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  1. Hello bsmither, Thanks for the reply, so if i understand correctly, when the database server is not being overwhelmed anymore than it will fix itself? Can I undo a backup?
  2. I suddenly get this error. I tried to read about it, but I cannot find out where to go for the table and how to fix it. I tried to put a backup in place but that made it even worse. I am not that technical that I can fix a thing like this without step by step guidance. I did not upgrade recently. I did made some changes to products etc. Please Help :,(
  3. CIMS

    Product options

    Ok. Thanks for your help!
  4. CIMS

    Product options

    That is great, thank you for your always so clear answers!. I understand it now. It does not seem to work if I assign an option set. It does not let me thick option matrix, correct? If I add them manualy then is does work. Or am I missing something?
  5. Hi, I would like to add a product option for colour and size. So far so good. I managed that. However I would like to restrict it. So for the 4mm I only have these colours and for the 2mm I only have other colours. Is such a thing possible without needing to create a whole different product page? Thanks in advance. Netty