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  1. Hi, When my customers check out with the shopping cart they see te prices exlcuding Tax. I would like to show the products included tax and just a line seperate saying how much the tax is. Can this be done? I had a look arrount, but nothing made it show that way. Kind Regards,
  2. Hello, I have both options for my customer and automatically 'store collection' is above 'by weight'. I would like to see 'by Weight' above 'store collection' but I cannot set a priority. Is there another way to solve this? Kind regards.
  3. Hello bsmither, Thanks for the reply, so if i understand correctly, when the database server is not being overwhelmed anymore than it will fix itself? Can I undo a backup?
  4. I suddenly get this error. I tried to read about it, but I cannot find out where to go for the table and how to fix it. I tried to put a backup in place but that made it even worse. I am not that technical that I can fix a thing like this without step by step guidance. I did not upgrade recently. I did made some changes to products etc. Please Help :,(
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