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  1. Hi all, I have recently upgraded my site to CC5 and have been looking at the Social Plugin for Facebook. Can anyone explain how it is supposed to be set up. I can see that when enabled in CC it allows me to 'like' a product or add a comment to it but I can't work out where this information goes. When you are setting it up you are required to create a Facebook application in order to get an application ID. This is where I run out of ideas. Any help would greatly appreciated. Cheers, Peter Kool Cookie Cutters CC5
  2. Hi all, We have recently upgrade from CC3 to CC5 and have been doing some testing before going live on our new server. A problem has been found with the discount calculation for sales using a coupon. We have set up a basic coupon that offers 10% off items (excluding shipping). We have added the products that we do not want to discount. The problem is that if we add a product from the 'non discount' list it shows correctly in the basket with the full price and the subtotal is correct, but a discount amount is still calculated, displayed, and subtracted from the grand total. If you enter a sale with a discounted item then it looks good. I have attached a screenshot showing the discount problem. Hopefully, someone can help me out with this as it's the only problem stopping us from going live. TIA Peter Wallington Kool Cookie Cutters WWW.koolcookiecutters.com.au Cubecart: 5.2.2 PHP: 5.3.21 My SQL: 5.1.68 Skin: Mican Blue Mods: Show stock level on product listing
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