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  1. I have set it all up and all looks fine, I have my merchant ID (that I have greyed out), however when I try to make a test purchase I get the following error?
  2. I found zip in the Cpanel, installed it and the extension installed straight away. Thanks for your help bsmither
  3. [07-Dec-2017 20:39:11 Europe/London] PHP Fatal error: Class 'ZipArchive' not found in /home/public_html/ on line 79 I seem to be missing ziparchive, where do I get that from?
  4. I have kept my old SQL database (6.1.12) and restored it onto a fresh install of 6.1.13. Everything looks fine, however when I went to install Paypal Powered by Braintree, I get my token and when I put this into the Manage Extensions to install it I am confronted with a blank screen http://mywebsite_dot_com/admin_name.php?_g=plugins Any idea why this happens and the extension is not installed?
  5. I ended up leaving my host as their storage was still to high. I moved to @havenswift-hosting and I am now working again with a SSL certificate. Thanks for all your help bsmither.
  6. Database server info attached. I have been using Cubecart since version 3 or 4 with updates along the way so not sure if that accounts for the extra tables? I'll ask for the database server log to be turned on if isn't already.
  7. OK, looks like we are getting somewhere. I used this one host=localhost Ran the script and it returned the following There are 78 tables. I'm presuming that means that the database can be accessed and the username and password are correct?
  8. Also It won't let me log into the admin panel and my storefront has changed to the attached.
  9. I've tried using both 6.0.12 and 6.1.1 and both do exactly the same thing. Database check says OK no errors. Does it look like accessing the database is the issue, is there something I can run to check it? Is there something that can send simple queries to it to prove access to read/write?
  10. I've checked the first dozen and they are are listed in the columns so I presume the rest are as well
  11. The database name referred to in /includes/ is correct I've just checked it.
  12. I was upgrading from 6.0.12 to 6.1.1 and all was going fine until for some reason something went wrong and the installation failed to complete properly. My admin folder was renamed to admin_Zc5U2F and also my admin.php was changed to admin_6gvxG5.php I have changed these back to admin and manually FTPd the 6.1.1 files across. When I try to do the upgrade the system seems to think my CubeCart is version 3.0.20 and just sits there at 80% for hours on end and seems to do nothing. I have attached the error log and obviously I changed my url to I hope this is easy to fix? error_log.txt