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  1. Many thanks to Ian for setting up Zopim on our website, a swift and professional service as ever. Zopim looks a bit more comprehensive than Olark and I'm looking forward to the launch of the new analytics dashboard.
  2. You need to get over here and get some practise in!!x
  3. Many thanks for your replies guys. The gz file didn't work for me - google didn't recognise it and I couldn't see any site map submitted by Cubecart. I've now gone with a solution provided by our hosting company (Havenswift Hosting) who will install a program by xml-sitemaps.com which will give us a map for the site, as well as one for images and eventually news (when we get a blog). The software is configured to run automatically by cron and will ping the major search engines each time a new sitemap file is available (once a week is the usual setting). Will also need to configure the robot.txt file to direct search engines to the correct sitemaps. Once I've submitted the first set of maps, I won't have to rebuild, or worry about it again! £20/year to maintain. List....tick! And perhaps finally, Google et al, will get to know us properly!!!
  4. Haha - its a very British thing! But it has been known to take place in America as well!! Yes, I was really pleased with how the slider worked out! I've put favicon on my list & will see if I can highlight the quote in some way! Many thanks for looking & for your input. Appreciated. Iona x
  5. Also, when you say "CubeCart will automatically tell Google where it is" - do you know the average time for this to happen? I've just deleted an old site map from my Google Webmaster Tools account. There's no other site map in there, despite rebuilding the sitemap several times during the building of the site, and twice now since going live. But only went live last Friday! Just not sure how long it is supposed to take. Would I even see it in Webmaster Tools? I really need Google to understand us better!!!!(LOL)!!! - for years the spiders have been looking at our quiz questions (as our quiz files were not previously placed in a secure area above publi-html.) When I look at Google Index - Content Keywords, I get "film, name, word, car, dead" and so it goes on - complete nonsense! Despite having crawled our new site, these are still all listed. Any help will be much appreciated. Iona Iona
  6. (And thanks for takling a look!) Just getting it found now! I'm currently over whelmed by SEO info!!!
  7. I've read elsewhere on this forum that the sitemap created by cubecart isn't that great. It doesn't include images, video & news. So, would it be better to create one using external software? And if so, any recommendations of which one? The downside I suppose is that you'd need to create and submit a new sitemap every time you changed/added content to the site. So, going back to my cubecart sitemap, I've found it in mydomain/public_html/sitemap.xml.gz - so is this the address I need to submit? Or do I need to "extract" the file as read elsewhere? Many thanks, Iona
  8. Hi, I'm not really showing off - just following the advice on the forum to post new sites here! Please take a look and feel free to fire over any feedback - it would be much appreciated! I've yet to create a Wordpress site to go with my cubecart site - but this has got us started. www.quizexpress.co.uk Cheers for now, Iona BTW, I can't see where to "add my store" in the link at the top of this forum section!!?? Where it says: Don't forget to add your store to our live stores section!
  9. Hi bsmither I am trying to do similar. I'd like to be able to choose which product gets featured and alter this every few weeks. From the snippet above, where are you specifying which product to feature? Many thanks Iona
  10. Thanks for getting back. OK - so since this conversation, we can now use your code? You did check - above in this conversation. Makes complete sense with the security thing - but how do you log in as your customer otherwise? Or should I just not be thinking of this now if we can use your code and do it all from the admin?
  11. Ahh, I think I've got it now! I "can" use CC (as it is) to create orders by digital download, but only by posing as the customer in the front end, adding the digital product to the basket & proceeding to checkout, then going into back-end admin and moving the order to processing. I "can't" do it "all" from the back-end because (as I've just re-tested) CC doesn't follow through with all 3 emails - and only sends the order confirmation email. And the code you've written fixes this? A few questions then, if I can; Sticking to as is: How do I see the customer's login password to pose as them in the front end? Under customer-edit customer, I can only see blank fields to change a password. If this is seen as a bug fix: Do bug fixes just get added to the code - a bit like when there are new updates for software on your computer/phone etc - or is it something that gets done on a new version? And how do we know if and when it happens! Just to say at this point as well - Many thanks to this forum. I don't think I would have had the guts to go it alone otherwise!
  12. Hi again We did have a developer building our site but he was soooo slow and had turned off so much functionality in the back end, that we started over, bought another CC licence, and glad to say, we're finally nearly ready to go live! I'm going to test the admin created orders process again and will let you know how I get on. I know you wrote some code too bsmither to help with this but I didn't really understand it or why it was needed, nor would I be able to implement it (but might be able to get help with this.) Also, Al of CC was going to test it I think. You don't know how he got on do you? Kind regards Iona Oops - replied without realising there was a page 2 here! Will re-read your review above.
  13. Hi When I upload digital files into "Download" it appears they are not in a secure area but can be accessed without the need to purchase. From the forum I've realised my downloads need to be stored above the public "path" - I think anyway! Could someone let me know how to achieve this!! Many thanks, Iona
  14. Thank you sooo much (once again). I worked out its: my_custom_web_address/find-out-more-about-our-products.html Also, that you need to "tick" to activate the page otherwise it won't show and have you scratching your head some more!! Ionax
  15. OK, so for instance, my "Help" page. I've set up a document called "Help" and have set it to show on the homepage (I don't have a CC menu at the top, so this appears in the footer alongside T&C etc) I've set up other documents called, "Find out more about our products" & "How do I open my files" and hidden them from the store front. Back in my "Help" page, I've listed all my help topics including the two above. I would then highlight the text for "Find out more about our products" and link to: my_custom_webaddress:/Find out more about our products.html/my_custom_webaddress.html Will give that a go! For what I need, (Just help pages & free content pages) I think CC will be fine and I don't really need the headache of Joomla.
  16. Thank you. So, if I create a document and keep it hidden (by NOT showing on storefront) where can I find the link? Or the URL to that document? And also, what is the URL box for in the "General" tab when you create a document? Thank you for your time on this.
  17. Hello I am setting up a site using cubecart. I would like to add a video to the homepage, plus a revolving testimonials section and a mailchimp sign up form. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Also, can I use CC as my entire site? Can I add additional "pages" in documents and link to these from the homepage, via an image for instance? And if so, how do I do it?!! I should say, I have a web developer working on the site (very, very slowly!) and he is advising I use Joomla to create these additional pages. They are pages containing free documentation to print off, and straight forward help pages (FAQ, How To, Find out more etc). There are already images on the homepage for the free content - but this currently links to Joomla. The reason I am asking is because I am finding Joomla a nightmare to use! I think the latter is party because the developer has modified it in some way, making all the online lessons I took pointless! I think it has something to do with the menus. In CC I have my products in a menu on the left and the developer has installed another menu at the top - Homepage / Free content / Shop / Help / Login/out / Contact. Home & Shop are the CC hompage. And Login/Contact are also linking to within CC (and are present in the CC layout - so there's two links to each on the hompage which isn't neccessary albeit not a major problem). So it just leaves Free Content & Help. I just wonder if there's a way to create these documents in cubecart as it seems daft to have to operate 2 sets of software. If I add in a product category for instance in CC, I have to go to Joomla and add it to the "cubecart menu" there. The developer says it is necessary because CC is not a Content Management system. Any help and advice would be appreciated. Iona
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