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  1. I would like the search box to give customers the ability to do an advanced search as soon as they enter the Category of their choice. I am only concerned with the options of Part Number and Manufacturer search for them within each Category. If this is possible, can someone please help me achieve this??? Thanks in advance for all who can help.
  2. My logo, after uploading a smaller one, has become offset. I cleared the image cache. Still offset. It is a .PNG image I just need it raised upwards a little. Please help! I am using Kuruoto Blue and CC5.2.2.
  3. Thank you both very much! My questions were answered. I will finish setting up my profile and do as you suggested.
  4. Please Anyone, Help! Is there a way to change the Use Stock Level Option for ALL Products at once? Also, I do not want the OUT OF STOCK warning displayed on my products. Is there as fix for this also? I had someone updating the inventory and I did not want stock level used. I have almost 1000 products that need the Use Stock Level unchecked.
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