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  1. mobisat

    Is the Cubecart Support Plan page broken?

    PM sent, many thanks.
  2. I have been trying to take out a subscription on the Cubecart Support plan page for what seems like the past hour. I enter all the details and click subscribe now, the page refreshes and takes me back to the enter my details. If I go into invoices etc. nothing is registered? I have tried with Firefox and Edge, rebooted pc and router, still the same Any ideas
  3. mobisat

    New Cube Cart Site: LlamaTronics

    What is the current skin?
  4. Well so far I am far from impressed with Paypal powered by Braintree. I applied and was accepted on the 7th of December, tried to process some test transactions and they all failed. Contacted their support and Paypal said that there were no transactions being sent to them the fault is with Cubecart not sending them info. Took out a support last night with Cubecart @Al Brookbanks told me that the problem lies with Braintree as they haven't completed the application. I find this shocking that it is over 2 weeks to get a merchant account tied to my Cubecart. I wish I'd stuck with Paypal API as that worked almost immediately when I had my original site. Rant over
  5. I have phoned Paypal today and they say that none of the test payments are being sent to them and they have checked my merchant settings and say that it is all set up correctly so the issue may in fact lie with Cubecart.
  6. I have set it all up and all looks fine, I have my merchant ID (that I have greyed out), however when I try to make a test purchase I get the following error?
  7. I found zip in the Cpanel, installed it and the extension installed straight away. Thanks for your help bsmither
  8. [07-Dec-2017 20:39:11 Europe/London] PHP Fatal error: Class 'ZipArchive' not found in /home/public_html/mysite.com/admin_name/sources/plugins.index.inc.php on line 79 I seem to be missing ziparchive, where do I get that from?
  9. I have kept my old SQL database (6.1.12) and restored it onto a fresh install of 6.1.13. Everything looks fine, however when I went to install Paypal Powered by Braintree, I get my token and when I put this into the Manage Extensions to install it I am confronted with a blank screen http://mywebsite_dot_com/admin_name.php?_g=plugins Any idea why this happens and the extension is not installed?