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  1. Hey Hi Dirty Butter, Pending orders is ok, may be some time user had faced problem while using card or paypal. But in my admin/backend i can also see the orders which are declined, due to wrong number entered or transaction declined. For email, we haven't set for Pending or Processing, but when a user register he/she should receive confirmation mail, it is common while doing online purchase. Thank You, Jayson Rexs
  2. Hi Dirty Butter, In the admin/backend only the confirm should be seen, but i can see the failed order, it should not. I guess in backend only the confirm order should reflect. (Attached Screenshot) I registered but i didn't received any mail and i placed a test order, for that also i didn't received any mail. Is there any problem with mail? User wont receive mail when they register or on for the confirmation of the order. Thank You, Jayson Rexs
  3. My CC Version 5.1.1 In admin every order reflects, like decline or payment not received. Is this as per Cube Cart? In admin all the order reflects. As it should be only the Original order should reflect in back end. Pleas let me know if any one is aware about it. Thank You, Jayson Rexs
  4. Why the 3rd step that is payment page is blank, it just shows amount due and says click to proceed is this cubecart format? Image attached.
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