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  1. I had to do something similar to this a while ago. I took the easy way out and created three images for the products that looked the same as the featured products (you can screen print them if you can get them to appear) and I then added an image slider to replace the featured products box.
  2. You could try clearing the cache in the Maintenance section in admin.
  3. Don't know if this helps Brian but I can see the website as a cubecart site in firefox. At the bottom of the page I also see the following PHP: [Notice] /home/vol11_7/amfly.eu/DELETED/yanina.ga/htdocs/2/includes/functions.inc.php:527 - Undefined index: X-Forwarded-For GET: 'Before Sanitise:' => 'i' => 1 'After Sanitise:' => 'i' => 1 '_a' => SESSION: '__client' => 'useragent' => Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:56.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/56.0 'session_start' => 1509664107 'session_last' => 1509664107 'language' => en-GB '__system' => 'token' => 021061a552544e54436f55ddc69c95ab COOKIE: '__test' => e7a37b742813e56c8dcb5b7f2db014dd MySQLi Queries (546): [1] INSERT INTO `cccf_CubeCart_system_error_log` (`message`,`time`) VALUES ('[Notice] /home/vol11_7/DELETED/yanina.ga/htdocs/2/includes/functions.inc.php:527 - Undefined index: X-Forwarded-For','1509664107'); -- (0.000512838363647 sec) [ERROR - NOT CACHED] [2] DELETE FROM `cccf_CubeCart_system_error_log` WHERE time < UNIX_TIMESTAMP(DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 30 DAY)) ; -- (0.000592947006226 sec) [NOT CACHED] [3] SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS * FROM `cccf_CubeCart_sessions` WHERE cccf_CubeCart_sessions.session_id = 'bb7686ac2bd4004bf47d391665ff3521' LIMIT 1; -- (0.000731945037842 sec) [NOT CACHED] [4] INSERT INTO `cccf_CubeCart_sessions` (`admin_id`,`customer_id`,`ip_address`,`location`,`session_id`,`session_last`,`session_start`,`useragent`) VALUES ('0','0','','','bb7686ac2bd4004bf47d391665ff3521','1509664107','1509664107','Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:56.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/56.0'); -- (0.000658988952637 sec) [NOT CACHED] [5] SELECT * FROM `cccf_CubeCart_lang_strings` WHERE cccf_CubeCart_lang_strings.language = 'en-GB' ; -- (0.000293970108032 sec) [CACHE WRITE] [6] SELECT * FROM `cccf_CubeCart_hooks` WHERE cccf_CubeCart_hooks.enabled = '1' ORDER BY priority ASC ; -- (0.00033712387085 sec) [CACHE WRITE] [7] SELECT `php_code`, `unique_id`, `description`, `hook_trigger` FROM `cccf_CubeCart_code_snippet` WHERE cccf_CubeCart_code_snippet.enabled = '1' ORDER BY `priority` ASC ; -- (0.000297069549561 sec) [CACHE WRITE] plus a lot more
  4. It is best to make sure the data going into the table is correct in the first place so bsmithers solution will do that. If you have a lot of data already in there you can change existing post codes by running queries on the tables with post codes in e.g In the order summary table you can update post codes by using the following queries UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_order_summary` SET `postcode` = UPPER( `postcode` ) UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_order_summary` SET `postcode_d` = UPPER( `postcode_d` )
  5. In /skins/foundation/templates folder edit the main.php file Delete or comment out the following to remove the side boxes <div class="large-3 columns show-for-large-up" id="sidebar_left"> {include file='templates/box.featured.php'} {include file='templates/box.popular.php'} {include file='templates/box.sale_items.php'} </div> To make the content fit the full width (about line 95) Edit <div class="small-12 large-9 columns" id="main_content"> To <div class="small-12 large-12 columns" id="main_content"> The slider should increase in size if not post back. To make the logo centered you will need to move the image section above the search box (about line 60) Edit <div class="small-4 large-3 columns"> To <div class="small-4 large-12 columns"> and Edit <div class="small-8 large-9 columns nav-boxes"> To <div class="small-8 large-12 columns nav-boxes"> Depending on the size of the logo you may need to use some css to align it. Post back if needed.
  6. If you already have a PayPal account until you sort out which method to use maybe Paypal Standard will work? You would need to make it clear at checkout that they don't need a PapPal account to pay and that credit card payments can be made with PayPal.
  7. How many products do you have in your store? It may be that you are running out of memory or javascript is crashing if you have a lot. Also there is a newer version 6.1.12 available with a security update so if possible consider an upgrade to that.
  8. Only guessing but it may not be working because there is no actual discount set. If you have a fixed postage rate you can maybe get it to work by setting the discount to that value and then tick Discount applies to shipping cost.
  9. In the help it states Linked Account: Allows your admin account to be linked to an account on the front end. To add an account, just type in the name and the auto-search will list applicable account names. Why I do not know.
  10. Maybe setting up a group might allow you to handle this. Only customers in say the "approved" group would be able to see the prices for that group.
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