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  1. pmailes1

    Problem with Product Images

    Hi, How do I send you a PM?
  2. pmailes1

    Problem with Product Images

    Tried this and exactly the same. The image that is associated with the product is shown to the right of the images file. Below is the information I was referring to this morning. It would seem that when I tried to copy and paste this it was blocked by IE saying something about AxtiveX
  3. pmailes1

    Problem with Product Images

    I have received this for a person that looked at the images issue. Does not mean anything to me but does it to you? Best regards Phil
  4. pmailes1

    Problem with Product Images

    Hello, I cannot see any obvious warning banners. All the rest of the entries look similar to the screen shot I sent. Yes I am running the latest version of CubeCart. I had it upgraded form V3 to V6 at the tail end of last year. Best regards Phil
  5. pmailes1

    Problem with Product Images

    Thanks for the response. I have done a screen capture of the admin>Maintenance>Database which is below. Does not mean much to me but you may well see an issue?
  6. pmailes1

    Problem with Product Images

    Thanks for the response but I am not a code writer so I have absolutely no idea how to perform the task that you have asked me to do. I have looked at the existing error logs and have copied these below in case they may be of use identifying the problem:
  7. pmailes1

    Problem with Product Images

    I have been adding new products to my cart. Images that I added within the last two weeks have disappeared with image area displaying "No Image Available". If I try to add the images again or add a new image to any new product it appears to upload ok but it does not display on the live web page as per the attached screen grab. Any ideas whyat is going on? Thanks
  8. pmailes1

    All in One Shipping not saving

    Thanks Al. Is there a workaround to increase the max input variables?
  9. I have upgraded my cubecart V3 to V6.1.12 and have added the "All in One shipping" module. I have bee adding many shipping zines and rates and then suddenly I was not able to save any new rates. Each time I tried to save a new rate the Dashboard screen was displayed, and the new rate was not saved. I though that there might be a limit on the number of zones/rates that I can use so I tried to delete a rate, but clicking the save button produced the same result and the rate was not deleted. I have tried in Chrome and IE on 2 different PC's. Below is the screen that appears each time I click the save button. Any ideas what is going on and how to fix this?