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  1. ahh ok i didnt know that thank you would you able to supply the settings for subtotal £50.00 + = service
  2. my module is done per wieght and it wouldnt be fair to set a certain amount on wieght to = a large amount when customers only want 1 heavy item non tracked
  3. please may you show me the setting for this please thanks
  4. thank you for your help all this time i never released when you click the country flag that means edit content thank you
  5. hey guys i would like a mod on the following please i would like my all in one shipping module to ONLY offer tracked shipping options on orders £50.00 and over so essietally i would be a "hide standard shipping options" on orders over £50.00 as what im doing at current is just giving them a free upgrade to tracked shipping and taking a loss in price difference as im no longer wanting to take the risk on " i havnt got my item yet" scams going on with paypal etc etc please note i would only want this to be on orders £50.00 and over before shippi
  6. hey guys so the email that gets sent to my customers is only a generic " your item is on its way" email is there a way that the email to the client could include the delivery tracking number and service used i am getting a lot of customers emailing saying i have got your email about my goods on its way but can i please get the tracking information for the order please and im having to go back to the order click delivery and copy and paste the data manually and email me them manaully so in a nutshell when a person orders and
  7. correct page name " Request A Product" field 1 : name field 2 : email address field 3 : name of product person presses send subject Product Request email address same one that contact us page uses
  8. good afternoon yes there is i currently have a contact us page that is used for people to ask questions about products i have zen cart installed for people who can chat about orders in progress etc i want one page were people can request products to be added to my website that i havent added yet i want to call it request a product
  9. becuase i already use that on the contact us page and im wanting to create another page that has different fields as well as contact us page
  10. hi im wondering if you guys could provide a basic html coding name: email : comment: a form that acts the same as the contact us page
  11. ok i have upgraded my cubecart all seems working so far hello from bury st edmunds
  12. thank you for letting us know and a hello from suffolk uk x
  13. same here an update is needed i think to fix this same here
  14. good afternoon it seems that "the cart removing itself" bug is due to people registering all ghost customers go through without a problem is there a way to remove the following buttons homepage : login-register button checkout page : "I would like to create an account." option thank you until this is fixed im having to display the following on my home page which i think is putting people ordering Is Your Cart Emptying Itself? A few customers have been experiencing this issue please try the following steps to fi
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