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  1. No sorry we are back on an older version. To test for the zero amount error use Firefox ESR edition this shows the problem on a more regular basis. Regards, Paul.
  2. Would someone please try Internet Explorer 11 with the latest version of the Stripe Payment Gateway. Chrome and Firefox appear to be OK but with IE11 it waits forever and never completes .... Paul.
  3. We tried the SCA version of Stripe and this was the result.. An error was shown.. invalid positive integer And the Stripe error log shows a 400 error ID req_DexTPX1qLnVixx Time 29/07/2019, 10:32:19 Method POST URL /v1/payment_intents Status 400 Version 2019-05-16 (latest) Source Stripe/v1 PhpBindings/6.40.0 The version upto 2.1.2 is ok. Any ideas, Edit....... After a bit more testing its sending a 0 amount to Stripe for some unknown reason. { "receipt_email": "false", "description": "Payment for order ", "payment_method": "pm_1F1Yc6KToxFjBSv69oAeaHxx", "amount": "0", "currency": "gbp", "confirmation_method": "manual", "confirm": "true" } Paul.
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