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  1. I have installed crafty clicks from the market place using the lightning symbol and it is in my plugins, I have entered my access token and enabled it but nothiing is showing on the checkout page that relates to a postcode search! Any help as usual greatly appreciated.

    Using the latest version of CC

  2. I am beginning to understand why the stock reports are so inaccurate! When I export my website there are only about 170 lines showing and any items that have options show zero stock but considering some of our etched brass trees come in 13 sizes and 5 colours we obviously have way more than 170 products! This of course must be awkward for other people I.E. if I sold Reebok trainers I would only want one line of 'classic trainers' but they would be available in say four colours and maybe 20+ sizes from infants through to mens but the system could only report on the general tab of stock which of course is totally wrong. This also isn't of any use to us as each size option attracts a different price.

    Is this any further forward with V5?

  3. I am really struggling with shipping and other things at checkout.

    As our products are very light, we need to charge by value of order, I have set up zones for UK, Europe, R of the W but at checkout customer cannot select, standard post or next day as the update button does nothing, neither does the value of postage increase if the customer goes over the amount set in the shipping table

    Customers seem unable to purchase unless the are logged in, not everyone wants to set up an account

    If you view basket there is no checkout button!


    Any pointers greatly appreciated, NEWBIE coming over from Sellerdeck, feel free to have a look at www.sist-trees.co.uk

    Many Thanks
    Steven Bird

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