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  1. Thank you for your reply. Example pages are : Category looks fine : http://www.bcsoftwear.eu/towelsoft/shop-by-occasion.html Sub Category looks fine : http://www.bcsoftwear.eu/towelsoft/new-baby.html Product Page : http://www.bcsoftwear.eu/towelsoft/bathrobes/children-s-bathrobes/supersoft-fleecy-children-s-bathrobes-p330-p331-p332.html
  2. CuebCart 5 We have a site that is working fine in terms of navigation and design. However when we turn on the "Enable SEO URLs" the design on the category and product page doesn't format correctly. Can anyone help ?
  3. CubeCart Version 5 We have setup the ability to sell gift vouchers but there doesn't appear to be a product listed on the front end. We have search for the "Product Code", as defined in the setup, but not found. So the question is .... is there a defaulty URL of the product ? For example l know in version 4 it was something like http://www.DOMAIN.co.uk/index.php?_a=giftCert
  4. Thanks for the reply the forum post was '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>.
  5. We have just signed a client up to TrustPilot and we need to CC the email confirmation to a specific email address. Having looked on the forum we have amended the order.php in case 2 to add the email address but it's still not working. Can anybody help or suggest ? We are using version 5 for your info.
  6. We are looking for a module or similar that allows us to volume discount by product option. For example the main product is a t-shirt at £10.00. If you order Red its £12.50, but if you order 10 red then then would be £11.00. These discounts would not effect the main product only the option. Any help would be much appreciated.
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