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  1. It's a paid for account from One and One. I'm seeing links here now. Must be my browser?
  2. How do I switch this off? I keep getting links added to my product description text.
  3. All I see is the headers but none of the text I've entered. Any suggestions?
  4. onger login to admin - not sure what's happened again. I checked via ftp and it's there. Strange, realised the admin.php file was missing. I've re-uploaded it and it's fine now.
  5. A few weeks ago our site was hacked, so I removed the hacked files and upgraded Cubecart to the latest version. I applied to Google to remove the "this site may be hacked" notice. However, I just received this notice: Any suggestions as to what files might still be causing security issues with Google? http://www.google.com/webmasters/hacked/
  6. Thanks guys - I'm happy to share my updated copy of Fusion should anybody requre it.
  7. I'm not sure how to access the log - I think I may have to upload a php.ini file to the root folder. Enable Error Logs I updated the Fusion plugin recently with the one that's on these forums somewhere. I guess there must be something I need to modify?
  8. I was asked by the hosting company to update the version of php to 5.6 - is this the problem?
  9. Not sure what's happened, it's a mystery. I upgraded to the latest Cubecart the other week, now it's stopped loading. Any suggestions http://www.nucleusfilms.com/
  10. Thanks for the help - do you know what the background and main text colour are? All I see at Zurb is: Colors Primary Color # 2ba6cb Secondary Color # e9e9e9 Alert Color # c60f13 Success Color # 5da423 Warning Color # ffae00 Body Font Color # 222222 Header Font Color # 222222 Are all the other setting best left as is?
  11. Is there any html/css software (Mac) I can load the site into to make the changes any easier?
  12. I've done this, thanks - looks like the site is loading faster since I updated the Fusion plugin for the theme.
  13. I've had a search but I can't seem to find the waterfall tool in Firefox. Any suggestions?
  14. Here's a reply from the hosting company: Any ideas what that means anyone?
  15. How do I go about creating a "child" theme? Is this the best way to start messing around with the css?
  16. I think it's new - yes, still stuck on Blueprint. Latest version of CC.
  17. As I suspected Are there any key files I should be looking at changing? Is is relatively straight forward?
  18. How easy is it to make this theme look like the old Blueprint theme I'm currently running?
  19. Is this a server releated issue, or is there something I can do to speed things up? I'm running the latest version of Cubecart.
  20. I completed the upgrade via ftp, and then via Cubecart's admin - upgrade link All seems to be working again, I hope Thanks for your help!
  21. Success... was able to login, backed up database, then tried to upgrade via the control panel, but now I have a blank white screen.
  22. I'm completely lost. I'll have to contact tech support on Monday. I'm not sure that admin login popup window is anything to do with Cubecart. It may be my hosting company.
  23. I just did this, still unable to login. How do I access the snippet table if I can't login to the admin section?
  24. It would appear my password has been changed, I'm unable to login. And I've never seen that strange popup window before.
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