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  1. This should work in the meantime if anyone wants to give it a try. If you want a global sale but leave already discounted items as they are just run the following queries (No need to put store into global sale mode but set to Per-Product and assumes a 10% discount is required but this can be changed by altering the SET `sale_price` = `price` * 0.9 section) ALTER TABLE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` ADD `sale_price2` decimal(16,2) DEFAULT '0.00' COMMENT 'Sale Price2'; UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` SET `sale_price2` = `sale_price`; UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` SET `sale_price` = `price` * 0.9 WHERE `sale_price` = 0; RUN AFTER END OF SALE to reset UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` SET `sale_price` = `sale_price2`; ALTER TABLE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` DROP `sale_price2`; Best tried on a backup to test first.
  2. Did you ever resolve this?
  3. Try adding YOUR REQUIRED TEXT as follows in skins/yourskin/templates/content.gateway.php <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 columns">YOUR REQUIRED TEXT <ul class="no-bullet center" id="gateway_error"> {foreach from=$GATEWAYS item=gateway}
  4. Just for information futher to this. I have one item Price 10.00 with Sale Price of 6.99. If you then set the store to Global Sales mode say 10% then the sale price becomes 9.00 and not 6.99 so something to watch out for, This can be a problem for some store owners and has been covered in the forum previously but don't think a solution was found.
  5. Ive just added a Sale Item category to a clean install and then put the store in Sales mode. I now have two Sale Items links on the menu. Cubecart will name a duplicate category with a C and the number of the category in my case sale-items-c2.html. Maybe the easiest way to solve this is to delete the Sale Items category altogether,
  6. Replaced all our drives in desktops and laptops with SSD. The difference in performance even from an old laptop is amazing.
  7. If you have removed the tick from the Visible checkbox on the Sales Category it shouldn't be showing. If the option is definately unticked you could try clearing the cache in maintenance. Failing that it might be skin issue.
  8. Have you got a Sale Items category? If so switch that off.
  9. Have a look in admin/documents to see if you have a sale items document listed if so switch it off. Looks like you have created your own sales items page. When you put the shop in sales mode it generates its own.
  10. Have you checked the image file count in the main directory to check that they have all been copied over? On a product where the image doesn't show then check to se if the image is in the folder if not then it hasn't been copied over. As long as the file exists in the source folder and the filepath is set to NULL then it should be visible.
  11. It appears to be a search engine bot. http://webmeup-crawler.com/
  12. You can do this reasonably quickly in cPanel filemanager by selecting all the files and then moving all at once, no need to do them one at a time.
  13. If you have run the query and moved all your image files into the images/source folder from their subfolders then it should work OK. I've tried it and works no problem. Maybe clearing the image cache might be worth doing as well.
  14. The file associationis are in the images_index table the filemanager table just tells cubecart where to look for the file. Probably best to test it though on a backup so you can see that it works.
  15. UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_filemanager` SET `filepath` = NULL
  16. In cPanel installatron there is a V2 version which I have just tried to install but without success. I ran V3 for many years and this was very stable so was reluctant to change to V6. However things move on and V6 is a much more modern platform suitable for use on modern day devices such as mobile phones and tablets,V3 does not look good on them. Maybe give it a go it's FREE and the support on here probably already covers any issues you come accross. If not just ask for help.
  17. If you want to start from scratch you could move all your image files from their folders into the main image folder (you can do this in filemanager moving the whole folder contents at once or ftp them) and then reset the filepath in the filemanager table by running an appropriate query. You could then set up your new folders as you require.
  18. Try this {if isset($TAXES)} <select name="tax_type" id="tax_type" class="textbox"> <option value="">{$LANG.common.please_select} &hellip;</option> {foreach from=$TAXES item=tax}<option value="{$tax.id}"{$tax.selected}>{$tax.tax_name}</option>{/foreach} <option selected="selected" value="1">Standard Tax</option> </select> Make sure value="1" is the correct value in your setup.
  19. The default value in the inventory table for tax_type is 0 can you not just set this to the value that you need as the new default e.g. 1 or 2?
  20. Have you updated to the latest 1.8 skin? I have noticed there is an update on the marketplace.
  21. I tried copying a 6.0.0 site to a test server and forgot to switch off SSL in admin I then got the security alert. I then tried copying again after switching SSL off and didn't get the security alert. So assume the answer is yes.
  22. Try adding https://www.at the front of the admin URL
  23. The develper has just made a post on the forum to say there is an update. Maybe worth trying to contact him again.
  24. For 2 - register / login button In the skins templates/box.session.php file have you got something like <div class="tablet-button"><i class="fa fa-sign-in"></i></div> If so try changing to <div class="tablet-button"><i class="fa fa-sign-in"><a href="http://www.mydomain.com/login.html"</a></i></div> For the language box I think this just needs a simple edit in the main.php file. I will look at it when I get a bit more time.
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