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  1. rusticc3

    transferring Hosting

    If I install v6 onto the new hosting server a) will it use my existing sql database and can I then add upload existing image folder etc to v6? I am just a bit worried about getting the domain name redirected before I know the new system will work.
  2. rusticc3

    transferring Hosting

    Yes still on v5
  3. rusticc3

    transferring Hosting

    I am with Justhosts and I want to change hosting to fasthosts. I have copied all the files via FTP to the new hosting server and I have uploaded my CC mysql database as well. I have changed the includes/global.inc file to reflect the new ip address, but I cannot find the HTACCESS file in the root directory that may need changing. Fasthost tech say the configuration file need changing but what to and where?