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  1. Currently the import has taken over an hour. All we have are 600 items - is something wrong? I haven't even got to the screen where you assign everything to relevant fields yet.
  2. We're still working on a product spreadsheet, which we have ordered by category. We almost have the fiorst category complete, so is it possible to bulk import products on a category by category (and sub category) basis? Version: 5.2.5
  3. Thanks Ian. Both are sadly too costly for what they need. Is there no self installed software solution rather than all those monthly payment plans?
  4. I can see things getting confusing as not everything is sold via the website. It would be great if there is a way to do this. Is this possible?
  5. Thanks guys, I'll let you know how I get on with this.
  6. I did this on several other sites and it worked with no problem - it's the additional (not main images) I'm worried about.
  7. We have around 5,000 images to upload, so four at a time isn't an option sadly.
  8. I'm in the process of building a site which will have main and additional images for each product. I'm labeling the images with the product codes, and for each additional images these have a, b, c etc added to the image name. If I upload all these to the "images -> source" folder, will CubeCart be able to link these up with the products correctly? Is there something else I need to specify?
  9. It was actually a real payment - sorry for the false alarm.
  10. Hearing all this worries me. Have I purchased the best eCommerce software, when there appear to be so few developers out there working on plugins? All us end users want is a shopping cart that works "out of the box", and if it needs anything extra, then a plugin is what we would prefer. Most of us are not coders, just non-technical people trying to run a small business. Surely the CC authors need to be doing more to develop a more dedicated user base? I would suggest the developers make it easier to contact them to request hooks etc as this would no doubt help matters immensely. Perhaps we need a developers area/"request hook form" on the site/forum so Al can take these things on board for future updates? There are numerous eCommerce software solutions out there (I'm sure we've all tried a few already) and we no doubt prefer Cubecart and want it to improve and grow its userbase. For that we need more plugins and ease of use
  11. I enquired about signing up to become a Cubecart affiliate a few months ago and heard nothing. However, I've just received an email detailing a payout to Paypal - but I do not have a Paypal account. How do I access my CC affiliate info?
  12. Agreed - Wordpress is amazing, I'm using it as a front end on a new CC site. Plugins are easily installed and updated etc. No fuss at all. Is it simply a matter of CC5 coders not understanding the plugin/hooks system?
  13. Can a plugin be written that will do this? I though the whole point of Cubecart 5 being re-written was so plugins (rather than mods) could be installed, which would be much easier for us non-techy types who just want a website that works with minimum hassle. I now look after 4 sites running Cubecart 5 and with each CC update comes a lot of hassle with each CC update due to hard coded mods.
  14. Sometimes the site takes you to the home page, sometimes the login page.
  15. 1. Yes, homepage is landing page 2. Prices are not hidden 3. Disallow the 'ghost' customer to checkout? = Yes
  16. A pity. Plugins only for me from now on. One you have half a dozen mods installed it all becomes too much hard work.
  17. Wow that sounds perfect - Is it a plugin? I'm avoiding mods from now on. Too much of a headache.
  18. We've just done our first newsletter, but is there a way of finding out who the newsletter went out to? We have over 5,000 customers in our database and we've had no feedback to far. It seems that when we imported all our customers from an older site the "subscribe to mailing list" setting defaulted to no. Is there a simple way to change this to yes?
  19. Did you manage to figure a fix out for this? We need to be able to sell fabric in half metre increments.
  20. I need to make some changes to the Vector theme (it's too light for a client/friend of mine). Is there a wrong and a right way of doing this? I'd like to keep the original as is, so do I simply duplicate one of the style folders and make changes to that? Or do I somehow need to make a "child" theme and make changes to that instead? Most of the changes are simply colour changes via css (for now) but there may be other changes and mods as I progress with the store build. IO'd really appreciate your help on this as I don't want to mess things up.
  21. Some items won't be re-stocked. These are the items we'd like to somehow highlight as "Last Chance" offers.
  22. Is it possible to have the site automatically promote these as limited availability items and thus highlight them to customers before they're sold out?
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