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  1. Does the "mobile" skin work with properly Cubecart 6? Could this be the problem?

    And, a system error:

    File: [user.class.php] Line: [795] "INSERT INTO `CubeCart_customer` (`title`,`first_name`,`last_name`,`email`,`phone`,`mobile`,`password`,`pw`,`registered`,`ip_address`,`language`) VALUES ('','name','name','[email protected]','0032478767063','0032478767063','9f7d4602e5fd4238dbef67b2c58dfb6c387f6b6da6a855b3bece98a29cd864e78c8255f7741196277dfd3e57d84f1b7405f30f0febd0bd2b74cbe2675d7137a8','44a937f1','1516720751','','en-GB');" - Duplicate entry '[email protected]' for key 'email'

  2. More info from customer:

    I put the item in my basket update the p&p, then highlight the register and as I click on to enter my details, the keypad appears and disappears instantly, Leaving me unable to enter my details.

    Seen by Mark Humphreys at 16:14It doesn't happen when I enter the title to search for an item.

    He's on a Samsung Galaxy.

  3. We just had a lot of orders stuck at Pending today... And here's a message from another would-be customer:

    Hi, I have been trying to order a blu-ray for a few days now on your website, but whenever I try to register and attempt to fill in my details the keypad briefly appears then disappears before I can fill in my details. Is there something you can do to correct this?

    Any suggestions?



  4. Any new product pages I add will invariably differ slightly from page to page. Is there a way of setting up default text font and size throughout,  so the product template remains the same throughout each product? I find the description page to be a bit of a pain to manage as it always messes up, so I always have to clean up and edit in HTML.

  5. Mine looks different.

                                if($("#val_cat_id").length) {
                                    cat_id = $("div#val_cat_id").text();
                                    d.unique = true;
                                a.getJSON(d.script, {
                                    _g: "xml",
                                    type: "files",
                                    q: "list",
                                    dir: g,
                                    group: d.group,
                                    product_id: product_id,
                                    cat_id: cat_id
                                }, function(j) {
                                    var i = document.createElement("ul");


  6. I've looked in phpMyAdmin for the last product I duplicated and there are three items with the same product ID number (51). Only one of these has "main_image" = 1

    When I click on this item, I see:

    id    int(10) unsigned / Value 177
    product_id    int(10) unsigned     / Value 51
    file_id    int(10) unsigned / Value 73

    main_img = 1

    I'm not sure how to view the image path?

  7. If I duplcate a product, then complete the new product's info, I'm left with the original product image, even though it's not linked in the image settings. I've tried clearing the cache and image cache, but the "included" images are still displaying. Any suggestions?

    ps: I've just upgraded to 6.1.13. How do I edit my signature?

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