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  1. Yes, same error — I just uploaded an image and got 3 more instances of the same error in the log.
  2. Ah, so it was the file type! What is the best way to fix it? Will deleting the product listing be sufficient to take care of the issue? (Update — I deleted the problem item, but the image problem remains; images still don't appear after uploading)
  3. All I'm seeing in the error log is [Exception] /home1/heydaymo/public_html/catalog/classes/gd.class.php:118 - Call to undefined function imagecreatefromwebp() Does that help?
  4. Hi there — my client is having an issue with his store (www.heyday-mo.com); here's his description of what happened: The image was apparently just a jpeg, so I don't see how that could have caused such an issue... products can still be added, but the images don't display. Any ideas? The site is using 6.2.9; the Cubecart install was up to date at the tine of the issue and has not been updated since.
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