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  1. I've just spent a week completely locked out of the admin backside of two stores, with 403 Forbidden error messages. I immediately notified HostGator of the trouble and marked the Support Ticket as URGENT. When I had not heard back from them in a couple of days I got on their Support Chat and tried to get my issue moved up in the queue. Nothing changed. After almost a week of chatting daily, trying to get some answers, I gave up and changed hosts. This turned into another ordeal, as they basically held my SSL certificates hostage.  I've had issues with their support for some time, so I was totally disgusted with them.

    I'm happy to say that Havenswift-Hosting helped me with all that was involved in moving my domains to their server. They advised me on what to ask the HG Support. And they found and fixed the 403 issue!!! It turned out to be a CC related problem, so HostGator would not have worked on it, even if they had tried to it (they didn't).

    So if anyone else is struggling with poor service from their present hosting company, I want to give Havenswift-Hosting a plug.

    Here's my affiliate link to them, if you're interested in changing hosts:


    We too find Ian and the team to be invaluable :)

  2. NO answers yet I guess this has either got folks baffled or stock isn't that important?

    Further to the stock issue the system is also reallocating product codes as per attached picture these items should all start with EB20C11 -

    This issue is now causing problems with customers as well as myself :(


  3. My website is misreporting stock levels quite wildly!

    Scenario (a)

    1. I untick global stock levels

    2. I set the store to individual stock levels

    3. I don't allow out of stock purchases

    4. On each product I untick global stock levels and set individual levels

    Customers can buy more stock than is available which is an issue for both parties

    Scenario (b)

    1. I use global stock levels

    2. I set the level to -1

    3. I don't allow out of stock purchases

    4. On each product I tick global stock levels

    The store reports lots of items that are out of stock.

    If I untick global stock on each item the stock is reported as infinitesimal

    The stock of the first item is always reported as between 0-244!!!

    The attachment shows the stock levels change for items 1&2 just because...?

    Any help as usual greatly appreciated!


  4. Today, 15:45
    Request Sent - https://www.nochex.com/nochex.dll/apc/apctransaction_id=4767326&transaction_date=16%2F05%2F2015+15%3A44%3A29&order_id=150516-153922-3282&amount=19.95&from_email=Derek.jackson15%40btopenworld.com&to_email=steve%40themodeltreeshop.co.uk&security_key=acbe502d66e84eb784068358aadb084a&status=live&custom=
    Error:cURL Error (35): Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to www.nochex.com:443
    Response received


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