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  1. Hello Mike, What you can do is using a GEO Targeting script. When found US IP Address than "display your text" Or Like you say if they selected a certain country/state, than display your text.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Wouldn't that just remove the .html in the end? I want Cubecart to have the same URLS and SEO format as my current opencart. My opencart works like this: If i create a category "Flower" and i add the product "Rose" to the category flower, then my SEO URL is: www.domain.com/flower/rose What Cubecart does is: www.domain.com/rose How do i get this format: www.domain.com/category/product ? Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply. So if i am looking at this line: RewriteRule ^(.*)\.html?$ index.php?seo_path=$1 [L,QSA] Can you tell me how to edit the line in to have this result: www.domain.com/category-of-the-product/product-name-here
  4. Hello, I want to migrate all my shops to Cubecart ... why? Because i use it many years and it is f* amazing!!!! Everything is just out of the box ... other shipping carts can learn from it. Specially the clean coding and fantastic structure (just like linux hehe). BUT i have a question .... Is it possible to make SEO path like this: www.domain.com/category-of-the-product/product-name-here And of-course without the .HTML. Please tell me how to fix this. Then i will move all my opencart websites to cubecart! Thanks!!
  5. No problem! I know there is too many payment gateways and we can not have them all, but 2000Charge is a great payment gateway that supports all different kind of customers from all over the world and they also provide different payment methods from any country you select. They do not offer any module for any shopping cart, so we hired a freelancer to get it to work and we are using it more then 6 months without any problem. So if anyone is interested in it or if CC want to show to customers that they have more payment options available, then you can have this module and add it in the default setup. I like CC very much, so i want to support it so much as i can. Thanks.
  6. You should use the . instead of , So 14,30 should be 14.30 I think this will do it.
  7. Hello All, If anyone is interested i have a working 2000Charge payment gateway for Cubecart. They offer all kinds of gateways and they accept customers from all over the world. http://2000charge.com/ If CC wants you can implement it in the default installation so that members can use it.
  8. Hello All Cubecart members, I have a question ... As default Cubecart is placing a robots.txt in the root folder that disallow to index the images folder. Can someone explain why? Is it good to remove the robots.txt from the root folder of Cubecart? And do i need to have a images sitemap generator? Or will Google index them fine? Thanks for your help.
  9. Did you enable caching in the admin inside of cubecart? Also did you enable caching inside of your hosting environment like cpanel/directadmin/plesk ? If performance issues are still there, then i recommand to upgrade your hosting package or find another hoster. I also played with a lot of settings/servers and performance is very important for any webshop. I am sure the problem you are having is not Cubecart related even though you upgraded to version 5.
  10. @havenswift I would like to migrate to your servers ... please see pm
  11. @havenswift-hosting Thank you for your answers and posting. I didn't know my server was unmanaged and that caused many problems. Now i hired a freelancer for a fixed price from Canada to fix it and i was lucky it was an expert on his word. Everything is running faster then before and no downtimes anymore! However ... IF there is a problem like this before i would like to be your customer (havenswift-hosting). Please send me a nice deal you have for a dedicated hosting WITH managed support. Since you focus on cubecart ... will opencart websites run smoothly as well on your server? We have more websites and not everything is in cubecart. Thanks all for your support!
  12. I am pretty sure the problem is that i have a dedicated server and ofcourse it is unmanaged ... and i am not a linux administrator (however i am a skilled linux user, but i never worked for a hosting company or played with serious settings and stuff). I think i need someone who need to check out the dedicated server settings and set them up in the correct way. If there is someone reading this and feeling he can help me out, then please drop a message with your price to help me out. I am looking for a linux administrator with dedicated server experiences. @bsmither i will look at your solutions later ... i think the serious problem is the settings of the dedicated server in general ... after this has been fixed i can tweak up cubecart to make it better.
  13. @havenswift Are you able to do the job? Tweaking it to get it right? If so please pm me for the price. Also tell me if its possible to fix it ... if not i need to get rid of some websites. Please get back to me asap,
  14. ps: i forgot to mention i have more websites running on opencart and i must say i never had any problem with those ... so it all makes it complicated. If i turn down the cubecart websites everything is running fine ...
  15. Hello All, I have run Cubecart on my dedicated hosting for a long time now without many problems. However starting from today i have a huge problem. All my websites connected with SQL will have a problem ... saying max connections limit blabla. However ... we conacted the hosting and they changed it from max connection 25 to the limit 100. This helped for 1 hour and then it didnt work anymore ... same problem. I contacted my hosting company again and they found out the the username from one of my cubecart website is causing this problem to rerule the max connections to set as limit 10. This is causing the whole server to colapse. So after a long talk with hosting ... they same i need to talk with my "programmer" about this issue ... Can anyone help me to let cubecart optimize the cubecart site to get well with max connection usages? See attachment of the converstation i had with my hosting company. Please do not recommand me to get another hosting (yet) i already changed MANY times in MANY years and we have HUGE websites! I just want a solution to fix this ... if i am stuck in the end i will sell all websites, because after many years i am done with it and i need more rest then stressful headaches running webshops and websites. Thank you for your support and reading this. hosting.txt
  16. Glad to hear that you found the solution for you
  17. If the sites are hosted at the same hoster using wget is the fastest solution. ssh to the server that needs cubecart then run this command in your public_html directory: wget -r ftp://username:[email protected] Hostname is the website that you want to clone. Other fast solution is to login as root in your ssh if your websites are hosted on the same server and run this commando: cp -rf /home/username-of-the-website-you-want-to-clone/public_html/* /home/username-of-the-new-CC-installation/public_html/ Or rsync commando can be used as well. If you know what your doing it is easy and fast For backup the database of cubecart you can use this: Backup SQL mysqldump -u username -ppassword databasename > filename.sql Restore SQL mysql -u username -ppasword databasename < filename.sql Hope this help anyone out.
  18. 9th January 2014 the was a new Penguin update, so you might got hit ... and if you are hit before ... there where some new updates starting in summer 2013 i think it was August and October 2013 ... With some luck if you discovered where Google hit you the must you can fix this by asking SEO experts to work on your backlinks and wait for the new Google update i think its in April 2014. Sorry to hear, but goodluck with it and try to make your business SEO organic independent (i know its hard).
  19. >nvm got it working now
  20. Hello, I recently got complaints from customers that CCNOW doesn;t work. I tested and what i get is this: ERROR: 7: FP mismatch Please share latest working module for CCNOW. Thanks.
  21. @havenswift-hosting We need subdomains on our server for something ... i appreciate your own vision or "trying to help us" ... but we know what we are doing and how we need to do our work. And normally when you buy a license for a domain ... subdomain shouldnt be a problem ... so i just dont understand why it doesnt let you add subdomains out of the box. Anyway i am happy with the service to get it sort out so we can keep on moving with our own plan on SEO
  22. I created a support ticket ... we can go in full details there.
  23. I am busy setting up a very complex, but good SEO structure using multi languages, but i found out today Cubecart wouldnt allow subdomain? It says: That licence key is not valid for this domain. Allowed domain(s) are domain.com. Why not *.domain.com ? I paid for the domain right? I want to have more then 10 subdomains it means i need to pay 10 times for one license for one domain? Not really happy about this. We already own 5 cubecart license for 5 domains ... not allowing subdomains is crazy.
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