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  1. Hello once again. My experimentation continues, and I'm back with a fresh round of questions. This particular one concerns the CSS surrounding the main navigation, particularly, the sub-categories that appear when you hover over a main navigation title. I have the main navigation menu formatted nicely to change the background colour on hover, which works great for the main menu titles, however, I'm struggling to find a way to edit the navigation so that the sub-categories behave in the same manner. I've looked at documents like element.navigation_tree.php and box.navigation.php along with the #menu CSS found in common.css but I just cannot find a way. Would anyone care to offer me a nudge in the right direction? Apologies, I have found the solution to this problem, and it was staring me right in the face. I'm not sure how to delete posts, so I thought I would just update.
  2. Thank you for this. I was commenting that line out, but because of the cache it wasn't updating the site straight away, leading me to believe that I was doing something wrong. Cheers.
  3. Brilliant, that has sorted, thank you bsmither! On a side note, you wouldn't happen to know what code I need to look at to remove the 'homepage' title from the main left navigation? Thanks in advance for your response.
  4. Greetings, I am fairly new to templating with CubeCart and I have been experimenting these last few months, basically going through, trial by error (Its the best way I learn). I have come across an error I must have made and not initially noticed and now I cannot figure out where that error lies or how to fix it. Basically, in the site documents (t&c's, privacy etc) menu the homepage title keeps repeating (see picture) ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > I know where the problem stems from, as I remember last week trying to find a way to remove the 'homepage' title from the main menu. Anyhow, I'm hoping that the solution is an easy one and that I'm too much of a noob to notice. I thank you all in advance for any help. Cheers, Christian. ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >
  5. Hi guys, Sorry I haven't given an update in a while - I have been working on another project. Whilst technically I don't understand the issue, I have a feeling that it was the following events which caused the problem - The first time I set-up CubeCart Lite on the server I forgot the admin password (I got pulled on to doing something else) - So I re-installed CubeCart Lite again over the top, using the same database. I can only assume that this is what has caused the problem. I am going to erase the database and create a new one and start again, hopefully that will solve the issue. Thank you for all the feedback though - This is my first foray into E-commerce, I've always tried to avoid it because it looks amazingly complex. I'm sure I will be frequenting these forums often asking all manner of *n00b* questions :-) Kind regards, Starchini
  6. Greetings, I do apologise if this topic has been discussed before, however I have not managed to find it, so far, on this forum. I'm very new to the world of Cubecart and I decided to install Cubecart lite to have a play around with the features and see if it is the eCommerce package for me. I have successfully installed Cubecart to my domain however whenever I try to look at all the different settings and preferences I get the page "You have exceeded the maximum amount of customers/orders/administrators to continue using CubeCart Lite". I don't understand how this is possible because I have not even added any orders, let alone any customers or administrators. I am using CubeCart-5.2.5 and I hope there is a simple answer - other than that I will just have to install the cart and hope that the problem doesn't reoccur. Thank you in advance for any comment,s
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