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  1. Yes, I noticed the settings had changed when I installed a newer version. Ah well....
  2. Is there a way to put the blank space on the right of product images to better use? Could more images be added to this area? Or perhaps move social media icons here?
  3. Help! Re-installing. The settings are still there, luckily.
  4. I did a re-install, all now seems to be working.
  5. Going through admin, I see the same problem in other area too. When clicking on additional tabs, a blank screen.
  6. Since the upgrade, in admin I can see our product list, but when I click to view a product, all the product pages are blank. Any suggestions? Looking at the page source code, the product is there, but nothing is displayed.
  7. I thought it was OK - product images seem to have disappeared. Any suggestions?
  8. It seems to be working OK now. Liking the new admin area
  9. Oops... Do I need to change the admin name in the zip file to my current admin name before I upload all the new files? The new admin file has a new name since my failed upgrade.
  10. Yes, I'd prefer to do this, but it rejects my username and/or password for some reason.
  11. I did a manual upgrade. Not sure what went wrong? I'm using the default skin, too.
  12. I'm not seeing the "Hide Title" option in the upgrade. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1907 Inspecting the document source, I see that my older admin folder is still being accessed for this. How do I get it to access the new admin folder?
  13. Just upgraded to 6.2.0 - when I try to login via the Control Panel, it tells me my login details are incorrect. But if I click on the padlock above, it logs me in. Strange. Can anybody help? I think it is something to do with: https: https://nucleusfilms.com/admin_***** Clicking the padlock takes me to: http://nucleusfilms.com/admin_***** Where I can login with no problem.
  14. Yes, but you can still click through to the product page. I would like a way of disabling the click-through for upcoming products, until the exact details (price etc) have been confirmed. Currently, the only way I can do this is with a document. https://nucleusfilms.com/
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. However, I'd still like to find a way of having these upcoming items listed on the home page, above the in-stock products, so that these images can take advantage of the home page grid layout, rather than having to use the document option which doesn't work well when the home page is re-sized.
  16. Just a thought - that way, we could list upcoming items for which we do not have the full details, and adding to cart before we have set a price. This would then allow the product images to fit within the template grid, without having to resort to using a document set-up.
  17. Thanks for the link - do I just add this to the link in question? Or is this just for a pop-up?
  18. We have a link set up on the navigation bar which takes you to an external site. Would it be possible to open this link in a frame, thus keeping the customer on our website? Example: https://nucleusfilms.com (link = Digital)
  19. This would be a nice addition to the basic Cubecart settings.
  20. Is there a setting somewhere to enable adding an SSL logo?
  21. Thanks Al. Can you help with this one?
  22. I've now changed our site to SSL, but when activated the browser shows an alert indicating that parts of the site (images etc) are not secure. How do I fix this? Thanks.
  23. It looks pretty good, I like it. And I'm using an old Firefox brower on an old Mac OS.
  24. Very strange. Perhaps it's a caching issue?
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