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  1. Hi there, Would anyone be able to help with a code for getting sub-categories to display on responsive sites? They display on the desktop site. Please see screenshots. I am using the foundation skin and would the code go in the same file mentioned above: public_html/skins/foundation/templates/content.category.php Thanks,
  2. Hi, When I enable SSL in cubecart, my store is taken offline. The error message is: www.redroseinvitations.com.au uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *.au.syrahost.com, au.syrahost.com Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN I also had this message: The website is SSL secured, but the certificate is issued to *.au.syrahost.com instead of www.redroseinvitations.com.au. Does anyone know where to change this? Thanks, Kristin
  3. I have added this code for the products and it now displays gallery images on each product. Would you know the code used in the foundation skin, that once you click on an image, you can swipe left to view the next image. This code allows each image to be clicked on but you have to go back to the previous screen to click on the next image. Does that code go in the "content.product" file? {if $GALLERY} <ul class="clearing-thumbs small-block-grid-3 medium-block-grid-5 marg-top" data-clearing> {foreach from=$GALLERY item=image} <li><a href="{$image.source}" class="th"><img src="{$image.small}" data-image-swap="{$image.medium}" data-caption="{$PRODUCT.name}{if !empty($image.description)}: {/if}{$image.description}" class="image-gallery" alt="{$LANG.catalogue.click_enlarge}"></a></li> {/foreach} </ul> {/if}
  4. I have found a code for the images to re-size to different devices (max-width:100%). I would rather keep the current skin, otherwise I would have to hire someone to re-do everything to look the same. I have had a look at the minimaliser too and it doesn't bring the 3rd party modules across - images upload and product attributes. Would you know of any code to move the navigation from the top to under the body on the homepage? There is another issue I have been struggling with and that's to add gallery images from a product on the responsive site. Would you know of a code for this too please?
  5. Thanks, I m running version 6.0.8. I have attached a screenshot my options. I am using the vanilla skin. When I change to the foundation skin, it changes the whole face of my website. Would I be able to keep the face of it, or would I then need to get someone to re-design it to look the same that as it currently does.
  6. Hello, I have images on my homepage - 350px x 700px and they will not resize on the my responsive site. Would anyone know code I can add or change to fix it. My website is: www.redroseinvitations.com.au Also, is there any way to have the navigation bar under the body on the homepage on the responsive site? Thanks.
  7. Wow, thankyou so much, that has fixed it and even added the text back on the responsive site. Thankyou!!
  8. Thanks Brian, I cant find this document. I didnt design any of this and paid people to do it all at different stages. It was all ok, then I was having hosting problems and after, my hosting provider looked at it, my shipping module disappeared, so then Al fixed it and now I have these problems, every time someone looks at something, something else disappears. I dont know much about web design, so just was wondering if I could fix these myself, so something else doesnt go wrong. Any text I add at the top of the homepage doesnt appear and I dont even know how long Ive had that problem for. The people that are paid to work on my website, put everything in different files, not in the right ones, because they later tell me they dont know cubecart. I asked Al for help and he told me I had to buy more credits, because its a new problem. I will keep trying to find this HTML. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Does anyone know how to extend the homepages background. Please go tohttp://redroseinvitations.com.au/store/ and scroll down to the bottom and you see a grey background, that comes in half way through the homepage. I would like to extend the white one, so it covers everything on the page. Thanks Kristin
  10. Thankyou for your help. I can open the document now, I think its just google chrome and windows 8, together they are a disaster. I don't have this "Format drop-down selector and choose Heading 1." I only have basic notepad. I have hired a few people to do different coding to my website and somewhere along the way, anything I add now to the content.homepage doesnt show. I asked the last person who worked on it and he said he noticed the problem was already there. I'm also confused because I added h1 and h2 tags to the contact us page and when you see the attachment, they appear after the h3 tag. These were added to the content.contact.php document in the skins/ templates folder.
  11. Hi Brian! That page wont load for me, tried to refresh it a few time. All this stuff: view-source:http://www.redroseinvitations.com.au/store/ I think you can edit the homepage in common.css file but it does not have this actual coding on it and I know you can edit part of the page in admin - cubecart, but how do I add a H1 and H2 tag?
  12. Hello, Would anyone know where to find page source information on the FTP site, where and what the file is called? I seen 2 other posts, similar to this and have checked the main.php, content.homepage.php and language files and its not in there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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