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  1. Thanks for your help (again). Do you know if this will work with the Blueprint skin?
  2. Can somebody help, I'm a little confused about this. If I click on our "Movies -> DVD" or "Movies -> Blu-ray" links, how come we get the "No products found" message popping up, rather than displaying what we have listed in those sections? Same with the actual DVD and Blu-ray links. It's only when you click on the regions that anything is displayed. Each movies is listed in the "Movies" main category, then the sub categories. http://www.fabpress.co.uk
  3. Does this give the customer a drop down list where they can select the size from the one product, or do I still need to list the same product for all the different sizes?
  4. Can somebody help? How do I set this up? Can I display one t-shirt design with a drop down list where the size can be selected?
  5. That mod looks a bit unreliable based on the follow up posts.
  6. Is this possible? Many of our book titles have a main title, then a sub heading. It would be much better if we could enter these into separate fields.
  7. Yes, everything has been assigned a category ID. I did this in the original database export to .csv, and the categories have been carried over. Will this mean I'll have to set it in phpMyAdmin? Is there a way of changing everything to "0", then selecting the few I need displayed on the homepage to "1" again?
  8. The "status" in CubeCart_inventory is set to "1" for all items. product_id - everything has its own unique code (776, 1148, 1149, 1150, 1152.. etc) product_code - everything her eis using the correct codes we assigned in our database export. featured - also here, everything is set to "1" I just tried changing a "1" to a "0" in featured and the item was removed from the homepage. However, I'm not sure how to re-import the data into with this correctly flagged as there's no field selectable from the drop-down for "featured". The option "include in latest products" doesn't work.
  9. I've tried yet another bulk import, this time setting all the products I wanted displayed as "Latest Products" on the homepage to "1" in a new field, and assigning this field to "Include in Latest Products" for the import - but alas, none of the selected items are being displayed on the home page. Any more suggestions?
  10. Is there a way of listing these in order on the home page? Latest in Books Latest in Movies Latest in T-Shirts etc
  11. Can you explain how I access "cpanel", and where to find this?
  12. I need to do a new import anyway, so I'll try creating a new field for this with "1" in it.
  13. I'm looking again at the import .csv options and I see there's a field option named "include in latest products". I can easily add a new field and re-import the database. What would I need to add to the field to make this work? A simple "YES"?
  14. Show 'Latest Products' on homepage? = YES Number of 'Latest Products' to display = 8 Include in latest products = Ticked = Yes So everything is correct. It's something to do with the bulk import I think. If I manually add a new product is appears in "Latest Products. None of the bulk imported titles show up as Latest.
  15. We've just had our first US order, and the postage added is way too much (£15.80 for one DVD). The weight for all products is correct, at .120kg. I've checked the "By Weight" module (the only shipping we offer, via Royal Mail) which has the correct postage listed so I can't work out why the cart is adding the wrong postage. For this zone, our Royal Mail rates are set to: 0.100:3.50;0.250:4.70;0.500:7.55;0.750:1.40;1.00:13.25,1.25:16.10,1.50:18.95,1.75:21.80,2.00:24.65 Can anyone help? Is there a simple way to generate a report on postage per item per country I can look at?
  16. Yes, that is checked. By importing from a .csv file all products have the same "Last Updated" date, which is "0000-00-00 00:00:00". How does Cubecart decide what is "latest"?
  17. Since doing a mass product import from a .csv file, we have no latest products displaying on the homepage. How can I fix this?
  18. I see, yes. That may do it. It would be great to have a buy button that says "Pre-Order in these cases.
  19. We publish books and DVDs. We have a future release date, but customers can order the product before it's available and it is shipped out when it eventually arrives in stock, much like amazon does. Here's an example: http://www.amazon.com/Star-Trek-Darkness-Blu-ray-Digital/dp/B00CTSDDVO
  20. I had to merge a load of fields into DESCRIPTION, but the import went well.
  21. Is this possible? Can I simply upload via FTP? Using the file manager I can only add one image at a time, and even then only four can be uploaded in one go. I have nearly 1,500 images to upload.
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