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  1. Both Manage Extensions and Languages show English (UK) as the only option. That's the one I edited, but it still isn't working... any further ideas??
  2. I edited "English (UK)" as that was the only language option (the store is based in the UK). However, when I enabled debugging and checked the storefront, it does list the language as "En-US". The new checkout message doesn't seem to be appearing for anyone, anywhere (we've checked with users in a number of countries, including the UK.) Is there a way to edit a language if it isn't listed? Or could something else be going on? Thanks for all your help, very appreciated!
  3. I found the 'none_defined' option and changed the phrase, but I'm still getting the old message upon checkout. I've cleared the cache and tried a different browser; same thing... any idea what is going on? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi there — I'm using CC in perhaps a slightly unusual way; we don't accept payments through CC, rather we contact the customer after they order with instructions for paying via PayPal. Before upgrading to 6.1.9, when a customer placed an order, a confirmation page on the site would display, with a custom message saying that their order was received and they would be receiving payment instructions by email. That message no longer displays; it's replaced with a standard/stock "no payment method has been defined" message (which is how the site intentionally works, not a problem in itself). Where can I find the option to edit that message, and replace it with custom text?
  5. I found the phrase group following your instructions, and "confirm_page" just has "Confirmation Page" entered in the box — do I enter the text there that I want to appear on the confirmation page? Or should I see the "condition" phrase in there somewhere? I'm still getting the "no payment methods" message upon checkout, after clicking the final "checkout" button — any way to remove that and replace it with my own custom phrase? (Customers pay separately via Paypal, not through CC.) I'll try creating the error log as you suggest, but I don't see anything in the error log via Admin panel, other than the same MySQL database error... doesn't seem to be related to order processing(?)
  6. Ah, I see where the "Condition" option is showing up — I was looking at the front end. Thanks, will investigate the language settings. Orders stay on "Pending," and do not advance to "Processing" as they did before the upgrade. Is this an error in CubeCart? I ran across a few mentions on the forums of similar problems with Paypal (which we're not using) and something about a server timing out, but I'm not clear on what would be causing it in this case. Any insight appreciated!
  7. Thanks! I'm checking on the customer email (pending/processing) question now. Can I change a setting so that orders go directly to "processing," as before? I don't see "condition" in the drop-down (so maybe it doesn't display/work if that is already a reserved keyword?) ...I didn't build the store, so I don't know how it was set up, unfortunately. Removing "condition" as a search option is totally fine, if that would fix the problem. One more question — before this upgrade, after a customer placed an order, a confirmation page would display with a custom message saying that their order was received and they would be receiving payment instructions via paypal. That message no longer displays; it's replaced with a standard/stock "no payment method has been defined" message (which is how the site intentionally works, not a problem in itself) — where can I find the option to edit that message?
  8. Ah, one step closer! The orders now say "Pending" when placed, whereas before they said "Processing." I'm including a screenshot of the Store Settings — is that where I would change that? Re: the "order by condition" issue — I don't quite understand; what do I need to do to fix that? Thanks again for your help!
  9. No sign of the customer emails in the admin email log, just the emails to the store admin when an order is made. There's no trace of the "Order Confirmation" emails that used to be sent, although there have been 8 orders placed since the upgrade. A notification email goes to the admin, as before, but none to the customer. The error log lists the following multiple times: File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [1866] "SELECT I.* FROM cc_CubeCart_inventory AS I LEFT JOIN (SELECT product_id, MAX(price) as price, MAX(sale_price) as sale_price FROM cc_CubeCart_pricing_group WHERE group_id = 0 GROUP BY product_id) as G ON G.product_id = I.product_id WHERE I.product_id IN (SELECT product_id FROM `cc_CubeCart_category_index` as CI INNER JOIN cc_CubeCart_category as C where CI.cat_id = C.cat_id AND C.status = 1) AND I.status = 1 AND (I.name RLIKE '[[:<:]]toads[[:>:]]' OR I.description RLIKE '[[:<:]]toads[[:>:]]' OR I.product_code RLIKE '[[:<:]]toads[[:>:]]') ORDER BY condition ASC LIMIT 12 OFFSET 0 " - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'condition ASC LIMIT 12 OFFSET 0' at line 1 Thank you for your assistance, very much appreciated!
  10. No customer order confirmation emails have gone out since the upgrade, according to the log. I don't know, though, whether it is a setting that changed and disabled the emails, or if there's another reason they no longer send. Thanks!
  11. Hi there — I upgraded to 6.1.9 recently (heyday-mo.com/catalog), and the order confirmation email that goes to a customer is now disabled. Is there a setting somewhere that I have to change to turn this back on? I've looked and cannot find one. The template is still there under the "Email Contents" tab.
  12. I uploaded the new CC files again via FTP, and it seems to have fixed the admin cache / inability to edit issue. Hard resetting the browser cache didn't work, on multiple computers and browsers. The image issue is a new one this time, so I'm wondering where that might have come from. I do have a backup of the files and database. I didn't customise the skin; it was in place when I came on board, so I don't know how it was done. I'm less attached to keeping it, more concerned about getting the site up and functioning correctly!
  13. I re-ran the upgrade, and now the items listed no longer display images. (http://www.heyday-mo.com/catalog/) I can now edit product descriptions, but what can I do to fix the image display issue? When uploading the folder "Includes," I received the following error message: Could not delete “extra” - Server said: Can't remove directory: Directory not empty Error -126: remote rmdir failed Any help very appreciated!
  14. Hi Al — to clarify — would this have been a step when the skin was created, or for this upgrade?
  15. Is that a browser refresh, or something via Cubecart? (It displays the same in any browser on any computer currently.) Upgraded from 6.1.8.