Thanks for your help with these queries, don't so much wish to change the packing slip but I want to rearrange the billing and delivery addresses to be separated as at this point they don't seem to be separated, its as though they are printed on top of each other.

  10. Hi bsmither,
                    That was the answer when I removed one of the print_order_form from the database it all worked, however when I try and print the same order in the admin section the printout is not the same as the one that is printed out for the customer or maybe it shouldn't be. If I want to customise this will I have to do it thru the print.css or can I do it through the html thats if I can find the html any clues?

  11. Hi bsmither,

    The processess that I have gone thru are create an order as a test customer who isn't a registered customer all of the fields are filled in during the order process the checkout button is pressed and then the screen is refreshed wait to check the feight at which case all is well so the checkout button pressed again at which time I get to choose either paypal or print_order_form (print_order_form) is listed twice, I select one of the print_order_form Buttons and then thew screen is refreshed but this time what get is the choose payment screen again but only showing the two print_order_form buttons and a continue button, pressing the continue button seems to do nothing.

    Hope this helps with what steps I have taken. The result I expect is as a customer who is going to pay via a bank transfer would get a printed order/invoice showing the details of their order and also the banking details of our site which we have setup in the admin screen

    Thanks for any help

  12. Thanks Kraken,

                           Enabling debug settings didn't help me as I have no idea what I'm looking for everything seems to be OK. When I said the check out payment selection freezes I ment that when I check 'Print_order_form' the program doesn't print anything. This is when I'm a customer who is going to pay via direct deposit, also there is no email sent to my email address that has been setup in admin screens. When I log on as administrator I can see the pending order and I can print it however there are no banking details printed.

    So I have come to the conclusion that I have missed some very important setup steps.

    I am using the v5 lite on a local host setup i am not conected to any remote server yet.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  13. Hi all,

    I have created an order as a customer and proceed thru the processes where it has to be paid for, I have 2 selections one is paypal and the other is supposed to be direct deposit. However when I select Print_order_Form it seems to do nothing, if I go to the admin screen and slect the appropriate pending order then I am able print it but unfortunately there are no banking details the gateway just print Print_Order_Form obviously useless to the customer who wants to deposit maney for goods into our bank.

    Any suggestions as to how to get the invoice/order printed at the customers end and also how to display/print the necessary banking details

    Much appreciated

  14. Sorry about this I was just so excited that it actually all worked I forgot to detail what I have done. The first thing I did was download the ioncube loader from http://ioncube.com then I followed the instructions which meant changing the php.ini file adding in a line that look something like this depending on your operating system and version of php you are using zend_extension="<drive>:<path>ioncube_loader_win_<php flavour>.dll". When use the ioncube loader wizard it will tell you whether it was succesful or unsucessful, if you are unsucessful it will tell you what you need to fix.

    I was using the local server version so I do not know whether this will work for a remote server however there is a link in the ioncube wizard if you are not using the local server.

    Hope this is helpful.

  15. I am trying to install the latest version of cubecart using localhost as the server so that we can evaluate this application for future clients however when we get to the very last step all we get is a blank screen for either admin or store. I have installed and reinstalled this product and am fast becoming dishearted with the product to the point of giving up and try something different for our clients. I thought I would give this one more time to see whether we can resolve this problem. Any help will do

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