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  1. Hi, I'm looking at showing 8 Latest Products (known as Featured Products on my site) on the homepage but I want to have many more checked in admin as a featured product, then allow the database to pick these out and display random, so for instance if the user was to refresh the page another random set would appear (I do understand that the new set may also still on occasions pick the same ones, depending on the amount of products set to be featured!) There is a forum article back from 2006: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> which I think now the templates have changed is outdated. Thanks Geoff
  2. Hi Brian, The website that has been created is a mile away from the skins of the cubecart ones supplied. As the homepage has a bespoke design I have stripped the skin, moved sections around ect. To start with, on the homepage we are not using the left hand column (sidebar as it's referred to) and this is only being used at one stage of the users journey, that is when they look at a category, for instance Women's Fragrances. If you look at the demo store under the header you have a left column which to start with has Shop By Category. We are only wanting to show this column on category page where we then list sub categories. As said before this can look a little bare so the clients wants a way to add content, be it images, testimonials ect under the sub cats content. Yes it's only a narrow space but a usable one too. Hope this makes sense. If you need to see the site to visualise it let me know.
  3. Hi Brian, Right, I've done that and the site is no longer breaking so that's good. The ID was 10 so included that and called it again in the content.category.php template and nothing. Pulling in the content from that document does work though as I slipped the same call {$GOOD_INFO} into the main.php and it did display, so like you said its getting it to display in the category template! Geoff
  4. Hi Brian, I have had a good go at this and have broken the site when complete, here is what I have done so far: Created the CSS Created a file called box.good_info.php and used your code supplied My template has been altered somewhat so the sidebar in question is within a content.category.php template, there I have added {$GOOD_INFO} Added $this->_displayGoodInfo(); to the gui.class.php template Added: if (($doc_content = $GLOBALS['cubecart']->getDocument(99)) !== false) { $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('good_info', array( 'title' => $doc_content['doc_name'], 'contents' => $doc_content['doc_content'], )); $content = $GLOBALS['smarty']->fetch('templates/box.good_info.php'); $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('GOOD_INFO', $content); } further down. Although I was a little unsure of where this was to actually go i think I found the place BUT this being in the wrong place may be the issue, its after line 754 after the display document content function and the display language function! I have created a Document in the admin called 'good info' too and cleared the site cache. Any further help appreciated. Thanks Geoff
  5. Hi Brian, First ever project with CubeCart so never created a sidebox yet no. Thanks Geoff
  6. Hi, My client feels her left sidebar is a little bare and wants to be able to include quotes, images or just general text when the user is in a category template page. Is there a way of creating a document (say called Sidebar) and having the contents of that document show in my sidebar column on a category template? Thanks Geoff
  7. Hi Brian, I had version 5.2.7 running so have just updated to 5.2.8 Can't help but panic when I update these things in-case something breaks that worked previously! With regard to this that you said: keep in mind that this then becomes fixed and prevents showing any additional shipping methods Will this stop me having the FREE DELIVERY on orders over £100.00? Geoff
  8. Hi, I have 2 shipping methods, 1 Flat rate method, and 1 for orders over £100.00. At the moment the shipping method select box is being a little annoying as a buyer. What I would really like is for the select box to be gone and to have something that says 'All orders under £100.00 standard delivery charge' then as currently it is the £3.99 charge is shown. At the moment you have to choose this method even though its the only one and even after its chosen it isnt remembered so you have to do it again after getting a warning message and click Update too, such a pain. Asside from this I would like to also display 'FREE DELIVERY' with the charge of £0.00 being shown for orders over £100, at the moment I'm getting the included images as the view of this selection box and it looks messy and unprofessional. Please help.
  9. Hi, Just wondering how I can get the email text subject to say what I want, at the moment when I get an email telling me an order has been placed it says (unknown sender) as the subject. Thanks Geoff
  10. sorry yes the URL's do return as .html prefix. Is there a remote chance you'd be willing to have a look if I create you access? Apologies for asking I'm just at my whits end with this project.
  11. Yes there is only one record type of 'contact', as I said though, now the site wont find any documents or categories or products, the URL's are right, such as if I click terms and conditions the url is /terms-and-conditions which previously would show the document and content, now it just returns the homepage! It all very messed up. I think I did not only clear the cache, but also clear the SQL cache and also rebuild the sitemap...all in desperation though.
  12. ahhaaahhh you of course Sir are right. Sometimes I can be so silly. So after scrolling through I do fine the Cubecart_seo_path and locate the the one with a type of contact and the url is showing as contact-us-c Should I edit this to be: contact-us ? Even if I do this, no matter what I click now it just stays on the homepage, the url's change but the homepage is only ever displayed. Geoff
  13. Hi Brian, OK looking at the DB there is not table for Cubecart_seo_path, after the geo_zone table there is nothing else going further down the alphabet.
  14. Hi Brian, Gave this a try and still cannot get the contact-us document to show, now all the links to my actual documents (pages) are not working, they just go to homepage, even after I enable SEO friendly URL's again
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