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  1. Hey Folks, This post is slightly irrelevant but let me post it anyway. With CubeCart 5 or 6 which point of sale or inventory tracking software do you use in your shop? If you aren't using anything how many of you would be interested to use a point of sale system that is integrated with your cubecart store. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Annie, You can try CubeCart 5 shopping list & reorder plugin which works fine with PayPal & other payment gateways. Hope it helps Regards,
  3. South Africa (ZA) was blocked so our hosting guy cleared it and restarted the firewall. Can you please check now.
  4. I have sent you a personal message. Lets communicate their
  5. Hi Compoundsquid, We are not sure why you are not able to access our website however if you still need any help with CC mods please send me a personal message here. Regards,
  6. We have also developed a CC5 add to basket notification mod that shows a pop up window every time customer add an item to shopping basket. You can check it out on www.revolutionrc.com.au If you would like to use this mod please get in touch.
  7. Hi Tim, Are you looking for something like this: http://www.modsindex.com/demo/bcmobile/pink/new-arrival-color-matching-and-suede-design-pumps-for-women.html Where a customer can select product option from colored boxes and you can also map an image against each product option. Let me know if you are looking for something similar so we can help you accordingly. Regards,
  8. You can export products from amazon in a csv file and then you can import them in CubeCart 5 via our Bulk Product Uploader Module
  9. I will arrange this for you next week as I am away on holidays ATM :)
  10. Thanks for your message. Multiple product attributes i.e. size, color etc can be added to order grid via our module. It also works with default CubeCart stock combination.
  11. Hi Ian, We have already developed order grid CubeCart 5 plugin. You can see the demo here: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0b32zbxnb0 For further information please get in touch.
  12. Hi, Both reference websites are using our CubeCart 5 mega dropdown menu mod
  13. You can also checkout our CC5 theme that is available in pink, purple, green and blue color. More information is available here: http://modsindex.com/cubecart-skins/cubecart-5/bc-mobile-premium-cubecart-5-theme/prod_11.html
  14. Hi there, We are pleased to offer our services for the requirements posted above. Please see personal message for details. Best Regards,
  15. Hi Dan, You can use our CC5 skin that is available in green, blue, purple and pink color. More information is available here:http://modsindex.com/cubecart-skins/cubecart-5/bc-mobile-premium-cubecart-5-theme/prod_11.html
  16. Have you tried built in All in one shipping mod?
  17. You just need to purchase CubeCart license Pro key and enter it in store setting under advanced tab You can purchase it from this link: https://cp.cubecart.com
  18. You can use our Suggestive Search module for CC5 that will improve store quick search results by considering certain parameters such as product name, code, description, option attribute, category name & category description.
  19. We can develop this feature for you. For pricing please get in touch
  20. This is not a default feature available in CubeCart however you can use PayPal Subscription & Recurring Billing Feature In case you need to add this feature in your CubeCart store contact us for a custom quote
  21. Hi, We have now uploaded CC5 news mod on our website and you can read more about it here If you have any further question please don't hesitate to email us.
  22. We have developed CubeCart 5 News mod & you can see the demo here: demo link For pricing or other details please get in touch with us.
  23. Hi there, We are pleased to offer our services for the job posted above. Please see personal message for details. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards,
  24. Hi there, We are pleased to offer our services for the above stated requirements. Please see personal message for details. Best Regards,
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