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  1. Hey Thank you so much for your help, Here was the solution. restored to orginal copy of database, went to site download latest version of cubecart, replaced all files with the new ones, manually upgraded by going too www.examplestore.com/setup. Then I was presented with the "The includes/global.inc.php file has no value for the 'encoder' parameter. This needs to be set to 'zend' or 'ioncube'" So to fix this i tryed the diffrent options for which the $glob['encoder'] varible can be set i found these by looking at the site below http://www.phpkode.com/source/p/cubecart-lite/admin.php zend obfuscated plain ioncube For me plain did the trick. Also I had to re-enter the database details. lots of errors simple solution
  2. Thank you for the help so far. I am trying another upgrade but a few seconds after I press the upgrade button I get a blank screen. does this mean that it is upgrading or does it mean it failed part way through
  3. Hello All, I'm trying to recover a shop that someone else botched the 5.2.2 upgrade for. I only have the website files and the current database backup. I understand that there were problems with the original upgrade files and have found instructions on how to fix this, but I'm encountering some problems: 1) The posts that I've found detail files that I should download but no indication of where to get them from. 2) I am unable to backup the database using the admin panel, as it does not do anything (I assume this is because the database is out of step with the code). 3) I have manually upgraded the database as suggested, but I still get the error messages if I try to backup: Error: PCLZIP_ERR_READ_OPEN_FAIL (-2) : Unable to open archive 'backup/files_5.2.1_08Aug13-145257.zip' in wb mode 4) I then performed an automatic upgrade and I now have this error on all pages: `The includes/global.inc.php file has no value for the 'encoder' parameter. This needs to be set to 'zend' or 'ioncube'. Is there any way that I can recover this without re-entering all my data - products/purchases etc... ? Thanks
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